College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Written by Rene Estremera.

Reviewed: 26 March 2012
Roundtable Discussion with international participation:

01-02 December 2011: "UNDERCURRENTS: Imagining a Post-Peace Agreement Period in Mindanao", ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS ON PEACEBUILDING. 01 December 2011 (Thurs) 1:00 PM -5:00 PM, Grand Men Seng Hotel. Moderator: Alfredo Ferrariz Lubang. Welcome Remarks: Dr. Emma Ruth Bayogan, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of the Philippines Mindanao. Message: Professor Osamu Yoshida, Chair of Executive Committee of HiPeC, Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan.Message: Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio. Roundtable Discussions. Moderator: Dr. Antonio G. Moran, Chair, Department of Social Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Mindanao. Discussants: Dr. Eric S. Casino, Adjunct Lecturer, Hawaii Pacific University; Dr. Abhoud Syed Lingga, Professor and Executive Director, Institute of Bangsamoro Studies ;Dr. Koki Seki, Professor, Hiroshima University.Synthesis. Prof. Anne Shangrila Y. Fuentes. Closing Remarks. Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria, Chair, Mindanao Studies Consortium Foundation, Inc. 02 December 2011 (Fri), 8:00 AM -12:20 PM, Research Presentations. Introduction, Moderator: Sheila Tampos, Department of Social Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Mindanao. "Gender and the Armed Struggles in Mindanao", Dr. Paz Verdades Santos, South-South Network. Discussant: Atty. Raissa Jajurie, Consultant on Gender Issues for the MILF Peace Panel. Introduction, Moderator: Prof. Raymundo Pavo, Department of Social Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Mindanao. "Bangsamoro peacebuilding: Possibilities of hybrid conflict resolution mechanisms", Ms. Meg Kagawa, Research Fellow, Hiroshima University Partnership Project for Peacebuilding and Capacity Development (HiPeC).Reactors: Prof. Abhoud Syed Lingga, Exec. Director, Institute of Bangsamoro Studies; Prof. Rufa Cagoco Guiam, Mindanao State University General Santos. Introduction, Prof. Dennis R. Coronel, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Mindanao. "A formative case for generating concepts and hypotheses on interfaces of indigenous and state peacebuilding and justice systems", by Dr. Antonio G. Moran and Prof. Shangrila Y. Fuentes, Department of Social Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Mindanao. Reactors: Atty. Augusto B. Gatmaytan, PhD Candidate, London School of Economics and Political Science; Lualhati Abreu, Research Fellow, AFRIM; Discussions, Synthesis/Closing.


    March 26, 2011 to June 30, 2011


    Journal Publications/Book/Chapter in a Book: 

    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria
    •    “Dumaguete Blues” (poem), in Philippines Free Press Magazine, May 21, 2011
    Prof. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz-Daliling
    •    Co-editor, Best of Dagmay 2007 – 2009 Anthology. Davao City: Davao Writers Guild & NCCA, 2011.


    Students under the Department of Humanities were chosen as Youth Ambassadors for "Visit Japan: 2011", Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme, 12-27 April 2011

    BA Communication Arts Program
    1.    Kein Ross C. Tripoli
    2.    Anne L. Eliseo
    3.    Jetka G. Rosos
    4.    Fila Guia Hidalgo
    BA English Program
    1.    Julie Kristine A. de Guzman

    Participation in Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Training Courses/Fora: National

    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria
    •    Presentor, “The Philippine International Arts Festival,” “The Accomplishments of the Subcommission on the Arts 2007-2010,” and “The NCCA Mindanao Projects 2008-2010,” NCCA General Assembly, June 21-22, Century Park Hotel, Manila
    •    Panelist, 50th Silliman National Writers Workshop, May 16-20, 2011, Rose Sobrepena Writers Village, Valencia, Dumaguete City


    Journal Publication/Book/Chapter in a Book:

    Prof. Raymundo R. Pavo, "Filipino Philosophy and Post-Modernity", Phavisminda Journal Volume 10: 30-50. 2011

    Oral Paper/Poster Presentations, International:

    Prof. Raymundo R. Pavo, Paper Presented in International Conference,
    •    Social-Scientist-Philosopher Perspective and Filipino Philosophy. Thomism and Asian Cultures: Celebrating 400 years of Dialogue Across Civilizations. University of Santo Tomas, Manila. May 23-26, 2011.
    Prof. Myfel Joseph D. Paluga,
    •    Folk maps and portable tools for sago forests: Aspects of Agusan Manobo ecological knowledge, (with M Alaba, EE Abadesco, A Adovas). Presented in the Asian University Digital Resource Network (AUDRN) International Conference-Workshop, "Discovering Local Knowledge in the 21st Century, Connecting Classrooms to the World", 9-13 May 2011, Miriam College, Quezon City
    Mr. Jessie G. Varquez Jr.
    •        Participant. Discovering Knowledge in the 21st Century: Connecting Classrooms to the World, Miriam College 9-13 May 2011 (an International conference)

    November 15, 2008 to October 30, 2009


    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria
    •    "Davao Harvest 2", co-editor with Tita Lacambra Ayala (Davao City: NCCA, 2008)


    Prof. Myfel Joseph D. Paluga
    •    "Cultural attitudes to animals in Southeast Asia", in "Asian Transformation in Action" (Bangkok: The Nippon Foundation, 2009), pp. 117-127.
    Prof. Myfel Joseph D. Paluga (with Ramon Guillermo)
    •    Barang king banga: A Visayan language reading of the Calatagan Pot Inscription (CPI). Recommended for publication by referees (Editor’s Notice received 3 Feb 2009). Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. Forthcoming.
    Prof. Raymundo R. Pavo
    •    Categories of Thinking: Regressive, Progressive and Digressive Thinking, PHAVISMINDA (Philosophical Association of Visayas and Mindanao), Vol. 8 (2009), pp. 89-103.
    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria
    •    “Enriching Knowledge by Publishing in the Regional Languages,” in Asiatic IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature, Vol. 3. No. 1, 2009, pp. 28-39,
    •    “Time in a Dextrose Bottle: My UP Manila,” in "UP Manila: 100 Years of Heritage, Culture & Arts", edited by Alfred Yuson. Manila: University of the Philippines, 2009, pp. 53 – 83.


