Mathematical Models Colloquium, 2017

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The Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science held their RESEARCH COLLOQUIUM ON MATHEMATICAL MODELS on 17 February 2017 in CSM Room 227. The topics were:  
"Global and Local Trust Metric Applied to Recommender Systems", by Asst. Prof. Miguel Carlo S. Guillermo
"Application of Statistical and Mathematical Models for Research", by Assoc. Prof. Pedro A. Alviola IV
"A Comparison Between Conventional and High-Priority Bus Services in Davao City Based on Load Factor and Passenger Waiting Times", by Ms. Sherelyn A. Evangelio
"Is it the Ideal?", by Asst. Prof. Kimberly Hazel B. Camino
"Synchronization of Phase Oscillators: from Physics to Biology", by Lecturer Kim A. Gargar
"Smoothing River Discharge Time Series Computed Using the Velocity-Area Method", by Instructor Kim Dianne B. Ligue
"ARIMA: A Forecasting Model", by Instructor Kenneth P. Montajes
"GIS-Based Assessment of Soil Erosion Rate on Talomo Watershed Using RUSLE Model", by Instructor Engr. Maynard U. Usares, RPAE
"Public Assessment Tool for the Comprehension of Hazards Maps (PATCH)", by Ms. Christine A. Parcon
"Development of an Android Application for Flood Early Warning and Response", by Instructor Maureen D. Agrazamendez
"Identifying High-Contributing Areas of Non Point Source Pollution in Lipadas Watershed", by Mr. Gus Kali R. Oguis
"Doing More with Less with Cloud Computing" and "Best Practices in Singapore’s IT Education", by Asst. Prof. Vicente B. Calag

View the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/UPMindanao/posts/1441304982608765

Tomato sauce-making in Marilog, 2017

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A Tomato Paste and Sauce-Making Training-Workshop was held on 13 February in the UP Mindanao Land Reservation in Marilog, Davao City. This was in partnership with the PAFT-Lambda student organization of the UP Mindanao Dept. of Food Science and Chemistry and Ms. Viena Monterde (BS Food Technology), who served as lead resource person. Some 67 residents of the Obu-Manuvu tribe participated. Datu Luis Lambac welcomed the participants at the venue in Sitio Ladi-an. The Training was organized by UP Mindanao Land Management Officer Joel Sagadal. The participants are anticipating an advanced training workshop on the product in the near future. 

View the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/UPMindanao/posts/1436600383079225

Measuring Efficiency Performance, 2017

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Asst. Prof. Jon Marx Sarmiento (School of Mgt.) served as resource person in the "Workshop on Parametric and Non-Parametric Approaches to Measuring Efficiency Performance" on 08 February 2017. Data Envelopment Analysis, a non-parametric approach, used the morning session. The afternoon was spent on the Parametric Approach, particularly Stochastic Frontier Analysis. The participants were from agricultural industry corporations and the academe. See the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/UPMindanao/posts/1433448866727710

Lectures in November 2016

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2016 110116 PUBLIC AFF CAL 1The public is invited to a public lecture  on "Biomedical Informatics and Its Applications" to be held on November 3 at Room 227 of the College of Science and Mathematics, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. Dr. Romulo de Castro, an expert on biomedical informatics who has developed an online application for Electronic Medical Records, will speak about his experiences on health data warehousing and cancer immunoinformatics.

On November 5, Asst. Prof. Teody "Bong" Perez (Dept. of Humanities) will give a public lecture on “Unveiling the Mysteries of Ancient Arts to Validate Truth in Creation” at Candor Technological Colleges, Mati City.

Some details may change. For confirmations or inquiries, please send a text message to 09398436634.

Propagation of Nipa Palms, 2016

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Successful Propagation of Nipa Palms in the Laboratory
By Cyrose Silvosa-Millado

DAVAO REGION - Growing up in a house near the sea, losing Nipa roof tops during heavy storms and typhoon season was our major problem when I was a child. In a few years from now, we can easily rebuild our nipa huts and have the luxury of warming our tummies with vodka and watching tv even when there’s blackout, thanks to a new way of growing Nipa palms in the laboratory by scientists of the University of the Philippines Mindanao.

Nipa palms (Nypa fruticans) are indigenous palms found on coastal areas where fresh and salty water meet. In our country, their leaves are used in roof and wall construction of huts.  Vinegar or vodka may also be produced from the Nipa flower sap may also be converted to biofuel, a sustainable fuel from plants, which will serve as a renewable energy source when prices of petroleum or gas is high.

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