UP Float in Kadayawan, 2016

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Alumni

DSC 0467The UP Alumni Association joined the Pamulak sa Kadayawan Floral Float Parade with a delegation from UP Mindanao on August 21. The float symbolizes the new hope of the Filipinos for political unity, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity. The float depicts the face of President Duterte with VP Robredo, Environment Secretary Lopez, Police Chief de la Rosa, and Agriculture Secretary Pinol carved on Mt. Apo with a Philippine flag on the peak, all of which are mounted on a nigo (flat basket) which is supported by the arms of Filipino citizens standing on green terraced, farm lands, with the UP Oblation statue at the rear with coconut husks at the base.
Mt Apo and the leaders' faces are made of millet seeds (dawa), and the flag is made of orchids and other flowers. The Oblation and the citizens are made of sorghum seeds, eggplants, tomatoes, stringbeans, carrots, and fruits, and the fields are of germinating palay seeds in a terrace fashion highlighted by the Mindanawan okir design. 

See more photos here.

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