    Prof. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz-Daliling
    •     "Landing" (fiction). Asiatic - IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature. Vol. 3, Number 1, June 2009. pages 176 - 181.
    •     Sapay Koma (creative nonfiction). Belonging. Stories of Relationships. Edited by Erlinda Panlilio. Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, Inc., 2008.
    Prof. Anne Marie Jennifer E. Eligio
    •    “Afterlife” (short story). Ani 54: Spirituality and Healing. Manila: CCP, December 2008.
    Prof. Timothy R. Montes
    •    “Under the Wave” (short story). Davao Harvest 2 Anthology, edited by Ricardo de Ungria and Tita Lacambra Ayala. Davao City: Davao Writers Guild & NCCA, 2008.


    Prof. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz-Daliling
    •    “What It Is For” (poetry). Philippines Graphic. Vol. 19, No. 48, May 4, 2009, page 45.
    •     “To Get To Our House” (poetry). Philippines Graphic. Vol. 19, No. 48, May 4, 2009, page 45.
    •     “Leavings” (poetry). Davao Harvest 2 Anthology, edited by Ricardo de Ungria and Tita Lacambra Ayala. Davao City: Davao Writers Guild & NCCA, 2008.
    •     “All Eyes” (poetry). Davao Harvest 2 Anthology, edited by Ricardo de Ungria and Tita Lacambra Ayala. Davao City: Davao Writers Guild & NCCA, 2008.
    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria
    •    “Four Poems” in Past and Present: A Philippine PEN Anthology, I. edited by Marjorie Evasco, Suzie Tan, and Lilian Ramos de Leon (Manila: UST Press, 2008)-Released 2009
    •    “The Krag-and-Bayonet Phase (A Love Song)”, in "Train of Thought: Poems from Tulaan Sa Tren" (Quezon City: NBDB, 2008)
    •    “Before the Stillness of Flowers,” “Balai Mintal,” and “Terminal Acoustic,” in Davao Harvest 2, ed. Ricardo M. de Ungria and Tita Lacambra Ayala (Davao City: NCCA)
    •    “Amp” (poem), in "Belonging: Stories of Relationships", ed. Erlinda E. Panlilio (Manila: Anvil Publishing, 2008)

    26 December 2007 – 03 April 2008

    Mr. John B. Bengan
    •    “Mother, Mother,” Very Short Stories for Harried Readers: An Anthology of Flash Fiction, Vol. 1, ed. Vicente Garcia Groyon (Quezon City: Milflores, Inc., December 2007)
    •    “Bad Heart” (short story), Philippines Free Press, Vol. 99, No. 11 (15 March 2008)
    Prof. Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz-Daliling
    •    “The BJ Queen of Baguio City,” Very Short Stories for Harried Readers: An Anthology of Flash Fiction, Vol. 1, ed. Vicente Garcia Groyon (Quezon City: Milflores, Inc., December 2007)
    •    Editor, Dagmay Literary Folio – Sun.Star Davao (January 2008)
    •    “Salut” (poem), Dagmay Literary Folio – Sun.Star Davao (10 February 2008)
    •    Editor, Dagmay Literary Folio – Sun.Star Davao (March 2008)
    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria
    •    Co-editor, Writ-Hop: New Writers Speak Up (Manila: NCCA, 2008)
    Ms. Jean Claire A. Dy
    •    “Chopsticks,” Very Short Stories for Harried Readers: An Anthology of Flash Fiction, Vol. 1, ed. Vicente Garcia Groyon (Quezon City: Milflores, Inc., December 2007)
    •    “Big Yellow” (short story), Philippines Free Press (11 January 2008)
    Prof. Genevieve T. Jorolan-Quintero
    •    Editor, Research and Publication Manual, 1st ed., San Pedro College, 23 January 2008
    Prof. Timothy R. Montes
    •    “The Return,” Very Short Stories for Harried Readers: An Anthology of Flash Fiction, Vol. 1, ed. Vicente Garcia Groyon (Quezon City: Milflores, Inc., December 2007)

    Accepted Abstracts for Paper Presentation in Conferences

    Ms. Arlene C. Largo
    •    Between Churches and Rituals: The persistence of organized religions and the continuity of traditions among the Bagobo of Sitio Kimaymana, 8th ASEAN Inter-University Conference on Social Development, Manila (this May 28-31)
    Prof. Reine Kathyrn D. Taya
    •    Can livelihoods develop into SMEs: The case of the coconut industry in Davao Oriental, Philippines, 8th ASEAN Inter-University Conference on Social Development, Manila (this May 28-31).
    Prof. Myfel Joseph D. Paluga, Prof. Valeriano A. Clamonte Jr.
    * Pagbabagong-pampamahayan dulot ng Migrasyon sa Mindanao, Ika-6 Pambansang BAKAS Seminar-Workshop, Tema: Kalikasan, Kapaligiran, at Kalinangan sa Pag-aaral sa Bagong Kasaysayan, St. Paul College, Makati, MM (this April 23-25, 2008)
    Prof. Myfel Joseph D. Paluga, Dr. Norberto R. Navarrete
    * Karaniwang-hayop ng banwa: Panimulang pag-aaral sa diversiti at papel ng hayop/Animalia sa literaturang makabayan/aktibista, under the theme: Fellow-beings’ in the society of nature:  studies on shared human-animal worlds in the Philippines, International Conference on Philippine Studies, July 23-26, 2008 Philippine Social Science Center, Quezon City
    Prof. Myfel Joseph D. Paluga
    * A study of UP Mindanao BA Social Sciences and BA Anthropology students and the patterns of their job placements, National Social Science Congress VI, Theme:  The Paradox of Philippine Education and Educational Reform: Social Science Perspectives, 7-9 May 2008

