18 July Staff Regent Election, 2017

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Forums

Tuesday, 18 July 2017, is the UP System-wide election for the 5th Staff Regent. The elected person will occupy a seat in the UP Board of Regents, the highest policy-making body in the University. This seat represents the sector of the non-teaching personnel. This sector is composed of the administrative personnel and the REPS (Research, Extension, and Professional Services) personnel. The regent will serve a term of two years. 

This election is historic for UP Mindanao because the 5th Staff Regent will come from this Constituent University. This opportunity originates from the policy of this sector to practice rotation; to rotate the opportunity to nominate among the eight Constituent Universities. On this occasion it is turn of UP Mindanao and UP Cebu. The nominees in the upcoming election both come from UP-Mindanao.

The nominees for 5th Staff Regent are:

- Ms. Analiza S. Fulvadora, Scholarship Affairs Officer-Office of Student Affairs, UP Mindanao administative personnel

- Dr. Briccio M. Merced Jr., University Librarian-University Library, UP Mindanao REPS personnel 

All administrative and REPS personnel are enjoined to participate in the upcoming election.                 

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