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SCUAA, 2018

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in News

Instructor Albert Ramos (Dept. of Human Kinetics) sent the following update from the National SCUAA (State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association) Meet in Antique, the Visayas, on 20-23 February 2018.

In Day 1 of 3, the Davao Swim Team won the following medals earned by our UP-Mindanao athletes:

One (1) Gold Medal, won by Juan Antonio A. Mendoza (BS Agribusiness Economics), in the 200m freestyle event
One (1) Silver, won by Juan Mendoza, in the 50m freestyle event
One (1) Bronze, won by Bhazel Acac (BS Food Tech), in the 400m Individual Medley event

In Day 2 of 3...

One (1) Bronze, won by Bhazel Acac, 100m fly
One (1) Gold, won by Juan Mendoza, in the 100m freestyle

Partial swim medal tally as of 2nd day: Two (2) Gold, One (1) silver, Two (2) bronze medals

Meanwhile, the UP Mindanao Women's Football Varsity Team/Region 11, on February 20, reported that in Game 2, CAR won over Region 11, 5-0, but is still seated on top 2 of the bracket. The Team will proceed to the Quarter Finals against NSCUAA defending champion Region 3 on 21 February. News item here

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