    04 April 2008 – 12 July 2008

    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria
    •    Co-editor, Writ-Hop: New Writers Speak Up (Manila: NCCA, 2008)
    Prof. Genevieve T. Jorolan-Quintero
    •    “A Cause to Pause” (Learning Object), Interactive Learning Center, UP Mindanao, July 2008
    Ms. Jean Claire A. Dy
    •    Editor in Chief, M. Life & Living in Mindanao Magazine (Launched 08 April 2008 - present)
    Research:   Arch. Ericson P. Europa
    •    Researcher, Philippine Pre-World II Period Architecture in the Mindanao Context: Focus on Architectural Venting Light Screens, Lawig-Diwa Inc., and NCCA, Davao City, June 2008
    Prof. Genevieve T. Jorolan-Quintero
    •    Proponent, Indigenous Games and the Stories They Tell, UP System Research grant, July 2008–July 2009
    Prof. Myfel Joseph D. Paluga (In Press, accepted for publication, May 2008)
    •    Socio-ecological tensions in Paradise: Ambiguities in human-macaque in a Mt. Apo “Natural Park” Village. To come out in Aghamtao (Journal of the Anthropological Association of the Philippines [UGAT]) volume 18.


    School of Management

    Written by Rene Estremera.

    Reviewed: 26 March 2012
    Journal Publication/Book/Chapter in a Book

    Rodel R. Real and Larry N. Digal, "Analysing Marketing Margins and their implication in improving performance of small scale producers in the Calamansi chain", Banwa, Vol 7, No 1/ 2010/69-91

    Below are papers published in the International Society of Horticultural Science (ISHS). Acta Horticulturae, May 2011:

    • Sylvia B. Concepcion, PJ Batt, MT Lopez, JT Axalan, LAT Hualda, MO Montiflor, “Exploring the institutional market for fresh vegetables in the Southern Philippines.”
    • Marilou O. Montiflor, AKR dela Cerna, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt and RB Murray-Prior, “Social Connections and Smallholder Vegetable Farmers’ Collaborative marketing Strategy: Case of Sitio Quirogpang, Brgy. Marilog, Davao City, Philippines”
    • Ruby Jane G. Lamban, AKR dela Cerna, LA Ramirez Jr., MO Montiflor, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RB Murray-Prior, “Factors affecting farmers’ adoption of natural farming technologies in New Albay, Maragusan, Compostela Valley, Philippines”
    • Jerick T. Axalan, FT Isreal, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RB Murray-Prior, “Socio-economic impact of cluster marketing: the case of Ned Landcare Bell Pepper Cluster”
    • Rodel R. Real, LAT Hualda, DI Apara, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RB Murray-Prior, “Microfinance as the Key Factor Affecting Farmers' Investment Decision-Making: Cluster Experiences in Impasugong, Bukidnon, Philippines”

    Oral Paper/Poster Presentation: INTERNATIONAL

    The 7th Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE) Conference on the theme, "Meeting the Challenges Facing Asian Agriculture and Agricultural Economics toward a Sustainable Future”, Hanoi, Vietnam,    13-15 October 2011

    • Adela G. Ellson, Presenter, “Analysis of 'One-Town One-Product' Model as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines”, AG Ellson, GDA Romo, JMP Sarmiento, FI Jara
    • Adela G. Ellson, “Contract farming and Leaseback Arrangement of Banana in Calinan District, Davao City: ARB’s Contract Choice, Impact and Gains”, by IMS Añabesa, AG Ellson
    • Roxanne T. Aguinaldo, Presenter, “ Value Chain issues and Opportunities in Selected Horticulture Crops in Southern Mindanao, Philippines” by RT Aguinaldo, LN Digal, GDA Romo, NL Laorden, JMP Sarmiento, CQ Balgos
    • Nikko L. Laorden, Presenter, "Net Margins Analysis of Selected Fruits & Vegetables in Southern Mindanao, Philippines” by NL Laorden, RT Aguinaldo, GDA Romo, JMP Sarmiento, CQ Balgos, LN Digal    7th Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE) Conference
    • Jon Marx P. Sarmiento, Presenter, “ Microfinancing in the Philippines: The case of rice farming in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, Philippines” by GFAE Manzano, AG Ellson, JMP Sarmiento, AT Traje
    • Jon Marx P. Sarmiento, “Vertical Price Integration of Selected Fruits and Vegetables in Southern Philippines” by JMP Sarmiento, GDA Romo, LN Digal, RT Aguinaldo, NL Laorden
    • Jon Marx P. Sarmiento, “Effect of Barangay Bagsakan to Farmers’ Profitability:  The Case of Small-scale Vegetable Farmers in Davao City. Philippines” by M Salvaña, GDA Romo

    Sylvia B. Concepcion, “Cluster and networks as enablers of  product and process innovation”, 12th International Conference on Global Business and Economic Development, Singapore, 21-23 July 2011

    Oral Paper/Poster Presentation: NATIONAL:

