In-house Research Review, 2017

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In-house Review of UP Mindanao-funded Research Projects, 30 January 2017

PARALLEL SESSION 1 – NATURAL SCIENCES, Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Pedro Alviola IV

8:45–9:00 AM Initiation of Callus from Sago Palm Shoot Explant and Embryos, Dr. Annabelle U. Novero

9:00–9:15 AM Cracking the cDNA Sequence that Encodes the Raw Starch-Digesting Amylase (RSDA) from Sacchaomycopsis fibuligeria 2074, Dr. Joel Hassan G. Tolentino

9:15–9:30 AM Granulation in Pummelo as Influenced by Fruit Size and 1-Methylcyclopropene, Dr. Emma Ruth V. Bayogan

9:30–9:45 AM Photocatalytic Paints for Fabrication of Self-Cleaning and Self Sterilizing Containers, Dr. Erwin Oliver V. Fundador

9:45–10:10 AM Open Forum 10:10–10:15 AM Coffee Break

10:15–10:30 AM Enhancing Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) Seed Germination through Various Techniques, A/Prof. Aileen Grace D. Delima

10:30–10:45 AM Assessment of Lactobacillus paracasei F2I2 as Biopreservative for Pork under Typical Public Market Condition, Dr. Virginia P. Obsioma

10:45–11:00 AM Valuing Community-Based Sea Ranching of Sandfish Holothuria scabra, Dr. Ruth U. Gamboa

11:00–11:15 AM Measuring Economic Impact of Climate Change on High Value Crops and Fish Commodities Production in Davao Region, Ms. Marie Analiz April A. Limpoco


PARALLEL SESSION 2 – SOCIAL SCIENCES Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Genevieve Quintero

8:45–9:00 AM Talomo River Anthropological Exploration and Assessment of Its Potentials for ‘Serious Leisure’/’Nature Sport’ Design, a/Prof. Maria Stella R. Salazar

9:00–9:15 AM Assessment of Communication Interventions on Maternal Health in Mintal, Bago Oshiro, and Tugbok District Davao City, a/Prof. Nelfa M. Glova

9:15–9:30 AM Memorializing Mintal, a/Prof. Andrea Malaya Ragragio

9:30–9:45 AM Historical Mapping and Land Valuation of Tugbok District, Archt. Ryan C. Songcayauon

9:45–10:10 AM Open forum

10:15–10:30 AM Analyzing Form, Resolution, and time: An Urban and Spatial Morphology of Mintal, Davao City, Archt. Jean Marie V. Juanga

10:30–10:45 AM Mga Sugilanon Kaniadto ug Karon: The Oral Narratives of Mintal, Dr. Genevieve T. Jorolan-Quintero

10:45–11:00 AM A Look into the Leisure Activities of the Residents of the Resettlement Sites in Tugbok District, Davao City, a/Prof. Armando R. Salazar

11:00–11:15 AM Local Institution Capacity for Science/Education Outcomes, Dr. Antonio G. Moran

11:15–11:30 AM Pangeteb: An Ethnographic Study of Indigenous Tattoo Practices of the Pantaron Manobo of Talaingod, Davao del Norte, a/Prof. Andrea Malaya M. Ragrario

11:30 – 11:50 Open Forum

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