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Handumanan: Little Tokyo exhibit, 2017

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in News

"HANDUMANAN: REMEMBERING MINTAL AS LITTLE TOKYO OF PRE-WAR PHILIPPINES", a photo exhibit, opened on 19 April in Barangay Mintal Hall, Davao City. The exhibit features historical photographs showing Mintal as a center of Japanese industry in Davao City during the 1930s, mixed with present-day photos. The featured sites are the Ohta Kyosaburo Worship Site and Monument, the Japanese Cemetery, elementary school, hospital, abaca plantation, and hydroelectric power plant.

The news item is published in Sun Star Davao 25 April issue. In the featured photo are exhibit creator Ms. Kendall Joyce Abrio (4BA Communication Arts, UP Mindanao) with resource persons Ms. Lourdes Monteagudo and Mr. Andres Buot, who witnessed the historical period, and exhibit guest Mr. Eamonn Harnett of The Netherlands. Barangay chairman Ramon Bargamento, in his remarks, noted the contribution of the exhibit towards the increased visibility of Mintal in the international scene.

The exhibit is on view in the Mintal Barangay Hall until 28 April. It will be on display in UP Mindanao Administration Building on 2-5 May. (This updates the previous information that the exhibit will be at the Barangay Hall on 19-21 April only). See the photos here:

Perez wins US art contest, 2017

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in News

Datu Bago-awardee and UP Mindanao Asst. Prof. Teody Boylie "Bong" Perez (Dept. of Humanities) once again won an international art contest organized in the USA.

In an announcement made recently by contest organizer Colored Pencil Magazine, Prof. Perez was selected as Winner in the Advanced Category of the March Art Challenge by the magazine which is based in North Carolina, USA.

The CPM Art Challenge-Advance Category is an international competition open to artists who have been working with colored pencils as an art medium for over 2 years. The organizers provided a photograph which the contestants render by hand using the medium of the colored pencil. The photo used in the March contest is "Bridle on the Post".      

The winning work of Prof. Perez will appear in the June 2017 issue of Colored Pencil Magazine.

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