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A. Agency's Mandate, Vision, Mission and List of Officials.

a. For UP’s mandate and functions, please click here.
The UP Charter (RA9500) is posted here
The UP Strategic Plan 2011-2017 is posted here
b. UP Mindanao Vision and Mission, please click here.
c. Position, designation and contact information, please click here.

B. Annual Financial Reports

E. Annual Procurement Plan

You may View UP Annual Procurement Plan Here
A. Annual Procurement Plan

            a. APP 2017aAPP 2017bAPP 2017c

            b. APP 2016, Revised APP2016, Supplemental APP 2016 

            c. APP 2015     

            d. APP 2014     

            e. APP 2012 


      B. Annual Procurement Plan for Common-Use Supplies and Equipment

Annual Procurement Plan 2017
Annual Procurement Plan 2017-1
Annual Procurement Plan 2017-2
Annual Procurement Plan 2016
               Annual Procurement Plan 2015-1
               Annual Procurement Plan 2015-2
               Annual Procurement Plan 2015-3

            Annual Procurement Plan 2014-1

                  Annual Procurement Plan 2014-2

                  Annual Procurement Plan 2014 -3


       Annual Procurement Plan 2013-1 

              Annual Procurement Plan 2013-2
              Annual Procurement Plan 2013-3
              Annual Procurement Plan 2013-4


C. Bid Opportunities and Awarded Contracts 


 Procurement Monitoring Click Here

CY 2017



 Title/Project Contractor               

 1. Supply of Software, Computers, Printers, Furnitures, and Fixtures   
    - PhilGEPS Notice for Negotiated Procurement, Resolution,

    - NOA, NTP  

    - NOA, NTP                                                    



Columbia Computer Center

S1 Technologies, Inc.

 2. Supply of IT Equipment (2nd Bidding)
    - Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin (file#1, file#2, file#3), Resolution

    Lot 9   - NOA, NTP

    Lot 11 - NOA, NTP

    Lot 21 - NOA, NTP



Ng Khai Development Corporation

Emcor, Inc.

S1 Technologies, Inc.

 3. Supply of Office Equipment (Sound System & Audio Equipment, Camera & Accessories, Drone, Drinking
     Fountain, Lighting, Appliances, Fabrication of Office Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures and Other Office
    - Invitation to Bid 


 4. Supply of Airconditioning Units

   - Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin (01, 02, 03, 04) Resolution, NOA, PO, 


 5. Supply of Vacuum Concentrator

   - Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin (01, 02), Resolution, NOA, NTP


Molave Trading


CY 2016

    List of Awarded Contracts 2016 and the Name of Supplier/Consultants 

Title/Project Contractor

1. Repair and Renovation of the Elias B. Lopez Hall Student Dormitory including Preparation of Plans

- Invitation to Bid, Resolution, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed,



ASM Construction and Development Corporation                                     

2. Supply of Equipment for the Coconut Tissue Culture Laboratory  Project

- Invitation to Bid, Resolution, Notice of Award, Purchase Order




3. Supply of Workstations, Field Laptop, UPS and Handheld GPS

 - Invitation to Bid 

   Workstations & UPS: Resolution Notice of AwardPurchase Order

   Field Laptop: Resolution Notice of AwardPurchase Order

   Handheld GPS: Resolution Notice of AwardPurchase Order



GlobalChips Technologies

GlobalChips Technologies 

Rasa Surveying Instruments

4. Supply of Equipment for the Modernization of Laboratories and

   Classrooms at CSM

   -Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin(01-2016,Tech Specs Lots1-10 ,

    Tech Specs Lots11-17Tech Specs Lots18), Resolution

   Lot 2 - Notice of Award, Purchase Order

   Lots 4 & 13 - Notice of Award, Purchase Order

   Lots 6, 7 , 9, 14, 15 & 16 - Notice of Award, Purchase Order

   Lot 17 - Notice of Award, Purchase Order






Drake Marketing and Equipment Corporation

Levin's International Corporation

Golden Bat (Far East) Inc. 

Omnibus Bio-medical Systems, Inc.

5. Supply of Equipment for the Isolation, Purification, and Structure Elucidation of Potential Anti-Cancer Compounds from Bioactive Extracts Project

   -Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin, Resolution

    Lot 1 - Notice of Award, Purchase Order

    Lots 2 & 3 - Notice of Award, Purchase Order

    Lot 4 - Notice of Award, Purchase Order





Elmar Marketing

Golden Bat (Far East) Inc.  

ITS Science (Phils.) Inc.

6. Supply of HPLC System and Microscope with Camera for the Bioactive Extracts Project

 - Invitation to BidBid Bulletin, Resolution

  Lot 1 - Notice of Award

  Lot 2 - Notice of Award




Instrumix Supplier Inc.