    The 48th Philippine Agricultural Economics & Development Association (PAEDA) Biennial Convention, on the theme, “The Challenges of Enhancing the Competitiveness of Philippine Agriculture”, Batac, Ilocos Norte, 20-21 October 2011

    • Marilou O. Montiflor, Presenter, “Benefits of technical and capacity building training in strengthening collaborative marketing groups: Case of Brgy. Marilog and Brgy. Calinan vegetable farmers” by MO Montiflor, RJG Lamban, SB Concepcion, RG Bacus, PJ Batt
    • Jerick T. Axalan, “Strategies and factors to strengthen smallholder farmers collaborative marketing: the Case of Vegetable Clusters in South Cotabato”, by JT Axalan, SB Concepcion, PJ Batt, RM Prior, MFR Rubzen, FT Israel
    • Ruby Jane G. Lamban, “Traditional versus Institutional Market: Case of Vegetable Clusters in Southern Philippines”, by RJG Lamban, MO Montiflor, RR Real, SB Concepcion, RG Bacus, DI Apara
    • Rodel R. Real, “Agricultural Loan Arrangements and Seed Support for Smallholder Farmers in Southern Philippines: Issues, Strategies and Lessons Learned”

    April  – July 2008


    • Dr. Sylvia B. Concepcion and Dr. Larry N. Digal, "Alternative Vegetable Supply Chains in the Philippines", 2007, FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) RAP Publication 2007/21, Rome.
    • Dr. Sylvia B. Concepcion, Dr. Larry N. Digal & Ms. Joan Uy, "The Case of NORMIN Veggies of Northern Mindanao, Phils.", 2007 FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) RAP Publication 2007/21, Rome.


    • Prof. Aurelia Luzviminda V. Gomez, "Socio-economic Pressures of Forest Management: Insights from the Philippines", July 14-18, 2008, Paper presentation during the 12th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons held in England, United Kingdom
    • Paper presentations at the International Conference on "Improving the performance of supply chains in the transitional economies: Responding to the challenge of linking smallholder producers to dynamic markets" held in Davao City, 09-10 July 2008.
    • Dr. Sylvia B. Concepcion, "Keys to inclusion of organic rice producers in the Philippines: The case of Upland Marketing Foundation, Inc."
    • Dr. Larry N. Digal, "Linking small scale rural producers to high value markets: The role of technical assistance and credit"
    • Ms. Glory Dee A. Romo, "The changing landscape of the Philippine food industry"
    • Ms. Marilou O. Montiflor, "Cluster farms in Mindanao: Do farmers get what they expect?"
    • Mr. Luis Antonio T. Hualda, "Farmers access to retail: The case of Bankerohan"


    • Prof. Aurelia Luzviminda V. Gomez, "The Priority concerns of Poor Upland Dwellers:Insights from the UP Mindanao Land Reservation", July 23-26, 2008, Paper presentation during the 8th International Conference on Philippine Studies held in Philippines Social Science Center, Quezon City

    College of Science and Mathematics

    Written by Rene Estremera.

    Reviewed: 26 March 2012


    Journal Publication/Book/ Chapter in a Book

    Prof. Ates-Camino, F.B., E.P. Leaño, and R.E. Relox. 2011. Herpetofaunal endemism  and Diversity in Tropical Forests of Mt. Hamiguitan in the Philippines. Herpetological Conservation and Biology. 6(1): 107-113. ISI-indexed 

    Oral Paper/Poster Presentation: International

    • Dr. Ruth U. Gamboa, The long and winding road in sea  ranching sandfish (Holothuria scabra); 4th International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching, 21-23 April 2011, Shanghai Ocean University, China
    • Dr. Ruth U. Gamboa with HELP-Davao. Oral presentation. UNESCO's Ecohydrology for managing sustainable water futures, 21-23 March 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Presentations at the 6th Asia-Pacific Biotech Congress and 40th Convention, 10-14 May 2011, Philippine International Convention Center, Manila
    • Labrador K, Dr. Dulce M. Flores, Dr. Annabelle U. Novero. "Characterization of endophytic bacteria associated with sago palm in tissue culture". Poster Presentation
    • Nemenzo P, Dr. Bayogan E, Vernaiz M, Dr. Rivero G. Poster Presentation: “Rhizobacteria from Metroxylon   sagu Rottb with Plant Growth-Promoting  Properties”
    • Prof. Ates-Camino, F.B. (Presentor), E.P. Leaño, and R.E. Relox. “Herpetofaunal Endemism and Diversity in Different Habitat Types of Mt. Hamiguitan, Philippines”. Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation – Asia Pacific Chapter Annual Meeting. 12-15 March 2011. Siam City Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand



    2009: The Year That Was

    Written by Rene Estremera.

    Highlights of 2009 UP Mindanao Annual Report

    The year 2009 was another milestone year for UP Mindanao. Following the UP Centennial celebrations in 2008, UP Mindanao started the new UP century with modest milestone events that promised more to come, like planting seeds with the promise of a harvest.


    In January the Commission on Higher Education disbursed the amount of P1 Million to UP Mindanao for student loans. This was disbursed by CHED XI Regional Director Leonida Calagui on January 12, 2009 to VCAA Emma Ruth V. Bayogan in the presence of VCAd Miguel D. Soledad, OSA Director Evelina E. Ayson, Cashier Teresita V. Lagsub, and CHED's Asst. RD Edward Aquino and Education Supervisor Christopher Pulido.

    Launching of the DOST-UP Mindanao Biotechnology Facility

    DOST Secretary Estrella Alabastro and UP President Emerlinda Roman inaugurated the DOST-UPMin Biotech Facility on March 13, 2009. The Facility is composed of laboratories for the UP Mindanao Biotechnology Research Program, “Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Indigenous Bioresources in Mindanao”, that aims to harness the abundant and wild-growing Sago Palm in Mindanao for food and other high-value products, such as lactic acid, ethanol and bio-degradable plastics.


