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Communicating Research, 2016

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"Communicating Research to a Wider Audience", a research communication workshop on 10-11 October 2016 at the University Library, aims to produce news articles about UP Mindanao research outputs in newspapers, magazines, and internet sites, in order to increase public engagement with the University. 

The resource speaker, Ms. Shaira Panela, is a freelance writer for publications such as Asian Scientist, Rappler, and GMA News Online. The modules are: Why Communicating Research Matters; How to Write a Kick-Ass Journal Article (Scholarly Writing for Professionals); Don't Dumb it Down: Translating Science for the Public; The Boundaries of Truth: Research and Media (and Social Media); Making Research Matter: Writing for Decision-Makers. The workshop is for faculty, staff, and project-based personnel.       

Symposium on Mindanao Issues and Federalism, 2016

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In the spirit of public service and to contribute to improving knowledge on relevant issues to Mindanaoans, the public is invited to the Symposium on Mindanao Issues and Federalism, on the theme "Panahon ng pagbabago, Pagtulungan natin ito!"

The Symposium on Mindanao Issues and Federalism will be held on 15 October 2016, Saturday, 1-5 PM, in the Administration Building, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. The resource speakers are Ms. Amina Rasul-Bernardo, Mr. Lito Monico Lorenzana, and other experts.

The Symposium is open to everyone. Admission is free of charge. An Open Forum will be part of the program to allow members of the audience to ask questions or express their sentiments. Certificates of Participation will be issued upon request.

Call the Public Relations Officer at 293-0310 or 0939-843-6634 or email for seat reservations or further inquiries. This event is co-organized by the UP Alumni Associations in Davao and the University of the Philippines Mindanao.

October 2016 Public Affairs

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Seminar-Workshop on Gender Research Methodologies on 10-11 October at NEAP Bldg., Davao City

Live webcast of the Forum for the next UP President on 13 October, 9AM-12NN, at the Administration Building

Symposium on Mindanao Issues and Federalism on 15 October, 1-5PM

Panahon ng Pagbabago, Pagtulungan natin ito, an alumni fellowship, on 14-15 October

DULA inter-college sports festival and cheer-dance competition, on 17-20 October

In academic affairs:

Anthropology students will present papers in the 38th UGAT conference on 20-22 October in Ateneo de Manila University

The 8th International Conference on Agribusiness Economics and Management (ICAEM), organized by Office of Research and co-sponsored with Wageningen University, on 27-28 October in Davao City

The Davao Writers Workshop, originally set on 22-26 Oct., is moved to 30 November-4 December.

More public service forums:

Forum On Mental Health, 3 October

Gender Sensitivity Training for students of Phil. Science High School, 6 October

Seminar On Science Communication, 10-11 October

Seminar On Food Safety, 10 October

Forum on "Compliance to Global Supply Chain Standards, Our ticket to global market access", 22 October

Teaching economic principles for teachers of Tugbok/Marilog districts, 27-28 October

Tagbo Student Leadership Camp, 24-25 October (originally set for 28-29 Oct.), off-campus

Venues are in UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City, except where indicated. Some details may change, call 293-0310 for confirmations.

Security Measures against Alleged Harassments

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MEMORANDUM NO. ARO – 2016-053 / DATE : 23 September 2016 / FROM : ANTONIO R. OBSIOMA, Vice Chancellor for Administration


SUBJECT : Security Measures to Address Alleged Harassments Committed by Habal-Habal and Tricycle Drivers

To address alleged harassments committed by a few habal-habal and tricycle drivers against our University constituents, particularly students, we would like to request everyone to follow this security procedure:

• Immediately report the details of the harassment to any of the following: Dr. Antonio R. Obsioma (0922-871-2181), Armel Montos  (0929-197-4394), and MINSAS guard (293-0016).

• Avoid spreading unverified harassment stories, online or offline, in order not to sow fear, panic, and confusion.

• All security concerns need to be coursed through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (293-0258), which in turn will coordinate with the relevant agencies, such as police, barangay, etc.

Attached is a list of security tips for all University constituents. Suggestions to improve campus security are welcome. Please email them to .

Security tips while travelling to and from the campus

1. Avoid staying until late in the evening in the campus, especially if one is alone.

2. If it cannot be avoided, ask someone (e.g., guard on duty) to accompany you until such time that you have taken a public utility vehicle (e.g., tricycle).

3. If coming from UP Mindanao, ask the guard on duty to record the details of the vehicle you are riding, your name as passenger, and date/time of departure.

4. Before taking a vehicle, assess the profile of the driver and note important details such as plate number, vehicle type, and driver’s information. Text the plate number to your family members and friends.

5. Immediately report any unusual situation/event and presence of suspicious-looking strangers to Dr. Antonio R. Obsioma (0922-871-2181), Armel Montos (0929-197-4394), and MINSAS guard (293-0016).

6. OSA will soon spearhead the conduct of a self-defense training; everyone is encouraged to participate.

7. Bring self-defense items, such as pepper spray, stun gun, etc., to protect you from any possible attack/harassment.

8. In case of actual attack/harassment, create a loud commotion (e.g., shouting) to get help from other people within the vicinity.

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