National Scientists visit, 2017

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Visits

FOUR SCIENTISTS of the National Academy of Science and Technology visited UP Mindanao on 15 March, fresh from their Mindanao Regional Scientific Meeting on the theme "Attaining Sustainable Goals in Philippine Fisheries", in Davao City. The team was composed of: National Scientist Edgardo Gomez, founder of the Marine Science Institute; Academician Jose B. Cruz Jr.,  a Professor Emeritus of Engineering of Ohio State University;  National Scientist Lourdes J. Cruz, a biochemist who has done research in toxic peptides from the venom of fish-hunting Conus marine snails; and Academician Marco Nemesio "Coke" Montano, formerly of the Marine Science Institute. The scientists had a quick tour of the Administration Building and the Oblation Plaza, the College of Science and Math. to view the laboratories and the landscape statues, and the upcoming Sports Complex grounds. At the CSM statue grounds Dr. Gomez pulled up an African fountain tree seedling that he described as an invasive plant, and pointed out the sprouting flame tree seedlings that he said needed relocating.          

The scientists were accompanied by DOST-11 personnel and NAST Executive Director Luningning Samarita-Domingo. They were met in UP Mindanao by School of Management Dean Larry Digal, Assoc. Prof. Ruth Gamboa (Dept. of Bio. Sci. & Envir. Studies), and PRO Rene Estremera.

See the photos here:

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