Turkish chemical engineer visits UPMin

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2013 082813FOLIGRO  003Mr. Amir Fuentes and Mr. Mustafa Unlu visited UP Mindanao on August 28, 2013 to view the campus land and explore possibilities for linkage with the University. Mr. Unlu is a Chemical Engineer from Istanbul (Turkey) who has been a resident of Davao City for a number years and represents a fertilizer brand. The visitors were accomodated by Public Relations Officer Rene Estremera and Land Management Officer Joel Sagadal. Mr. Fuentes and Mr. Unlu were contemplating on the prospect of developing a small research project in the campus in partnership with the University that involves the growing of vegetables. They had the opportunity to see the land areas surrounding the Administration Building, Human Kinetics, School of Management, the Cattle Research project, and the College of Science and Mathematics. The visitors pledged to send in a written proposal to the University as soon as possible. 

PHOTO (L-R): Mr. Fuentes, Mr. Unlu, Mr. Sagadal


Staff Regent "Rara" Ramirez Visits

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DSC 0202 DSC 0229 DSC 0319

Staff Regent Anna Razel "Rara" L. Ramirez visited UP Mindanao in August to  present the plans for the upcoming negotiation between the All UP Workers Union and the University. She was accompanied by former Staff Regent Clodualdo "Buboy" Cabrera and Ms. Connie Marquina. They were met by AUPWU-UP Mindanao Chapter President Lynda Buenaobra and other chapter officials. The visitors likewise met with Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion to exchange views. The Forum with employees was held on August 22 at the Lorenzo Hall, wherein the officials posited that the existing Collective Negotiating Agreement will expire in December 2013 and that the two parties are scheduled to negotiate and sign the new CNA before the end of 2013, unless a third party files a petition for Certificate of Election, which will put the negotiations and signing on hold until sometime in 2014. The group presented the items which will serve as the AUPWU's proposal for the new CNA. The item-proposals include the following: an improved compensation package that will not lead to commercialization or increase of tuition fees; inclusion of non-UP contractuals in Union membership and benefits; respect the use of official time by Union officials, and to be evaluated by the Union for the  corresponding percentage of time spent; to provide substitute for regular work when the Union official is on Union duty; more bulletin boards; to provide facilities for union activities; enhanced Union representation in committees; to study the prospects of comprehensive medical insurance; enhanced coverage of work-related injury and immunization services; collection of agency fees from all employees who enjoy union benefits; and an increased signing bonus.

Visit of Univ. of Southern Mindanao student leaders

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The student-officials of the University of Southern Mindanao student government came to UP Mindanao on August 15, 2013 to meet their counterparts and exchange experiences related to running an organization representing student-constituents, particularly on aspects of finance. The USM group were led by their student president Ms. Kathleen Marie B. Costes (in background, in orange shirt) and accompanied by their adviser Prof. William F. de la Torre. The other USM student-officials were: Sadam  M. Guiamelil; Julamin A. Paglala; Ceasar Mae B. Lucas; Allyn Jane F. Ranoco; Lesther T. Menguita; Fathma D. Guiabar; Reymon B. Reyes; Papaladin O. Saripada; Christine Alexis D. Dedel; Jacklyn Ann D. Garcia; and Jean E. Austria. The USM students were met by VCAA Karen Joyce Cayamanda, Student Affairs Director Evelina Ayson, and University Student Council Chairperson Malaya Genotiva.  

AUPAEU officials visit

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Officials of the All UP Academic Employees Union visited UP Mindanao on August 15, 2013 to conduct a briefing and consultation for its constituents. The visiting team was composed of Prof. Erlinda Castro Palaganas and Ms. Perlita Raña who are the National Vice President for Faculty and the National Secretary, respectively. The briefing and consultation was held in Lorenzo Hall and facilitated by the UP Mindanao chapter headed by Chapter President Prof. Adela G. Ellson. The briefing, "Paghahanda sa Panibagong Collective Negotiation Agreement", gave a a report on the status of the 2012 Performance-Based Bonus and the current objectives of the AUPAEU, which are: to retain its mandate as the representative of the rank-and-file; to be able to renegotiate a more progressive CNA; to consolidate and expand its membership; and to consolidate its leadership and development.             

Azkal's Ian Araneta leads football clinic

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A free football clinic for college students and high school youths was hosted by UP Mindanao on August 7, 2013. The event was made possible by Clear shampoo and Aksyon TV5 who served as sponsors. The clinic was led by popular Azkals' team football player Ian Araneta. The clinic is part of a campaign organized by the sponsors to promote the United Football League games in October, which will be broadcasted over television. The football clinic was facilitated by Prof. Erwin Protacio, with support from the Dept. of Human Kinetics, led by department chairman Prof. Armando Salazar, Prof. Stella Salazar, Instructors Redner Palomaria and Jezreel Abarca, and aide Magno Batomalaque.     



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