Honorable Dismissal

A student in good standing who desires to sever his connection with the University shall present a written petition. to this effect to the University Registrar, signed by his parent or guardian. If the petition is granted, the student shall be given honorable dismissal.

Generally, honorable dismissal is voluntary withdrawal from the University with the consent of the University Registrar or his representative. All indebtedness to the University must be settled before a statement of honorable dismissal will be issued. The statement indicates that the student withdrew in good standing as far as character and conduct are concerned. If the student has been dropped from the rolls on account of poor scholarship, a statement to that effect may be added to the honorable dismissal.


A student who leaves the University for reason of suspension, dropping, or expulsion due to disciplinary action shall not be entitled to honorable dismissal. Should he be permitted to receive his transcript of record or the certification of his academic status in the University, it shall contain a statement of the disciplinary action rendered against him.

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