Highlights of November 2018

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Strengthening the academic curricula and research through industry linkage
"NEOKAMAIGEN" AN ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN by UP Mindanao 4th year BS Architecture student Prince Lu won the "Gold Award" in the Architecture category of the Asia Young Designer Award-Philippines competition, as disclosed on 20 November 2018. According to the student-designer, "Neokamaigen is a design for a settlement that is built to save people from the threat of rising sea levels due to climate change." The contest organizers Nippon Paint stated, "It is like a modern-day Noah’s Ark.” According to the contest website, the Gold Award has a cash prize, a 6-month internship with leading architecture firms, a chance to compete against designers from 14 other countries and to be part of a learning experience in the Harvard University Design Discovery. A cash prize also goes to the school.

Popularizing research findings as a public service

"VOYAGES: The Inaugural Lectures 2018", a public offering, was on 7 November 2018 at Lorenzo Hall, UP Mindanao. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion in her Welcome Remarks said that " ‘voyages’ invoked in her mind the word 'ancestry';  of Filipino ancestors being voyagers descended from the bloodline of the Polynesian and the Malayan race of voyagers, one example being the the Filipino interpreter and circumnavigator who accompanied Magellan". She described the lectures for the day of being "from the young scholars with vibrant new ideas who will challenge current ways of thinking and the imagination and make the mind work again with new ideas that may be strange but exciting". Ilathala Performing Arts opened the forum with a performance of a Mindanawon dance [in photo, below]. Raymundo Pavo in his talk "Trisikad Diaries: Journeys through Social Space" revealed stories of ambulant vendors in Roxas Night Market, Davao City. Rovi Gem Villame in her talk "Laws of Attraction: Using Magnets to Attract Bacteria" spoke of a scientific process that may have uses in industry and medicine. Jezreel Abarca in "So You Think You Can Dance?" taught a notation for the documentation of dances. John Bengan in his talk "The Historic and the Epic: Contemporary Fiction from Mindanao" identified new Mindanao writers and their works. Albert Ramos in his "Foolish Games? Or: Is e-Sports or Competitive Online Gaming a Real Sport?" defined the characteristics of sports and how online gaming qualified. Anne Shangrila Fuentes in "War and Peas: Helping Farmers in Conflict-Vulnerable Areas in Mindanao" described a social scheme for improving farmers’ livelihood.  "Voyages" was organized by Office of Research and DUGONG-Antro student organization and was delivered to the 100-plus members of the audience who attended--from as far as Agusan del Sur and Davao Oriental Provinces--free of charge.

Strengthening academic curricula through channels of collaboration and public service  

PHIL. SOCIETY OF MICROBIOLOGY Mindanao Chapter headed by Dr. Aleyla de Cadiz (Dept. of Biological Science and Environmental Studies) held their 23rd Mindanao Convention on 8-9 November 2018 on the theme "One Health: Bridging Multiple Sectors to Promote Sustainable Programs for Human Health". Dr. May Anne E. Mata (Dept. of Math, Physics, and Computer Science) gave a Plenary Talk on "Understanding Recurrent Avian Flu Epidemics". Dr. Noreen Grace Fundador (Dept. of Food Science and Chemistry) presented "Photocatalytic and antimicrobial studies of Polyhydroxybutyrate-cohydroxyhexanoate (PHB-HH)/Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposite films". Dr. Virginia Obsioma (DFSC) presented "LABlife: Minding your gut Microbiota". Student undergraduate research were presented and were given recognition for excellence.

THE 2018 DAVAO WRITERS WORKSHOP, organized by the Davao Writers Guild and UP Mindanao, was held on 14-18 November 2018, at Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel, J. Camus St., Davao City under Workshop Director Gracielle Deanne Tubera and Deputy Director Mubarak Tahir. The workshop was opened to interested members of the public to listen to the discussions and learn from the panelists’ craft lectures. Panelists were Macario D. Tiu (Ateneo de Davao), Jhoanna Lynn Cruz (UP Mindanao Dept. of Humanities), John Bengan (Dept. of Humanities), Dominique Cimafranca, Errol Merquita (BA Social Science 2002), Nassefh Macla (BA English alumnus), Lualhati Abreu, Darylle Rubino (Humanities), and Jay Jomar Quintos (Humanities). Cebu-based writer Karla Quimsing was the guest panelist and keynote speaker. The Workshop fellows For Fiction: Ranny Ray Codas (Mindanao State University-Main Campus), Hannah Lecena (Mindanao State University–General Santos City), Marly Mae Meñales (Mindanao State University-Naawan), Elizabeth Joy Quijano (University of Mindanao); For Poetry: Ryan Cezar Alcarde (University of the Philippines Diliman), John Carlo Beronio (Golden Heritage Polytechnic College), Gerald Galindez (University of Southern Mindanao), Raffy John Phillip Lucente (Holy Cross of Davao College), Michael John Otanes (Mindanao State University–General Santos City), Adrian Pete Pregonir (Banga National High School); For Creative Nonfiction: Allyson Mae Espaldon (University of the Philippines Mindanao), Kurt Comendador (Mindanao State University-General Santos City), An-Nurhaiyden Mangelen (University of the Philippines Mindanao), Adrian Dwight Sefuentes (University of the Philippines Mindanao), Neil Teves (Davao City National High School).

