Prof. Maria Serena Diokno lecture, July 26

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UP Diliman History Professor Maria Serena Diokno will deliver an open-to-the-public lecture on Monday, July 26, 2010 titled, "Making a Case for History in Basic Education: A Policy Paper on the Social Studies Curriculum and Textbooks". The venue will be the UP-Mindanao School of Management, Terraza Milesa Bldg., F. Inigo (formerly Anda) St., Davao City. The lecture session will be from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon. Prof. Diokno will present the results of their research project which examined the public school Social Studies textbooks and the 2002 curriculum on which the current textbooks are based. The perspective applied in the policy paper is that of the discipline of History. The Social Studies curriculum is weighed in terms of its historical content (factuality and sequence, interpretation, point of view and bias, if any), and competencies that are specific to the discipline of History rather than general skills. The paper thus consists of three parts: the premises from which the review proceeds, the overall findings, and recommendations which are addressed to the Department of Education, curriculum specialists, teacher training institutions, teachers in basic education, textbook writers, publishers, historians, and students of history. Professor Diokno is a professor of history and former Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of the Philippines. Diokno's publications include such topics in general and Southeast Asian history as the history of imperialism in Southeast Asia, perspectives of Southeast Asian studies in the region, history and identity studies; and memory, power, and the construction of history. In 1998, the three-volume series, "Democracy and Citizenship in the Philippines", which Diokno co-edited with Marlon Wui, Glenda Lopez, and Miriam Ferrer, won the UP Diliman Outstanding Book Award (source, this paragraph:


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