    Laying of time-capsule at the Biotech Complex

    DOST Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro and CHED Chairman Emmanuel Y. Angeles together with officials from the UP System and the regional academic and public sectors attended the laying of the time-capsule at the site of the Biotech Complex Module 1 Phase 1 at the at the College of Science and Mathematics. The building is a single-storey building of 200 square meters with an Enzyme Laboratory and a Genetic Engineering Laboratory. The facility cost is P3.5 Million, sourced from the balance of the Centennial Fund.

    Forum on “the Next 100 Years”. UP Mindanao held a “Consultative Forum on the Roadmap of UP’s Next 100 Years” on April 17, 2009 with House of Representatives Speaker and 1st District (Davao City) Congressman Prospero Nograles as Keynote Speaker. Participants included Mindanao Business Council Chairman Vicente Lao and leaders from the City Council, media, industry, the clergy, national government agencies and alumni. The Forum provided input to the UP System-wide strategic planning held in Subic in April.

    Student population reaches 1,000-mark. The student population finally reached 1,005 students at the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2009-2010 for the first time after maintaining an average student population of 900 for the past number of years.

    Centennial Closing Ceremony and Flag-raising for the New Century

    UP Mindanao students, faculty, administrators and other UP alumni joined the whole UP System in the simultaneous flag-raising held on June 18 at 8:00 A.M. This was followed by a Centennial Closing Program with Presidential Assistant for Special Projects Margarita Dizon Marfori as Guest Speaker. An exhibit featuring events, products, services and accomplishments was set up at the Atrium of the Administration Building. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was also held to open the new CSM Covered Walk.


    House Bill 5946 and Senate Bill 3304

    On June 18, 2009 the Davao local newspapers announced that House of Representatives Speaker Prospero Nograles (1st District-Davao City) and Deputy Speaker Simeon Datumanong filed House Bill 5946. Soon after, Senate Majority Floor Leader Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri filed Senate Bill 3304 to extend financial support to UP Mindanao’s Medium-Term Development Plan for 2009 to 2012 that focuses on infrastructure development. In the proposed bills, the amount will be included in the current year's national budget, and succeeding Annual General Appropriations Act.

    These include:
    Fiscal Year 2009
    P50 million -School of Management Corporate Building
    P50 million -students' dormitory
    P50 million -Concreting and landscaping of the University Avenue
    P150 million -Mindanao Loop and Oblation Plaza
    P100 million -UP Mindanao Main Library
    Fiscal Year 2010
    P150 million -Biotech facility for indigenous food resources
    P150 million -College of Humanities and Social Sciences Building
    Fiscal Year 2011
    P55 million -Center for the Advancement of Research in Mindanao
    P50 million -Center for Continuing Education
    P250 million -UP Mindanao Eco-habitat
    Fiscal Year 2012
    P250 million -UP Mindanao Eco-habitat Phase 2


    Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri visits UP Mindanao.

    On December 5, 2009, Senator Zubiri paid a visit to the UP Mindanao campus in Mintal, Davao City and met with students and University officials. The Senator also spoke at the UP Alumni Association of Davao’s “Parangal Sa Alumnay” (above). During his visit the Senator pledged to adopt UP Mindanao as the UP campus in most need of support.

    Concreting of Kanluran Road. In October 2009 the Dept. of Budget and Management issued the Sub-Special Allocation Release Order amounting to P5 Million for the concreting of Kanluran Road leading to the College of Science and Mathematics. The UP System gave a counterpart fund amounting to P10 Million thereby realizing the implementation of the long-awaited road improvement project.

    UP Mindanao Infirmary. The Beta Sigma Fraternity alumni in February 2009 offered to construct the UP Mindanao Infirmary through the Federation of Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni of the North America Chapters and the Betans Spirit Foundation. A soft-launch was held in October and the Memorandum of Agreement was signed in December.

    The UP Mindanao Infirmary was opened on February 26, 2010 in the presence of UP President Emerlinda Roman and Beta Sigma alumni, among others.

    14th Anniversary Recognition Day

    High achieving and loyal staff and faculty members were honored by the UP Mindanao administration during its Recognition Day program on the occasion of its 14th Founding Anniversary celebration in February. Plaques of Recognition were given to those who contributed ten years of service to UP Mindanao. These included Dr. Annabelle U. Novero (Asst. Prof.), Prof. Joseph E. Acosta (Asst. Prof.), Merlyn P. Castañeros (Librarian), Sharon Jean A. Año (Student Records Evaluator), Florence F. Aquiatan (Student Records Evaluator), Edgar N. Denosta (Administrative Aide),  Mary Christie A. Estocado (Student Records Evaluator), Henry B. Fernandez (Administrative Aide), Gil B. Flauta (Administrative Aide), Analiza S. Fulvadora (Dormitory Manager), Teresita V. Lagsub (Administrative Officer), Ildefonso Y. Magpusao Jr. (Administrative Aide), Henry A. Sultan (Administrative Aide) and Marievette V. Villegas (Executive Assistant).