Omnibus Bio-medical Systems, Inc.

7. Modernization of IT Teaching, Research and Classroom Equipment and   Equipment to Furnish New Building

 -Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin and Drawings1, Drawings2, Resolution

   Lot 1 - Notice of Award

  Lot 2 - Notice of Award




Air Prosystems, Inc.

Gakken Philippines, Inc.

8. Supply of Appliances, Server and Office Equipment (Negotiated Procurement)

  ITB, Resolution, Notice of Award for Lot 19- Photocopying Machines, Purchase Order


Philcopy Corporation


9. Construction Management Services for CARIM 2 Building

 ITB, Resolution, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed


DCCD Engineering Corporation

10. Construction Management Services for Sports Complex Building

 ITB, Resolution, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed


DCCD Engineering Corporation

11. Supply of Multiparameter Portable Meter, pH Pen, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, pH Meter and Other Laboratory Equipment for DBSES (Negotiated Procurement)
      ITB, Resolution

Multiparameter Portable Meter & pH Meter (soil) - Notice of Award , Purchase Order
pH Pen - Notice of Award, Purchase Order
Dissolved Oxygen Meter - Notice of Award, Purchase Order
Refractometer & pH Meter (water) - Notice of AwardPurchase Order

pH Meter - Notice of Award, Purchase Order




Mars Laboratory Instruments Center
Scigate Technology Corporation
Paddington Trading
Harnwell Chemicals
Cebu Far Eastern Drug


12. Supply of Track & Field and Gym Equipment
       ITB, Resolution

Lot1-General Mechanical Gym Equipment & Heavy Duty Trampoline
        - Notice of Award, Puchase Order



Maxx Global Resources

13. Supply of Voice Over IP (VOIP) System
       ITB, Resolution, Notice of Award, Purchase Order



14. Design and Construction of CARIM 2
      ITB, Resolution, Notice of Award, Contract, Notice to Proceed     


ASM Francisco Construction & Development Corporation

15. Supply of DFSC Laboratory Equipment
     ITB, Resolution

     Lot 1-Shimadzu compatible jig attachments-  Notice of Award, Purchase Order
     Lot 2- Hotplate/Stir hot plateNotice of Award, Purchase Order



Shimadzu Corporation
Molave Trading

16. Supply of Software, Computer, Printer, Copier, GPS, Fixtures and Furniture,   Appliances and Other Equipment
     ITB, Resolution

Lot 4- Copier - Notice of Award, Purchase Order



             CY 2015

     2015 Certification of Compliance

       List of Awarded Contracts 2015 and the Name of Supplier/Consultants

Title/Project Contractor

1. Design and Build for the Repair and Riprapping of Drainage Canal                   

  - (Negotiated) Invitation to BidResolutionNOA /NOANTPContract   

 Algon Engineering Construction  Corporation

2. Design and Build for the HKC and SOM Road Concreting

  - (Negotiated) Invitation to BidResolutionNOANTPContract

 Algon Engineering Construction  Corporation

3. Supply of Janitorial Services

  - Invitation to BidResolutionNOANTPContract

 Anleo Maintenance and Allied  Services

4. Supply of Security Services 

  - Invitation to BidResolutionNOANTPContract

 Mati Investigation Security Agency Services, Inc. (MINSAS)

5. Supply of Branded Desktop Computers and Licensed Software

  - Invitation to BidResolutionNOANTP1&PO1

 Global Chips Technologies CDO. Inc.

6. Supply of Laminar Flow, Analytical Balance and Dissecting Microscope

  - Invitation to BidResolutionNOANTPPO

 Elmar Marketing

7. Completion of Covered Court  (Negotiated)

  - ITBResolutionNOANTPContract

 Mag Corporation

8. Supply of Audio Visual Seats and Office Equipment

  - Invitation to Bid, Bid bulletin & AttachmentsResolutionNOANTP,PO

 Progress Home and Office Furnishing/  Verde Linear Corporation

9. Supply of Laboratory, Research and Teaching Equipment

   - Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin (02-2015 & Technical Specifications), 

     01-2015 ,Resolution

                 - Lot 1 - NOANTPPO

                 - Lot 4 -  NOANTPPO 

    (Negotiated) Analytical Instruments - PO




Levin's International Corporation

Scienstar Corporation


10. Design Services

   - Request for Expression of InterestResolutionNOANTPContract


 A.C. Ong Consulting Inc.

11.Supply of Branded GNSS Survey Equipment, Fiber Optic Spectrometer, Workstations and Other Equipment for LIDAR Project

  - Invitation to BidBid BulletinResolutionNOANTPPO



Global Chips Technologies CDO. Inc. 

