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Written by Rene Estremera.

Reviewed: 26 March 2012
Journal Publication/Book/Chapter in a Book

Rodel R. Real and Larry N. Digal, "Analysing Marketing Margins and their implication in improving performance of small scale producers in the Calamansi chain", Banwa, Vol 7, No 1/ 2010/69-91

Below are papers published in the International Society of Horticultural Science (ISHS). Acta Horticulturae, May 2011:

  • Sylvia B. Concepcion, PJ Batt, MT Lopez, JT Axalan, LAT Hualda, MO Montiflor, “Exploring the institutional market for fresh vegetables in the Southern Philippines.”
  • Marilou O. Montiflor, AKR dela Cerna, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt and RB Murray-Prior, “Social Connections and Smallholder Vegetable Farmers’ Collaborative marketing Strategy: Case of Sitio Quirogpang, Brgy. Marilog, Davao City, Philippines”
  • Ruby Jane G. Lamban, AKR dela Cerna, LA Ramirez Jr., MO Montiflor, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RB Murray-Prior, “Factors affecting farmers’ adoption of natural farming technologies in New Albay, Maragusan, Compostela Valley, Philippines”
  • Jerick T. Axalan, FT Isreal, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RB Murray-Prior, “Socio-economic impact of cluster marketing: the case of Ned Landcare Bell Pepper Cluster”
  • Rodel R. Real, LAT Hualda, DI Apara, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RB Murray-Prior, “Microfinance as the Key Factor Affecting Farmers' Investment Decision-Making: Cluster Experiences in Impasugong, Bukidnon, Philippines”

Oral Paper/Poster Presentation: INTERNATIONAL

The 7th Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE) Conference on the theme, "Meeting the Challenges Facing Asian Agriculture and Agricultural Economics toward a Sustainable Future”, Hanoi, Vietnam,    13-15 October 2011

  • Adela G. Ellson, Presenter, “Analysis of 'One-Town One-Product' Model as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines”, AG Ellson, GDA Romo, JMP Sarmiento, FI Jara
  • Adela G. Ellson, “Contract farming and Leaseback Arrangement of Banana in Calinan District, Davao City: ARB’s Contract Choice, Impact and Gains”, by IMS Añabesa, AG Ellson
  • Roxanne T. Aguinaldo, Presenter, “ Value Chain issues and Opportunities in Selected Horticulture Crops in Southern Mindanao, Philippines” by RT Aguinaldo, LN Digal, GDA Romo, NL Laorden, JMP Sarmiento, CQ Balgos
  • Nikko L. Laorden, Presenter, "Net Margins Analysis of Selected Fruits & Vegetables in Southern Mindanao, Philippines” by NL Laorden, RT Aguinaldo, GDA Romo, JMP Sarmiento, CQ Balgos, LN Digal    7th Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE) Conference
  • Jon Marx P. Sarmiento, Presenter, “ Microfinancing in the Philippines: The case of rice farming in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, Philippines” by GFAE Manzano, AG Ellson, JMP Sarmiento, AT Traje
  • Jon Marx P. Sarmiento, “Vertical Price Integration of Selected Fruits and Vegetables in Southern Philippines” by JMP Sarmiento, GDA Romo, LN Digal, RT Aguinaldo, NL Laorden
  • Jon Marx P. Sarmiento, “Effect of Barangay Bagsakan to Farmers’ Profitability:  The Case of Small-scale Vegetable Farmers in Davao City. Philippines” by M Salvaña, GDA Romo

Sylvia B. Concepcion, “Cluster and networks as enablers of  product and process innovation”, 12th International Conference on Global Business and Economic Development, Singapore, 21-23 July 2011

Oral Paper/Poster Presentation: NATIONAL:

The 48th Philippine Agricultural Economics & Development Association (PAEDA) Biennial Convention, on the theme, “The Challenges of Enhancing the Competitiveness of Philippine Agriculture”, Batac, Ilocos Norte, 20-21 October 2011

  • Marilou O. Montiflor, Presenter, “Benefits of technical and capacity building training in strengthening collaborative marketing groups: Case of Brgy. Marilog and Brgy. Calinan vegetable farmers” by MO Montiflor, RJG Lamban, SB Concepcion, RG Bacus, PJ Batt
  • Jerick T. Axalan, “Strategies and factors to strengthen smallholder farmers collaborative marketing: the Case of Vegetable Clusters in South Cotabato”, by JT Axalan, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RM Prior, MFR Rubzen, FT Israel
  • Ruby Jane G. Lamban, “Traditional versus Institutional Market: Case of Vegetable Clusters in Southern Philippines”, by RJG Lamban, MO Montiflor, RR Real, SB Concepcion, RG Bacus, DI Apara
  • Rodel R. Real, “Agricultural Loan Arrangements and Seed Support for Smallholder Farmers in Southern Philippines: Issues, Strategies and Lessons Learned”

April  – July 2008


  • Dr. Sylvia B. Concepcion and Dr. Larry N. Digal, "Alternative Vegetable Supply Chains in the Philippines", 2007, FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) RAP Publication 2007/21, Rome.
  • Dr. Sylvia B. Concepcion, Dr. Larry N. Digal & Ms. Joan Uy, "The Case of NORMIN Veggies of Northern Mindanao, Phils.", 2007 FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) RAP Publication 2007/21, Rome.


  • Prof. Aurelia Luzviminda V. Gomez, "Socio-economic Pressures of Forest Management: Insights from the Philippines", July 14-18, 2008, Paper presentation during the 12th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons held in England, United Kingdom
  • Paper presentations at the International Conference on "Improving the performance of supply chains in the transitional economies: Responding to the challenge of linking smallholder producers to dynamic markets" held in Davao City, 09-10 July 2008.
  • Dr. Sylvia B. Concepcion, "Keys to inclusion of organic rice producers in the Philippines: The case of Upland Marketing Foundation, Inc."
  • Dr. Larry N. Digal, "Linking small scale rural producers to high value markets: The role of technical assistance and credit"
  • Ms. Glory Dee A. Romo, "The changing landscape of the Philippine food industry"
  • Ms. Marilou O. Montiflor, "Cluster farms in Mindanao: Do farmers get what they expect?"
  • Mr. Luis Antonio T. Hualda, "Farmers access to retail: The case of Bankerohan"


  • Prof. Aurelia Luzviminda V. Gomez, "The Priority concerns of Poor Upland Dwellers:Insights from the UP Mindanao Land Reservation", July 23-26, 2008, Paper presentation during the 8th International Conference on Philippine Studies held in Philippines Social Science Center, Quezon City

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