    Gawad Chanselor Awards were given to staff and faculty members for the following categories: “Pinakamahusay na Guro (Junior Faculty)” - Prof. Aurelia Luzviminda V. Gomez, Assistant Professor, School of Management; “Pinakamahusay na Guro (Senior Faculty)” - Dr. Larry N. Digal, Associate Professor, School of Management; “Pinakamahusay na REPS (Research, Extension and Professional Services)” - Mr. Luis Antonio T. Hualda, University Research Associate I, School of Management; Pinakamahusay na Empleyadong Administratibo (Junior Professional) - Mr. Sabas A. Ociones Jr., Administrative Aide I, Supply and Property Management Office; Pinakamahusay na Empleyadong Administratibo (Senior Professional) - Ms. Helsa L. Bullicer, Student Records Evaluator I, Office of the University Registrar; and Pinakamahusay na Empleyadong Administratibo (Supervisor) - Ms. Cynthia dR. Buquia, Registrar II, Office of the University Registrar.

    12th Commencement Exercises

    DOST Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro was Guest Speaker during the 12th Commencement Exercises held on April 22, 2009. Dubbed as “The Last of the Centennial Graduates”, Class of 2009 was composed of 172 students led by 13 students graduating cum laude. Secretary Alabastro, in her message to the graduates, urged them “to find their own path to fulfillment”. She assured them, “You can be whatever you want to be through determination, hard work, the ability to undergo continuous learning, and through the tools that this institution has armed you with”.






    The CHED Zonal Research Center-Region 11, presently assigned to UP Mindanao, conducted the 2009 Research Conference Series 1-4 under Office of Research Director and concurrent ZRC-11 Director, Prof. Larry N. Digal. The four-part Conference was organized along the themes of Social and Health Sciences, Education Management, Agribusiness and Development, and Biodiversity and Environment. It was organized in partnership with the Davao Colleges and Universities Network (DACUN), of which UP Mindanao is a founding member. The Conference participants came from leading higher education institutions in Davao City and Southern Mindanao.


    2009 Research Conference Series 1: Social and Health Sciences


    The 2009 Research Conference Series 1 was held on August 11, 2009 with Davao Doctors’ College, a DACUN member-school, as the Lead Institution. Speakers in the plenary session were PCHRD Region 11 Chair Dr. Warlito C. Vicente (left) and UP Mindanao’s Dr. Antonio G. Moran. Research presentations were made by Professors Myfel Joseph D. Paluga, Ma. Arve Bañez, Raymond R. Pavo, Valeriano A. Clamonte Jr., Reine Kathryn T. Rala, Jessie G. Varquez Jr., Skilty Labastilla, and Raffy Jones G. Sanchez of the UP Mindanao Department of Social Sciences.

    2009 Research Conference Series 2: Education Management


    The University of Mindanao (UM), a DACUN member-school, was the host and Lead Institution of Series 2 on August 28, 2009. Speakers were led by UM President Guillermo P. Torres Jr. and CHED-11 Asst. Regional Director Maricar Casquejo. UP Mindanao School of Management Professor Miguel D. Soledad (left, below) presented “The Case Method as a Tool for Training Public Administrators in Human Behavior in Organizations” in the Conference.


    2009 Research Conference Series 3: Agribusiness and Development


    UP Mindanao was Lead Institution and host of Series 3 on September 9, 2009. DA Director Francisco A. Ramos III (left) spoke on “The Role of Agribusiness in National and Mindanao Development” and Dr. Larry N. Digal (next page, right) gave a Professorial Chair Lecture on “Global Context Inclusive Agribusiness Models: Emerging Research Agenda”. Dr. Emma Ruth V. Bayogan (next page, left) gave a Professorial Chair Lecture on “Tropical Fruit Quality Retention and Shelf Life Improvement Using 1-Mehtykcyclopopene”. Papers were presented by Marilou O. Montiflor, Fritzie Ivy D. Jara, Floro Israel, Jerick Axalan and Lorena Loma.

    2009 Research Conference Series 4: Biodiversity and Environment

    The Lead Institutions for Series 4 were the Southern Philippines Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology (SPAMAST) and DOST-PCAMRD. It was hosted by the UP Mindanao School of Management on October 20, 2009. Professorial Chair Lectures were given by Dr. Gilda C. Rivero (below) on “Phytoextraction of Cadmium by Eichhornia crassipes Mart. Solms” and Dr. Reynaldo G. Abad (next page, right) on “Phytophthora: The Prevalence Goes On”.

    Book launch of “Changing Agrifood Markets in Southeast Asia: Impacts on Small-Scale Producers


    A book launch of “Changing Agrifood Markets in Southeast Asia: Impacts on Small-Scale Producers” was held on February 20, 2009. The book is based on the work of the Re-Governing Markets Programme, where UP Mindanao School of Management (SOM) serves as the Regional Coordinator for Southeast Asia. Dr. Larry Digal is one of the editors of the book, while Dean Sylvia Concepcion, Dr. Digal and Mr. Luis Antonio Hualda are authors of individual chapters.

    A Research Forum was held on February 19, 2009 as part of the 14th Anniversary. The Forum featured research presentations by:

    Dr. S.B. Concepcion, “Emerging Vegetable Value Chains: Opportunities for Small-Holder Farmers”
    Prof. A.L.V. Gomez, “The Human Context of the Eastern Mindanao Biodiversity Corridor”
    Dr. G.J. Quintero, “Indigenous Games and the Stories They Tell: A Collection from Three Lumad Communities in Davao”
    Dr. R.G. Abad, “The Intriguing World of the Sago Palm Weevils” (left photo)
    Dr. E.R.V. Bayogan, “Improving the Shelf-Life of Papaya, Durian and Mangosteen”
    Prof. M.J. Paluga, “Recent Anthropological Approaches in Reconstructing the Precolonial Banwa”
    Dr. E.T. Rasco served as Reactor.

    A “Nipa Symposium” was held in June 5 in cooperation with member-schools of the Davao Colleges and Universities Network (DACUN) and hosted by Brokenshire College. This was the presentation of a number of research proposals that were created in a workshop and field study. The numerous research proposals covered a broad range of areas from nipa and other indigenous resources, as well as product development and marketing.