"DAVAO HARVEST 3" book publication assembled by editors Jhoanna Lynn Cruz (Dept. of Humanities) and Macario Tiu and Tita Ayala as visual art editor was given a book launch at the 2018 Davao Writers Workshop Closing Ceremony on 18 November 2018. Present at the launch were writers and visual art contributors and editors led by Tita Lacambra Ayala, Macario "Mac" Tiu (Ateneo de Davao), Darylle Rubino (Dept. of Humanities), Xer Jason "Yas' Ocampo (BA English 2009), John Bengan (Dept. of Humanities), Gracielle Deanne Tubera (Ateneo De Davao), Dominique Cimafranca, Agustin "Don" Pagusara Jr., Renato "Rene" Pilapil, Kurt Rojas, Ralph Jake Wabingga, Hannah Villarba, Jan Vernix Atis, Lenard Angelo Yu, Dominic Turno, and Jade Mark Capiñanes. Excerpts from selected works were read by the authors. Copies of "Davao Harvest 3" are available from the Davao Writers Guild.

THE CHSS LECTURE SERIES was given by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City on 19 November 2018. Dean Jean Marie Juanga remarked that it is the first inter-disciplinary lecture series by the College and that she looked forward to a substantive conversation of varied ideas leading to more collaborative research and extension proposals that can benefit more fellow human beings. Prof. Julius Neil Piala (Humanities) gave the lecture on "Developing Critical Thinking Skills through Media Literacy". Prof. Maria Stella Salazar (Human Kinetics) gave the lecture on "Health and Wellness Awareness of UP Mindanao Employees". Dr. Sophremiano Antipolo (Faculty, Diploma in Urban & Regional Planning) gave the lecture "Urban and Regional Planning in the Philippines: History, Challenges, and Prospects". Mr. Lakan Umali (Humanities) spoke on "Exploring Portraits of the City in the Poetry of Isabelita Reyes and Conchitina Cruz". Prof. Maria Josefa Petilla spoke on "Care for the Environment: The Experience of the Ladi-an Elementary School in the UP Land Reservation in Marilog, Davao City". Open forums were held after each lecture. The members of the audience were from Davao City National High School, UP Mindanao students and faculty, professionals, and the general public who were all provided admission free of charge.

a NEW ACIAR-PCAARRD-DAVAO DEL NORTE-UP MINDANAO MANGO RESEARCH PROJECT held their first general meeting on 20 November 2018 in UP Mindanao. The team discussed the five-year project on mango production and marketing and inspected laboratories in the College of Science and Mathematics. Present in the meeting were Research Associate Ms. Leizl Secretaria, College of Science Dean Dominica Dacera, ACIAR Country Manager Ms. Mai Alagcan, ACIAR Research Program Manager for Horticulture Ms. Irene Kernot, Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, Davao del Norte Provincial Agriculturist Dr. Ana Notarte, Dr. Edna Amit of PCAARRD, UP Mindanao Research Director Dr. Emma Ruth Bayogan, Ms. Cel Alaban of PCAARRD, Dr. Brian Thistleton of NTDIPR (Australia), Dr. Peter Johnson of ACIAR, Dr. Stefano de Faveri of QDAF (Australia), Dr. Tony Asis of NTDPIR, Mr. Jimuel Rebigan of Davao de Norte PAO, School of Management Dean Larry Digal, and Dr. Rowena Esconde of DDN-PAO.

Strengthening the research agenda through international conferences 

THE 2018 GEORGE TOWN LITERARY FESTIVAL held in Penang, Malaysia on 22-25 November 2018 on the theme “The State of Freedom” had Assoc. Prof. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz Daliling (Humanities) as the Philippine representative among some 100 writers from all over the world. Prof. Cruz served on two panel discussions: “The Politics of Healing” and “On Hate Speech”. Prof. Cruz wrote a weekly column, ‘Lugar Lang’, for the Mindanao Times newspaper for two years until she ended her column on 2 November 2018 after she reported becoming the subject of “hate speech” on social media from a public official.

THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE ARCHITECTURAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION (ASA) held in RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia on 28 November-1 December 2018 had Prof. Assoc. Isidoro Malaque III as Philippine representative among the 11 countries who were represented in the discussion of architectural science. Prof. Malaque presented his paper, “Space syntax analysis of low-income housing in progressive urban settlemeernt in Davao City, Phils.”

