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Highlights for February, 2019

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements


University of the Philippines Mindanao celebrates its 24th Anniversary in February 2019. Opening Festivities are on 1 February, Friday, 8:30AM, at the Oblation Plaza, Administration Building, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. Koro Kantahanay will lead the singing of the National Anthem. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion will give an Inspirational Message.  UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble will perform a Ritual Dance. The highlight will be the Placing of Solidarity Flags where everybody is invited to participate. Finally, a run-through of month-long activities will be announced. Fun activities will commence after the ceremony. Mr. Kenneth Montajes of DMPCS will serve as emcee.

Further on the Anniversary celebrations, 4-10 February 2019 is the School of Management Week of Activities; 11-17 February 2019 is the College of Science and Mathematics Week of Activities; 18-24 February 2019 is the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Week of Activities.  On February 20, Wednesday, will be held the Recognition Programs for students and employees. On 23 February is the UP Mindanao Basketball Carnival. On 25-27 February are the Student Organizations' activities. On 28 February 2019 is the "3-Minute Thesis" Competition University Finals. Also on 28 February is the Turn-over Ceremony for the Chancellorship. Culminating the day's events will be a Concert will be given by artists from the UP College of Music to be organized by the UP Alumni Association-Davao. The public is invited to any and all activities.  


UP Mindanao will host the UP College of Law Aptitude Exam on 17 February 2019, Sunday, 1-6PM, in the Administration Building, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. Applications will be accepted until Sunday morning, 17 February 2019, in the exam venue. Application fees may be paid later. Supervising the proceedings is Mr. Michael Gatela of the Office of Extension and Community Service. Application documentation requirements and other details may be perused at-         


On 20 February 2019 is the 24th anniversary of the signing by Pres. Fidel V. Ramos of Republic Act 7889 "An Act creating the University of the Philippines Mindanao and appropriating funds therefor". On this day will be held the Recognition Ceremonies for Employees and Students. The Ceremonies will be held at the CHSS Audio-Visual Room, Administration Building, UP-Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. At 9AM is the Employee Recognition Ceremony and at 2:30PM is the Student Recognition Ceremony. The guest speaker is Dr. Fedeserio C. Camarao.  


COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (CHSS) Week happens on 18-24 February 2019 as part of the UP-Mindanao 24th Anniversary celebration. The CHSS Audio-Visual Room will serve as venue for most events except where indicated. Public offerings begin with the 3-Minute Thesis Competition-CHSS Heat on 18 February, 1PM. On 19 February, 9AM, is the Gender Sensitivity Orientation by Dr. Pavo; at 1PM is the architecture lecture "Visualizing a city's urban and cultural heritage" by Gloryrose Dy-Metilla. On 21 February, 1:30PM, is the book launch of "Mandaya Dawot" publication; at 2:30PM, at the University Library is the "New media and society" lecture by Mishael Pueblas. On 22 February, 9AM, is the DSS Lecture Series 2019 featuring "Development of the banana industry in Davao Region" by Theresa Mae Gallardo, "Story of a woman politician in Dinagat Islands" by Raymundo Pavo, "Indigenous child protection system of the ethnic Tboli" by Maria Josefa Petilla, "Linguistic queries on Manobo history" by Janus Ruel Cabazares, and "Health in lumad and settler communities in Mindanao" by Kenette Jean Millondaga; at 1PM, at the Visual Anthro Lab, are the talks on "Four fields of anthropology" by Myfel Joseph Paluga and Andrea Malaya Ragragio. Also on 22 February, 1PM, at SM City Annex, Davao City, is the "Tandiwan Mindanao Architecture Research Symposium". On 23 February, 7PM, at Suazo Bar, Davao City, is "Litorgy: A tribute to Tita Lacambra Ayala". On 24 February is the Futsal Football Festival at the Davao City-UP Sports Complex Gym. All events are open to the public; admission is free of charge. Inquiries may be directed to Angelo at 9189238498. 


COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Week happens on 11-15 February 2019. Public offerings begin with the CSM Research Seminar on 11 February, 8AM-12NN, at CSM Room 227. The talks are on: Macaques as carriers of malaria by Lief Erikson Gamalo; Fat, oil, and grease deposits in drains by Dann Marie del Mundo; Solar energy for the home by Vicente Calag; Job analytics by Vladimer Kobayashi; and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by Jose Ildefonso Rubrico. At 1-5PM, also in Room 227, will be the Mol-Tech-Volution, a showcase of technological innovations in molecular biology organized by the Philippine Genome Center-Mindanao. At 2:30PM in Room 230 will be the 3-Minute Thesis DMPCS department heat, and Sine-CSM Focus Group Discussion caps the day's events. On 12 February, 5:30PM at Room 227 will be the 3-Minute Thesis DBSES department heat. The daytime events are: Exhibit on Rape and Violence Against Women at CSM Student Center; Sine-CSM Focus Group Discussion 2; Photo-booth opening; and the Kanlu-RUN at 4:30 PM. On 13 February are: Sine-CSM Focus Group Discussion 3; Photobooth #PoseToOppose; and the PAFT Milk Processing Demo at 12-1:30PM at Room 112. On 14 February are: DOLE Careers Recruitment at 8AM-3PM at the Dorm Annex; at sundown are Acoustic Night Battle of the Bands and CSM Night Hunk and Babe of the West 2019. On 15 February is the CSM 3-Minute Thesis Competition at 1-5PM at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Audio-Visual Room. All events are open to the public; admission is free of charge. Inquiries may be directed to Ken at 9498501074 or 9755719174.     

THE CSM RESEARCH SEMINAR on 11 February 2019 opened with Welcome Remarks by Dean Dominica Dacera. She reported on the research productivity of the College of Science and Mathematics faculty in 2018 which had about 11 articles published in ISI and non-ISI journals, presented about 33 papers in national and international conferences, and obtained more than P120 Million of funds for research. She predicted that research activity will intensify with the construction of the Research Development and Extension Building worth P70 Million. The Seminar presentations that followed were on: Zoonotic protozoan parasites in swimming pools and Zoonotic monkey malaria parasites, both by Instructor Lief Erikson Gamalo; Fat, oil, and grease deposits in drains, by Asst. Prof. Dann Marie del Mundo; Energize the home with solar energy, by Asst. Prof. Vicente Calag; Job analytics that can help match millions of jobs to qualified persons, by Asst. Prof. Vladimer Kobayashi; and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by Prof. Jose Ildefonso Rubrico. The Certificates of Appreciation were given by Dean Dacera with Asst. Prof. May Anne Mata.

MOLTECHVOLUTION: A Showcase of Technological Innovations in Molecular Biology will be held on February 11, 2019, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM at the College of Science and Mathematics, UP Mindanao. Current trends in Molecular Biology and Genomics will be presented by various organizations. An exhibit will be open for viewing. This event is organized by The Philippine Genome Center-Mindanao in line with CSM Week.


The School of Management (SOM) opens the college celebrations with public forums at the Lorenzo Hall, Administration Building. The SOM Public Lectures is on 6 February at 8:30-11:30AM with the following talks: The readiness of the soybean supply chain to contribute to food production by Asst.Prof. Glory Dee Romo; Consumers' awareness and willingness to pay for GAP-certified vegetables by Asst.Prof. Vlademir Shuck; Investing in real estate and a financial model for capital gains by Asst.Prof. Lemuel Calatrava. At 1PM will be the "School of Dangerous Minds" forum with lectures on popular topics by SOM students. On 7 February, 1-5PM is the 14th UP Mindanao Supply Chain Management Forum on the theme "Sustainable development of the Philippine cavendish banana value chain: Exploring options to improve competitiveness" by the CHED banana project team. On 8 February, 9AM-4PM is the annual Tabo vegetable farmers sale. Throughout 6-9 February is the SOM Research Exhibit showcasing the products of knowledge creation by SOM faculty, researchers, and students. On 13 February will be the "Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition: SOM college heat". The public is invited to any and all of the events; admission is free of charge.       