    On-Line Forum on Philippine Marine Science

    UP Mindanao served as the Mindanao venue for the UP Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI) On-Line Forum on Philippine Marine Science on January 26, 2009. The Forum was attended by marine scientists from higher educational institutions in the region

    LINKAGE WITH FOREIGN UNIVERSITY - Adjunct Professors Dr. Peter Batt and Dr. Roy Murray-Prior from Curtin University of Technology (Aus.) held two public lectures on agri-business supply chains and collaborative marketing groups in January 15 and July 22 at the School of Management. In attendance during these events were BS Agribusiness Economics students and industry practitioners, among others.

    Dr. Virginia P. Obsioma talked on “Safety of Meat on Display” together with Dr. Peter Batt who talked on “Food Safety Issues in Southeast Asia” on September 25 at Lorenzo Hall. It was organized by the School of Management in cooperation with HORT 2007/066/04 research project and the Research, Extension and Professional Staff Association-UP Mindanao.


    UP Mindanao signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with project partners for the agricultural research project, “Analysis of Selected Value Chains in Southern Philippines”. The project is part of Component 4 (HORT 2007/066/04) of the mega-project, “Enhanced Profitability of Selected Vegetable Value Chains in the Southern Philippines and Australia” which is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

    Professor Niceto S. Poblador, former UP Mindanao School of Management Associate Dean, visited Davao City to hold his public lecture “Collaborative Entrepreneurship: A Strategy for Continuous Innovation” on July 26, 2009.

    UPMin faculty member Prof. Isidoro R. Malaque III, Mr. Luis Antonio T. Hualda and alumni Dominador H. Gualberto II passed the Environmental Planner Licensure Examination held in June 2009.


    DOST BALIK-SCIENTIST LECTURE - Prof. Ben de Lumen of University of California-Berkeley held a public lecture on “Bio-Entrepreneurship in Academia” on April 20, 2009 that was attended by faculty members from higher educational institutions in the region.

    New York-based film-makers Iben Triño-Molenkamp and Benjamin Ray Foley from the Organization for Visual Progression (OVP) conducted a video workshop for field anthropology from April 27 to May 10 for BS Anthropology students, NGO workers and students from other schools.

    TRIPLE PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS - Professor Dr. Eufemio T. Rasco Jr. was conferred a Distinguished Alumni Award for Science and Technology by the UP Alumni Association on June 20, 2009. He was also conferred the title of Academician by the National Academy of Science and Technology in 2009. Dr. Rasco was also appointed UP Scientist 1 under the 2009 UP Scientific Productivity Award (SPA) on August 11, 2009.

    Prof. Ricardo M. de Ungria was appointed UP Artist 1 for 2009-2011 by the UP Board of Regents on December 18, 2009 under the newly-implemented Artist Productivity Program. Prof. de Ungria is presently the only UP Artist from UP Mindanao.

    Dr. Dulce M. Flores was among the awardees for the biotechnology sector in the “Search for 2008 Outstanding Research and Development in Advanced Science and Technology”, for her research paper, “The Paradox of a Super Bug: Enterococcus faecium DMF 78” during ceremonies held on December 18, 2008.

    Dr. Eufemio T. Rasco Jr. and Mr. Richie Eve C. Ragas was awarded 1st Place for the scientific poster “Broad-leaved Weed Density and Diversity Under Contrasting Weed Management on Sloping Ground in a Banana Plantation in Mindanao” during the National Research Council of the Philippines-Mindanao meeting in February 2009 in Iligan City.

    FACULTY / STAFF SCHOLARSHIPS- Faculty members and staff were selected as Ford Foundation Fellows for their prospective fields of advanced study. They are:

    Instructor Marie Angelique A. Vernaiz (Dept. of Bio. Sci. and Envir. Stud.)- To take up M.S. in Microbiology
    Instructor Restituto T. Tocmo (Dept. of Food Science and Chem.) - To take up M.S. in Food Science
    Instructor May Ann E. Mata (Dept. of Math, Physics and Comp. Sci.) - To take up M.S. in Applied Math
    Researcher Richie Eve G. Ragas- to take up M.S. in Sustainable Agriculture
    Instructor Vladimer B. Kobayashi, Erasmus scholar - for MS Data Mining and Knowledge Management  


    IN MEMORIAM. Prof. Severo "Toto" T. Bastian Jr., Ph.D. (DBSES) died of infection in August 16, 2009. His demise was deeply mourned by friends and colleagues and the University.


    The Dept. of Social Sciences organized the Maguindanao Massacre Forum on December 3, 2009 at Lorenzo Hall. The keynote speaker was Ms. Zaynab Ampatuan, Chairperson of the Suara Bangsamoro organization. The speakers were DSS Chairman Prof. Paluga, BAA student Rosnifa Dimakuta of UPMin Associaiton of Muslim Students, lecturer Fr. Emmanual Nabayra, Prof. Raymundo Pavo, Prof. Antonio G. Moran, and Prof. Arve Banez.

    National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera visited UP Mindanao and conducted a talk on “Ang Sining ng Pambansang Alagad ng Sining” on October 1, 2009. It was held at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Audio-Visual Room. Present in the audience were Mrs. Cynthia Lumbera, Chancellor Rivero, Dean Dans-Lee, UP Diliman Professor Vim Nadera and LCB Performing Arts Center Director Lu Chin Bon.


    Professor Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz-Daliling held her book launch of “Women Loving”, a collection of short stories and a play, at National Book Store, SM City Davao on December 12, 2009 with Dr. Isagani R. Cruz as guest of honor.

