Foreign Univ. Registering in UP

1) Students from foreign universities may enroll in UP as non-degree students, provided they are registered in universities of recognized standing and provided further, that there is a place for them in the college/school where they wish to take courses. As such, they will be given a grade for every course that they are enrolled in, but these are not to be credited for a degree program in UP.

2) Arrangements have to be made with the University Registrar (who will keep the Office of Institutional Linkages informed) at least six months prior to the enrollment of the non-degree student. The Office of the University Registrar shall refer the application to the college/school concerned.


3) The student must meet all the necessary admission requirements.

a. A general weighted average (GW A) of 2.0 or better for all the undergraduate collegiate units he has taken outside the University. The computation of the GWA shall exclude vocational subjects.
b. Submission of the following at least one month prior to registration:

(1) an official copy of grades or transcript of records from each college attended for evaluation.

(2) result of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in the case of an applicant whose native language or medium of instruction in college is not English;

(3) an accomplished Foreign Undergraduate Admission Application Form (UP Form No. 3.2);

(4) two passport size photographs; and (5) a non-refundable application fee (P300 for Filipino citizens; US$20 for foreign applicants).

4. The student must present a written permit from the Dean, Director or Registrar of the college/university where he is enrolled at present, stating the total number of units and the subjects which he is authorized to register including an alternate set of courses in case the desired courses are not available.
5. He must show proof that the prerequisite courses, including the description of these courses, have been taken prior to enrollment

6. He must pay all the required fees including the Education Development Fee, unless these are waived due to a special agreement with the university concerned.

7. The student may be enrolled initially for one semester, with possible extension to a maximum of one academic year.

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