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Faculty in the list of Top Scientists, 2016

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Achievements

UP MINDANAO FACULTY MEMBERS IN THE LIST OF TOP 453 FILIPINO SCIENTISTS in the webpage "Ranking Web of Universities" administered by Cybermetrics Lab of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain):

# 127 Cleto L. Nanola Jr. (Dept. of Bio. Sci. and Envir. Studies)
197 Reynaldo G. Abad (DBSES)
221 Juma Novie A. Alviola (Dept. of Food Sci. and Chem.)
247 Larry N. Digal (School of Management)
254 Sylvia B. Concepcion (SOM)
272 Lyre E. Murao (DBSES)
276 Aleyla Escueta-de Cadiz (DBSES)
313 Annabelle U. Novero (DBSES)
346 Noreen V. Fundador (DFSC)
346 Pedro A. Alviola IV (SOM)
349 Marilou O. Montiflor (SOM)
354 Ruth U. Gamboa (DBSES)
376 Dominica D. Dacera (DFSC)
443 Luis Antonio T. Hualda (SOM)

In the same website, UP Mindanao is ranked number 12 in their list of top 100 universities in the Philippines in their July 2016 edition.  

To access the page, please click on the link here.

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