Strengthening the research agenda through collaboration and public service

"PROJECT 5 GEO-SAFER SOUTHEASTERN MINDANAO" led by Prof. Joseph E. Acosta as project leader presented its Year 2 Quarter 1 Progress Report to DOST-PCIEERRD officials Clarinda Reyes and Mary Rose Pariñas [in photo, L-R] on 29 November 2018. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, in her Welcome Remarks, said that UP Mindanao was very proud to have been selected by DOST for the project and that UP Mindanao is being encouraged to commercialize the output of research project in the future. The project objectives are to process data, conduct ground validation, and produce hazard maps of the 24 Southern Mindanao Rivers/Watersheds assigned to UP Mindanao. The overall accomplishment as of 31 October 2018 was reported at 76.67%. In addition, the project did a presentation before the Regional Development Council's Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee on 10 September 2018 wherein their policy recommendations to integrate the LiDAR-derived products to the IT and Planning offices of LGUs and to source the operating funds for these from the 5% Calamity fund of each LGU was given an Approved Resolution by the Committee on 5 October 2018. Regarding research publications, the project has prduced five research papers in publication format for submission to reputable journals. The project leaders also reported the counterpart funds allocated by the provinces of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley totaling P3.9 Million, and actual counterparts in kind from five provinces and Davao City totaling P1.139 Million.

Channeling public service to the community

THE NGCP-supported “Partnerships proceeded into their final month of training that began in August  with 39 residents from Bgy. Bangkas Heights faithfully attending the training sessions now being held in the Food Sensory Lab of the Dept of Food Science and Chemistry on 10-11 and 17-18 November 2018. Making pastries, desserts, and ice cream, and table presentation were the content of their final modules under the guidance of the department faculty.   

UP NIGHT was the UP Mindanao offering to the 37th Araw ng Mintal celebrations that UP constituents delivered on 28 November 2018. The resident companies UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble and Koro Kantahanay gave performances featuring their new recruits. Voluntary performances were given by student groups Agipo drum corps, The Smuggled Ones dance troupe, the A & J duet, Bionetics vocal and guitar group, and spoken-word performances were given by three literary artists.

Promoting an environment of support for students

8th TAGBO Student Leadership Camp was held on 26 November 2018. A total of 55 first-year students and 5 upperclass students--including University Student Council Chairperson Frederick Omalza and Councilor Aleimar Villabrille--were the participants. Office of Student Affairs Director Prof. Teody Boylie Perez shared the objectives: to allow "freshies" develop individual leadership skills for their future leadership in student organizations through the principles of "servant-leadership": developing vision and accountability; a collaborative perspective in conceptualizing projects and formulating strategies; and a wholesome attitude. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion in her message remarked that Tagbo is a vital service from the University for the students; “it is a space and an environment that allows students to meet, play, have fun, and learn from one another; to unify and become united; to develop a sense of purpose and the skills to motivate and excite peers towards those purposes; all this, to be better human beings and better Filipinos”. BA Social Science alumnus, former University Student Council Chairperson  and Tagbo pioneer Edward Nino "Wardy" Puyod gave the talk on "servant-leadership". The 8th TAGBO is organized by Office of Student Affairs with staff and alumni providing assistance.  

Towards achieving the vision for the University

FORUM FOR THE NEXT CHANCELLOR was held on 12 November 2018. The term of office of Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion being set to end on 28 February 2018, the Search Committee set 12 November 2018 for the Introduction and Presentation of Nominees at the Administration Building, University of the Philippines Mindanao. A State of UP Mindanao Address was delivered by Chancellor Concepcion. Introduction of nominees Prof. Larry Digal and Prof. Annabelle Novero and the Presentation of their mission, vision, and plans followed. Sectoral consultations were held on 12-13 November 2018, after which the Committee interviewed the nominees. The Search Committee submitted its Report to President Danilo Concepcion on 23 November 2018. Read the Nominees' Vision Papers and CV here.

The Staff Regent Activities
STAFF REGENT ANALIZA FULVADORA conducted consultation activities with non-teaching personnel in November in UP PGH, UP Manila, UP Los Baños, and UP Open University.
Monitoring alumni growth 
ALUMNI WHO BECAME NEW DOCTORS after passing the Physicians Licensure Exam of September-October 2018 were:Janin Lou C. Billano (BS Biology 2013); Gabriel Paulo G. Eleria (BSB 2013); Rafael Nicholas C. Banga (BSB 2013); Donna H. Labaniego (BSB 2013); Lyle Wednesmay Malubay (BSB 2013); Jan Reynald Shane A. Coquilla (BS Food Technology 2013); Lean Alessandro B. Carreon (BSB 2012); Faith Jane A. Parba (BSB 2012); Anjelica Izabelle F. Napala (BSB 2012); Angelica Aisaiah G. Lagmay (BSB 2012); Mikael N. Matunog (BS Computer Science 2011)
RAFAEL JOSE MANULID (BSABE 2014) a musician and songwiter launched his first music album of original compositions ”Reassurance” on 17 November 2018 in Davao City.

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