BA Communication and Media Arts

Program profile
The BA Communication and Media Arts (BACMA) program trains students to be effective and savvy communication and media specialists who use their skills critically, creatively, and imaginatively, while imbuing social consciousness to become leaders in their own field who will contribute to nation-building and uphold social justice.
BA Communication and Media Arts is a program reinvented in 2018 from the former BA Communication Arts curriculum. The program streamlined two major tracks (Media Arts, and Speech & Corporate Communication) into an integrated, dynamic, and expansive learning experience that will provide students with flexible career opportunities as communication and media specialists.
Core subjects
  • Introduction to Communication and Media 
  • Introduction to Communication and Media Theories
  • Fundamentals of Design in Communication and Media
  • Ethics in Communication and Media
  • Fundamentals Writing in Communication and Media
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Communication 
  • Communication and Media Campaigns
  • Media Production
  • Communication, Media, and Society
  • Communication, Persuasion, and Social Influence
  • Research in Communication and Media
  • Production Research
  • Advanced Topics in Communication and Media Research
  • Special Topics
  • Internship (Practicum)
  • Undergraduate Thesis
Qualified Elective Subjects
These subjects allow students to specialize their skills in particular communication and media applications.
  • Organizational Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Photography: Theory and Practice
  • Print Media Communication
  • Audio Media Communication
  • Audio Visual Communication
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Conflict-Sensitive Reporting
Career opportunities
  • Academe
    • Teaching
    • Research
  • Corporate and business
    • Marketing and Advertising Executive / Researcher
    • Corporate Communication Executive
  • Information technology
    • Web and App Interface Design
    • Content Creation
    • Social Media Management
  • Media practice & public sector
    • Audiovisual and Theatre Productions
    • Journalism
    • Advocacy Campaigning / Campaigns Director
For more information, contact:
a/Prof. Melissa Claire I. Barrera-Yap
Program Coordinator, BACMA
Department of Humanities
Prof. Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz
Chair, Department of Humanities 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of the Philippines Mindanao
Tel. No.: (082) 293-0084 (Dean's Office, telefax)
 Updated 30 January 2023

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