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UPMin offers waitlist for interested applicants

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

UP Mindanao is inviting all UPCAT qualifiers and non-qualifiers to apply in the waitlist for UP Mindanao in order to avail of a UP education in the region. UPCAT qualifiers who were accepted by other UP constituent universities but prefer to study in the region for economic reasons can apply as a waitlisted applicant in UP Mindanao. In addition, UPCAT non-qualifiers who got a University Predicted Grade (UPG) of 2.8000 or better in the UPCAT are also invited to apply as waitlisted in UP Mindanao. The University Predicted Grade (UPG) is included in the written notice that is sent to each UPCAT applicant. Interested parties may call the Office of the University Registrar at tel. no. (082)293-0201 or send e-mail to <>. UP Mindanao is the only UP constituent university located in Mindanao. It offers undergraduate degree programs in Anthropology, Architecture, Communication Arts, English (Creative Writing), Applied Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Food Technology, Agribusiness Economics and a graduate degree program in Management. UP education is made available in the region with P600.00/unit rate and a miscellaneous fee of P1,640.00/semester for undergraduate programs. Several scholarships and financial assistance programs are also available. There is no increase in tuition or other related fees for undergraduate programs for 2010.