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SOM Week, 2018

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in News

UP School of Management (SOM) presents its public offerings on 20-26 February in celebration of the 23rd Anniversary of UP Mindanao. Society of Agribusiness Economists (SOABE) student organization holds "School of Dangerous Minds" Forum on February 20, 8AM, with talks on "Fake News: Why we need to care" by A/Prof. Pedro Alviola IV (SOM), "Better recommendations from people we trust" by a/Prof. Miguel Guillermo (Dept. of Math., Physics, and Computer Science), "Extending the Cognitive Dissonance Theory and Social Norms Approach in Theorizing Persuasion in the Age of Post Truth" by a/Prof. Nelfa Glova (Dept. of Humanities), "Free Tuition: Issue and Concerns" by a/Prof. Leo Estaña (DMPCS), "BetKa (Mag-ingat kung binaliktad)" by a/Prof. May Ann Mata (DMPCS), and "The logic of Question and Answer" by a/Prof. Raymundo Pavo (Dept. of Social Science). At 1PM is the Movie Marathon film screenings.

On February 21, are the SOM Public and Professorial Lectures. At 8:30AM-12NN, are talks on "Can awareness transform willingness to pay for environmental services" by a/Prof. Aurelia Gomez, "Optimal diets of indigenous children in conflict and non-conflict areas" by A/Prof. Pedro Alviola, and "Democratizing Food Governance through Direct Marketing" by a/Prof. Vlademir Shuck.

At 1-4PM, are the talks on "Hybrid Rice Adoption and its Implications to Rice Self-Sufficiency" by Instructor Shemaiah Placencia, "Philippine Retail Trade Liberalization: Any gains after 17 years?" by Prof. Larry Digal, and "The role of gender and social capital in household food security" by a/Prof. Glory Dee Romo.

On Feb. 23 is "Ika-Walong Tabó" vegetable and farm produce sale by farmer-partners, from 9AM-4PM, at Kalimudan Student Center.

On Feb. 26, at 1PM, is the 13th Supply Chain Mgt. Forum with talks on "Engaging multi-stakeholder partnerships in the mango industry" by Research Assistant Mary Jane Bachanicha, "Developing communities thru sustainable livelihoods" by RA Gerlie Rivero, "Assessing gains from direct marketing by vegetable farmers" by RA Hermelie Oracion, "Developing safe vegetable production" by RA Lemuel Legado, "Impediments and development of organic agriculture" by Instructor Roxanne Aguinaldo, and "Income optimization for vegetable farmers" by A/Prof. Alviola.

The venue for all events, except for Tabó, is the Lorenzo Room, Administration Bldg., UP-Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City.

Admission to all events is open to the public free of charge.

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