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Banwa Monograph: Mapping Sago, 2017

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Achievements

The publication "Banwa Monograph Series 1: Mapping Sago" was released by the Office of Research in January. The Monograph contains 11 articles with Associate Professor Myfel D. Paluga (Dept. of Social Sciences) as Editor. The publication has a dedication page for former Associate Professor Dulce M. Flores. The journal articles:
- Inflorescence: Mapping the Development of Interdisciplinary Studies on the Sago Palm in the University of the Philippines, by MD Paluga, AM Ragragio, MR Bonghanoy, AG Moran
- The Indigenous Dry Sago Starch Extraction Process of Argao, Cebu, in the Central Philippines: Process Documentation and flour Laboratory Analysis, by DM Flores
- “For really it is only pounded wood” Ethnohistory of Sago in the Philippines from the Precolonial Period to the Twentieth Century, by AM Ragragio, MD Paluga
- Indigenous Technological Innovations in Palm Starch Extraction in Central Philippines, by MD Paluga, AM Ragragio
- Recent Distribution of Sago Palms in the Philippines, by JR Santillan, MM Santillan
- Bioresource Availability and Potential Starch Yield of Sago Stands in Mindanao, Southern Philippines, by LB Estaña, JE Acosta, NB Oponda, JL Oñez
- Market Potential for Sago Starch and Its Derivatives in the Philippines, by NL Laorden, AA Fedillaga, TR Acuña, BM Ramoneda, SB Concepcion
- Mapping Suitable Areas for Mass Propagation of Sago Palms in the Philippines, by MM Santillan, JR Santillan
- Traditional and Alternative Methods of Sago Palm Propagation, by AD Delima
- Financial Viability of Developing a Sago Plantation in the Philippines, by TR Acuña, NL Laorden, AA Fedillaga, BM Ramonete, SB Concepcion
- Popularizing and Advocating Sago (and other Native Plants), by MD Paluga, AM Ragragio, EM Ragragio, AG Moran

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