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The program is based primarily on the needs of Mindanao, particularly in pursuing the island’s role as the country’s food basket amidst the challenges of globalization and international competitiveness.

The program is unique as no other university in the region offers a degree in economics that is geared towards applying economic theories in agribusiness. The program will develop graduates with strong theoretical and mathematical foundations necessary for the application of concepts in real problems of the region.


Graduates of this program will be employed in decision-making positions in agribusiness input suppliers, marketing firms, public and private organizations providing services to farms, the agribusiness sector and the rural sector. They can also be engaged in research and the teaching profession.

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A. Revised General Education (GE) courses 30 units
  UP Mindanao Required (18 units)  
    Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas  
    Critical Perspectives in the Arts  
    Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Everyday Life  
    Science, Technology and Society  
    Mathematics, Culture and Society  
    Mindanao Studies  
  BS ABE Required (12 units)  
    Critical Perspectives in Communication  
    Self and Society  
    Living Systems: Concepts and Dynamics  
    Probing the Physical World  
B. Foundation Courses 23 units
    Bio 10 Introduction to Biology  
    CrSc 10 Introduction to Crop Science  
    AnSci 10 Introduction to Animal Science  
    Stat 1 Elementary Statistics  
    AMAT 131 Statistical Methods and Experimental Design  
    Math 17 Algebra & Trigonometry  
    Math 26 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I  
C. Core Courses 48 units
    ECON 11 General Economics  
    ECON 101 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory  
    ECON102 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I  
    ECON104 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory II  
    ECON 130 Elements of Mathematical Economics  
    ECON 137 Introduction to Quantitative Economics  
    ECON 138 Selected Topics in Econometrics  
    MGT 101 Concepts & Dynamics of Management  
    MGT 111 Principles of Accounting  
    MGT 131 Introduction to Human Relation & Behavior in Organizations  
    MGT 153 Introduction to Financial Management  
    MGT 155 Introduction to Marketing Management  
    ABE 102 Introduction to Agribusiness Economics  
    ABE 134 Applied Linear Programming for Economists  
    ABE 200 Undergraduate Thesis  
D. Specialized Courses 30 units
    ABE 151 Agribusiness Systems  
    ABE 139 Qualitative Methods in Agribusiness Research  
    ABE 152 Agricultural Cooperative and Self-Managed Business Enterprise  
    ABE 154 International Agricultural Trade  
    ABE 156 Agricultural Production Management for Agribusiness Enterprise  
    ABE 157 Agricultural Price and Policy Analysis  
    ABE 158 Industrial Organization of Agricultural Markets  
    ABE 159 Macroeconomics of Agricultural Development  
    ABE 196 Research Writing in Agribusiness Economics  
    ABE 198 Practicum  
    ABE 199 Undergraduate Seminar in Agribusiness Economics  
E. Qualified Electives 9 units
    (Any three of the following courses as qualified elective)  
    ECON 142 Economic Valuation for Environmental and Natural Resource Economics  
    ECON 171 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics  
    ECON 192 Environmental Policy Analysis  
    ECON 190 Special Problem  
    ECON 191 Special Topic  
    ABE 138 Economics of Gender and Agribusiness Development  
    ABE 150 Agricultural Policy & Management Communication  
    ABE 190 Special Problem  
    ABE 191 Introduction to Agribusiness Development and Planning  
    ABE 197 Sustainable Agriculture  
    MGT 137 Introduction to Production & Operations Management  
    MGT 141 Introduction to Enterprise Development  
    MGT 142 Enterprise Management  
    MGT191 Supply Chain Management  
F. Legislated course 3 units
    PI 100 Rizal: His Life and Works  



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