Academic Calendar 2021-2022, adjusted

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View the Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2021-2022 here.

or, here:  

Update: The deadline for submission of grades for the 1st Sem was adjusted to 28 January, instead of 21 January 2022. (Ref: Letter 2022-007)  


FIRST SEMESTER (Sep 2021-Jan 2022)

SECOND SEMESTER (Feb 2022, Jun 2022)


(June-Aug 2022)

Last day for non-degree/second degree/transfer students to file application for admission

02 Jul, Fri

20 Dec, Mon


Removal examination period

16 Aug, Mon -27 Aug, Fri

24 Jan, Mon- 28 Jan,Fri

08 Jun, Wed – 14 Jun, Tue


2 Aug, Mon – 6 Aug, Fri




10 Aug , Tue– 13 Aug, Fri

24 Jan, Mon – 28 Jan, Fri


Deadline for filing application for re-admission/ extension of MRR/waiver of MRR

Check with respective colleges



Validation for advanced credits

02 Aug, Mon – 31 Aug, Tue

17 Jan, Mon – 14 Feb, Mon



Freshmen, Graduating, PWDs, HASPAG, and Graduate students

31 Aug, Tue

31 Jan, Mon

16 Jun Thu – 17 Jun, Fri

All undergraduate and graduate students





01 Sep, Wed

01 Feb, Tue



02 Sep, Thu

02 Feb,Wed



03 Sep, Fri

03 Feb, Thu


All other students including cross-registrants/Non- Degree/Special/Foreign/Exchange students

06 Sep, Mon

04 Feb, Fri


Class pre-orientation and course pack distribution* (or LMS data import)

07 Sep, Tue -10 Sep, Fri

05 Feb, Sat -07 Feb, Mon

18 Jun – 20 Jun

Faculty Integration Day

10 Sep, Fri




13 Sep, Mon

07Feb, Mon

20Jun, Mon

Convocation of new freshmen

13 Sep, Mon



Last day of Change of matriculation

20 Sep, Mon

14 Feb, Mon

24 Jun, Fri

UP Mindanao Foundation Day


20 Feb, Sun


Deadline for colleges to submit to the OUR the tentative list of candidates for graduation

11 Oct, Mon

07 Mar, Mon

08 Jul, Fri

UP Foundation Day



18 Jun, Sat

Deadline for students to file application for graduation

28 Sep, Tue

24 Feb, Thu

05 Jul, Tue

UP College Admission Test (UPCAT)

c/o Office of Admissions




03 Nov, Wed

06 Apr, Wed

05 Jul, Tue

Reading break

02 Nov, Wed – 08 Nov, Mon

02 Apr, Sat – 08 Apr, Fri

14 Jul Thu – 16 Jul, Sat

Deadline for Dropping Subjects

26 Nov, Fri



Deadline for Filing Leave of Absence

25 Nov, Thu

09 May, Mon

21 Jul, Thu


21 Dec, Tue

25May, Wed

06Aug, Sat

Christmas Vacation

19 Dec, Sun- 2 Jan, Sun



Integration Period

03 Jan, Mon – 04 Jan Tue

26 May, Thu – 27 May, Fri

08 Aug, Mon


05 Jan Wed-12 Jan, Wed

28 May Sat04 Jun, Fri

09 Aug, Tue11 Aug, Thu


21 Jan, Fri

06 Jun, Mon

18 Aug, Thu

University Council Curriculum Committee Meeting

24 Jan, Mon

13 Jun, Mon

29 Aug, Mon

College faculty meeting to approve candidates for graduation

14 Feb, Mon

17 Jun, Fri

05 Sep, Mon

Deadline for colleges to submit to the OUR the approved list of candidates for graduation

18 Feb, Fri

21 Jun, Tue

08 Sep, Thu

University Council Meeting to recommend the list of candidates for graduation for BOR approval

28 Feb, Mon

27 Jun, Mon

12 Sep, Mon



08 Jul, Fri




YEAR 2021

YEAR 2022

21 Aug, Sat

Ninoy Aquino Day

01 Jan, Sat

New Year’s Day

30 Aug, Mon

National Heroes Day

01 Feb, Tue

Chinese New Year

01 Nov, Mon

All Saints Day

25 Feb, Fri

EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary

02 Nov, Tue

All Soul’s Day

01 Mar, Tue

Araw ng Dabaw

30 Nov, Tue

Bonifacio Day

09 Apr, Sat

Araw ng Kagitingan

08 Dec,Wed

Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

14 Apr, Thu

Maundy Thursday

24 Dec, Fri

Special Non-WorkingHoliday

15 Apr, Fri

Good Friday

25 Dec, Sat

Christmas Day

01 May, Sun

Labor Day

30 Dec, Thu

Rizal Day

12 Jun, Sun

Independence Day

31 Dec, Fri

Last Day of the year

Eidl Ftr and Eidl Adha*


* The proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha shall hereafter be issued after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic Calendar (Hijra) or the lunar calendar, or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient. To this end, the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) shall inform the Office of the President of the actual dates on which these holidays shall respectively fall.