Grading System

Examinations for the removal of grades of INC. may be taken without fee: (a) during the regular examination periods, if the subject in which a student failed to take his final ex­amination is included in the schedule of ex­amination for the period during which said removal examination is to be taken; other­wise, said student is to be charged the fee of P20.00 during the removal ex­amination period, viz., the period covering ten days preceding the registration in each semester; Provided, that the examination for the particular subject is taken at the time that it is scheduled.

Removal examinations may be taken at other times but within the succeeding academic year, subject to the provisions of the next succeeding Article, on the recommenda­tion of the Dean or Director and upon pay­ment of P20 per subject.. Students not in residence shall pay the registration fee be­sides the examination fee  in order to be entitled to take the removal ex­amination.


There shall be a regular period for removing grades of 4.00 and INC. before the start of each semester. Such a grade may no longer be improved after the end of the third regular removal period immediately follow­ing the semester/term in which the grade was incurred. A grade of 4.00 received after remov­ing a grade of INC., however, must be removed within the remaining portion of the prescribed period for the removal of the original grade of  INC.

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