With the appointment of Prof. Larry N. Digal, current Dean of the School of Management, as the next Chancellor effective 1 March 2019, a Search Committee for SOM Dean was constituted by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion on 11 February 2019 through Administrative Order No. SBC 2019-010. Appointed to constitute the Committee were Prof. Ruth U. Gamboa (Dept. of Bio. Sci. and Envir. Studies) as Senior Faculty Representative and Chairperson, Prof. Janus Ruel T. Cabazares (Dept. of Soc. Sci.) as Junior Faculty Rep., Ms. Krishna H. Balaga (I.T. Office) as Administrative Personnel Rep., Ms. Frances May F. Baldoza (Office of Research) as REPS Personnel Rep., and Ms. Keith Justine Moreno (BS Biology) as Student Representative. They were instructed to coordinate a schedule with the appointed President's Representative and to submit their report on or before 22 March 2019.      


Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. It's not a recycled day. Everyday is a new day and I find that amazing. A series of new beginnings, of new opportunities. I hope you find that hopeful and inspiring. To me the very idea is a very interesting one. This phrase by the way came from John Denver who wrote it in a song. Today, 2019 is new. Malapit na ang chinese new year. Every minute that we get is new. It will never be 8:55AM, Feb 1, 2019 again. That moment in time happens once and if we waste it, we waste it. We are not handed down a series of yesterdays but new opportunities. The present is a gift and it's not recycled. We'd like you to nurture this idea and use it to move forward because we are celebrating the 24 years of existence this month of the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Next year we are 25, and kung wedding, ang tawag doon ay silver anniversary. That's a quarter of a century. and that is a milestone in our lives. If you talk to the pioneers of UPMin--the pioneers are the batch 1 students, silang mga taga CSM, mga batch one yan sila--they know what this place looks like when they came in as first year students. We had practically nothing. We didn't have this, we didn't have those. We didn't have roads. We didn't even have water. So, when we look at the past years of UP Mindanao, we can see that the institution has gone through a lot of experience that are both painful or exhilarating or both at the same time and they all helped us know more about ourselves, and learn more about this institution. Twenty-four years ago UP Mindanao was in a small rented office. There were three employees: the president, the officer-in-charge Dr. Rogelio Cuyno and one employee, Ms. Ana Gualberto. Three employees and we were trying to link up the University to the different government agencies and the different schools. A few years later more people began to come in, katulad nila Ting Nanola, iyong mga nasa admin ngayon, sila Nilo Oponda, sila Tony Obsioma, they started coming in 1997 and then we started to grow in number. We rented an old office of Dole Corporation in Ladislawa Village, downtown Davao City. It was really an old building and we all fit there: classrooms, registrar, kasya lahat ng tao doon. Later on (when we moved to this campus site) we got funds to build one side of this our administration building. When it was built, some of the offices began to move into this building. Another six years forward we got funds for this (other) side of the building. A few more six years we got funds to build a library and the road going to Kanluran. In the past six years we got a lot of funding for new equipment: new sound systems and air conditioners that actually make you feel cold; computers that your see. Several structures: the cultural center for the CHSS; the CARIM building; the library; the SOM that willl be rehabilitated and rebuilt into a large spanking building; faculty and staff housing; a new dorm next year; the sports complex and a road network. One of the new things that is exciting for me is the technology transfer office where were can turn the researches that have been developed into products and to try to find uses for them so that they really return to society for the greater good of the greater majority. These opportunities exist for you today. From today until the next six years or so, they will continue to come. New people, new partners. So, we have to get ourselves ready for this growth spurt. That's going to happen to UP Mindanao within the next four years. For the new batch of freshmen and for those who are continuing, there's bound to be a growth spurt and I hope that you are able to grow with that in terms of your character in terms of your being a better human being. We have a lot of proposals that are being given to us. Like the possibility of opening a College of Architecture, Design, and Engineering. That is one of the dreams of the University of the Philippines Mindanao. We deserve this college, right? For our 100% passing, or maybe 99% passing, we deserve this. There are proposals being crafted now for a College of Human Kinetics where we can teach sports, sports management, body movement, and the like, for the Mindanawon. So we can have a healthier population. Yes, today is just the first day of the rest of our lives. Whatever transpired yesterday are points of learning to be a better individual and better human being, points for UP Mindanao to be a better institution. Welcome to today!  


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