12. Supply of Branded GNSS Survey Equipment Spectrometer, Workstations and Other          Equipment for LiDAR (Rebid)

  - Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin (1 & 2) ,Resolution, [ Lot 3 - NOANTP, PO  ], 

     [ Lot 12 - NOA, NTP, PO ]



Global Chips Technologies CDO. Inc. 

13. Supply of Airconditioning Units

  - Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin Resolution, NOA, NTP, PO


Better Components

14. Supply of Airconditioning Units (rebid)

 - Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin, Resolution, Lot 1[NOA, NTP, PO],

     Lot 4[ NOA, NTP, PO]


Air Prosystems,

Better Components

15. Supply of Office Equipment for the Library

 - Invitation to Bid, Bid BulletinResolution, Lot 1 [NOA, NTP, PO], Lot 2 [NOA,NTP,PO]


Better Components

16. Internet Subscription for One Year

 - Invitation to Bid, Bid BulletinResolution, NOA



17. Supply of Laboratory Equipment

 - Invitation to Bid ( 1 & 2 ), Resolution, NOA, NTP, PO



18. Supply of Workstations, Field Laptop, UPS and Handheld GPS

 - Invitation to Bid, 


19. Supply of Equipment for CHSS Cultural Complex

 -Invitation to Bid Resolution, Lot 7 [ NOA ]


20. Supply of CCTV

 - Invitation to Bid, Resolution, NOA


21. Supply of Equipment for CHSS Cultural Complex (Rebid)

 - Invitation to Bid, Bid bulletin, Resolution, Lot 4 [NOA], Lot 7 [NOA]

 Lot 4 & 7 - Better Components Inc.


22. Construction of the CHSS Cultural Complex

 -Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin, Resolution, NOA, NTP, Contract

    AIMM Builder and Construction Supply

23. Construction of the Sports Complex (Civil Works & Other Facilities of the Football Field & Track Oval)

-Invitation to Bid, Bid Bulletin, Resolution, NOA, NTP, Contract


    Algon Engineering Construction 

24. Design Services for the Construction of CARIM Building

Invitation to Bid, Resolution, NOA, NTP, Contract

    DM Briones Construction Enterprises

25. Construction of CARIM Building

-Invitation To BidBid Bulletin, ResolutionNOANTPContract

     Bermicon Development Corporation



 CY 2014               


                  2014 Certification of Compliance

      1. Repair of the SOM Roofing - NOANTP, Contract(page1,page2,page3,page4,page5,


      2. Construction of Dormitory Annex Extension  - NOANTP, Contract(page1,page2,page3,page4,


      3. Renovation and Repair of the CHSS Teaching Facilities - NTP, Contract (pages1-3pages5-8pages9-13)   

      4. Supply of Laboratory Equipment - NOA1NOA2

      5. Supply of Laboratory Equipment - Rotary Evaporators  -  PO

      6. Supply of Laboratory Equipment - Concentrator System  - PO

      7. ArcGIS Site License Software - PO

      8. Design Services for the SOM Building Phase 2 - NOANTPContract


CY 2013


                  2013 Certification of Compliance: PhilGEPS Posting

      2013 PhilGEPS posting matrix

        1. Supply of Laboratory Equipment - NOA , PO1PO2PO3

        2. Supply of Janitorial Services - NOANTP, Contract(page1,page2,page3,page4,page5,page6,page7)

        3. Supply of Security Services - NOANTP, Contract(page1,page2,page3,page4,page5,page6,page7,page8,page9,page10)

        4. eUP Fiber Optic - Lot 1 (NOANTPPO), Lot 2(NOANTPPO)

        5. Construction of Dormitory Annex Extension - Failed 

        6. Supply of Laboratory 7 Other Rquipment - Failed

        7. Supply of Printers and Scanners - NOAPO

        8. Supply of Laboratory Equipment - NOA1NOA2


   2013 List of Awarded Contracts

   CY 2012  

 1. 2012 Part 1

 2. 2012 Part 2

             a. Notice of Award 2012

             b. List of Contracts Awarded CY 2012

             c. Alternative Mode of Procurement CY 2012

               d. Notice to Proceed 2012


         D. Procurement Monitoring Report

1. Procurement Monitoring Report 2016_1

                    Procurement Monitoring Report 2016 2

2. Procurement Monitoring Report 2015_1

                Procurement Monitoring Report 2015_2

               3. Procurement Monitoring Report 2014_1
                    Procurement Monitoring Report 2014_2
               4. Procurement Monitoring Report 2013_1
                    Procurement Monitoring Report 2013_2
               5Procurement Monitoring Report 2012   



G. Quality Management System(QMS)


You may View UP Quality Management System(QMS) Here


          1. Administrative Manual




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