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BS Anthropology

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Revised: 13 June 2022


Anthropology is a social science that explores society and humanity from a bio-cultural and cross-cultural approach. The program is designed to provide students with training, field experience, and hands-on exposure to methods of anthropological research and visual documentation of different cultural life ways, both local and globally.

Career opportunities for BS  Anthropology graduates include research analyst, educator, development worker, advertising consultant, human resource officer, policy researcher, evaluator, social auditor, cultural broker, social advocate, and museum researcher, and other related fields.


■ Educator
■ Research Analyst
■ Development Worker
■ Advertising consultant
■ Human Resource Officer
■ Policy Researcher
■ Evaluator
■ Impact Assessor
■ Cultural Broker
■ Social Advocate
■ Museum Researchers





General Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology
Peoples and Cultures of Mindanao
Ecological Anthropology
Introduction to Economic Anthropology
Political and Legal Anthropology
Introduction to Folklore
Language and Culture
Culture Change & Applied Anthropology
Introduction to Social Anthropology
Sex and Culture
Theory in Anthropology I and II
Seminar in Ethnographic Writing
Visual Anthropology
Quantitative Methods in Social Research
Qualitative Methods in Social Research

Introduction to Linguistics I and II

PI 100, Life and Works of Jose Rizal

AH 1, Dimensions of Identity: Understanding Ourselves Through Reading and Writing
AH 2, Exploring Ideas Through Academic Writing
AH 3, Effective Speech Communication
AH 4, Adventures in Fiction, Poetry & Drama
AH 5, Art and Society
AH 6, Visual Communication and Society
AH 7, Significant Themes in Literature and Films
SSP 1, Philippine History
SSP 2, Asia & The World
SSP 3, Foundations of Behavioral Science
SSP 4, Social, Economic & Political Thought
SSP 5, Philosophical Analysis
SSP 6, Wika at Pagka-Pilipino
SSP 7, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Mindanao
MST 1, Foundation of Natural Sciences I
MST 2, Foundation of Natural Sciences II
MST 3, Mathematics for General Education
MST 4, Science, Technology and Society
MST 5, Biotechnology and Society
MST 6, Biodiversity Challenge


For more information, contact
Asst. Prof. Andrea Malaya M. Ragragio
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of the Philippines Mindanao
Tel No.: (082) 293-0084 (Dean's Office, telefax)

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