Vision and Mission



The vision of UP Mindanao is expressed in the slogan, EXCELLENCE. This is an acronym that stands for, “EXCEL in Leadership, Education, Nationalism, Cultural sensitivity, and Environmental nurturance”.

Mission Statement:

The University of the Philippines Mindanao is committed to lead in providing affordable quality education, scholarly research, and responsive and relevant extension services to diverse, marginalized and deserving sectors in Mindanao and neighboring regions through its programs in the sciences and the arts, inculcating a passion for excellence, creative thinking, and nationalism in the context of cultural diversity in a global community.

Citizens Charter:

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Office of the College Secretary (click here)

College of Science and Mathematics Office of the College Secretary (click here)

School of Management Office of the College Secretary (click here)

Office of the University Registrar (click here)

University Library (click here)

Cash Office (click here)

Supply and Property Management Office (click here)

Reviewed: 21 September 2015, RAE


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