    Professor Teody Boylie R. Perez held his 9th solo art exhibit titled, "Perez Presents: Windows to the Soul" at Museo Dabawenyo on Sept. 21-Oct. 23. 2009. His paintings portrayed ordinary people with a focus on the expressions of their eyes.

    Kwentong Sine. Stage director and UP Professor Behn Cervantes visited UP Mindanao on July 20, 2009 which coincided with the visit of Thai award-winning scriptwriter Prabda Yoon. Prof. Cervantes talked about the film-maker Lino Brocka and their time in UP. Mr. Yoon talked about his film, “Last Life in the Universe”.


    3rd Phil-BIST Book Fair. The Davao Colleges and Universities Network (DACUN), of which UP Mindanao is a founding member, held the 3rd Phil-BIST (Philippines–Book, Information Science and Technology) Conference and Fair from August 11-14, 2009. It was hosted this year by Brokenshire College. Keynote Speaker was National Book Development Board Chairman Dennis Gonzales. The Fair showcased book publishers with support from National Commission on Culture and the Arts, Cisco Systems Inc., CHED Region XI and Phil. Librarians Association Inc.

    A two-day-training on “Use of Open-Source Office Suite” for Local Government Units in Region XI was held on July 30-31, 2009 by the Office of Extension and Community Services and the Information Technology Office. Participants were from LGUs and Barangays in Davao City and outlying provinces.

    UP Mindanao and DOST Region XI hosted the book-launch of “Sensory Quality Measurement: Statistical Analysis of Human Responses” (M.M. Gatchalian, G.D. Brannan) on November 23, 2009. A Basic Sensory Evaluation Methods Seminar-workshop was also held at School of Management on November 24-26, 2009.

    UP Mindanao hosted a tree-planting activity in August 29, 2009, on the theme of, “UP Mindanao: The Green University Town” in partnership with the 11th Regional Community Defense Group (11th RCDG) under Col. Florante Isles. The participants were composed of ROTC students from Univ. of Southeastern Philippines, Univ. of the Immaculate Conception, Univ. of Mindanao and Holy Cross of Calinan, members of the UP Los Baños Alumni Association of Davao and students and staff from UP Mindanao.

    Kadayawan Floral Parade. UP Mindanao participated in the Kadayawan Floral Parade, Davao City’s famous festival for the first time in August 23, 2009 in the small category. Students worked to create a giant basket with real fruits and flowers installed in a “kariton” which they pulled through the parade route.


    UP-Mindanao’s ZRC -11 also participated in organizing the CHED National Conference on Research in Higher Education held in Davao City on November 12–13, 2009 with the theme “Empowering HEIs in Research for Global Competitiveness”.

    ZRC-11 conducted the Research Proposal Preparation Workshop on December 14-15, 2009 with Dr. Calixto Protacio of UP Los Baños as resource person. It was attended by researchers from the Davao Colleges and Universities Network (DACUN) member-schools and other higher educational institutions.

    A landmark and sign post marking the UP Mindanao Marilog-Arakan Land Reservation was installed in the Bukidnon-Davao Highway. The 4,100-hectare Land Reservation passes through both Marilog District, Davao City and Arakan, South Cotabato. UP Mindanao also has the Laak-Veruela Land Reservation with 2,800 hectares located in Laak, Compostela Valley and Veruela, Agusan del Sur.


    EU Whiz Grand Champions- Students from UP Mindanao emerged as National Grand Champions of the EU Whiz 2009 inter-collegiate quiz held on June 18, 2009 at SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. The team was composed of Marlon John Danlay, Aaron James Jalalon and Kelly Marie Conlon with Mr. John Bengan (Coach). Polytechnic University of the Phils. (Manila) and University of the Visayas (Cebu) won 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. The Grand Prize for the team included a European tour.

    BS Architecture graduate Glory Rose Dy won in the “Best in Research” category in the Red Point National Best Thesis Award for Architecture held in Ayala Museum on June 29, 2009 for her thesis entitled “Contextualizing Mindanao Indigenous Dance and Rituals in a Mindanao Performing Arts Complex”. Ms. Dy’s thesis adviser was Prof. Jean Marie V. Juanga, Coordinator of the BS Architecture program. The competition was sponsored by CIRDIA Inc.


    Glory Rose Dy and Roxanne Urbiztondo with her own thesis entitled “Establishing Sustainable Ecotourism Floating Village in the Landscape of Agusan Marsh Houses” were among the Top Ten of the Red Point Awards. The Top Ten entries were chosen by the PRC Board of Architecture.

    BS Agribusiness Economics students Jefferson Nuñeza and Zoe Manguilimotan were selected as participants to the American Chamber of Commerce’s 2009 Business Orientation Program for Aspiring Leaders held on April 18-25, 2009.

    Six BS Architecture graduates passed the Architecture Board Exams held in June 2009 maintaining the 100% passing mark of UPMin Architecture graduates in the Board Exams.

    BS Food Technology freshman Kriza Faye A. Calumba was Regional Champion in the 18th Philippine Statistics Quiz Regional Elimination held November 12, 2009. Renaire Odarve (1BSCS) won 2nd Place, Serah Rose dela Cruz (1BSAM) won 4th Place. Instructor Ms. Metche Anne Casinillo (Dept. of Math, Physics and Computer Science) was Coach.

    Five BS Computer Science students passed the Philippine IT Standards Examination for Fundamental Engineers held on April 26 and October 18, 2009.


    Aboitiz 4th Future Leaders Business Summit was attended by BA Communication Arts students Hazel Jade Gamas and Sonny Paul Cirunay.

    BA English (Creative Writing) student Javin Jet Tevar (seated, left) won 3rd Place in the 1st NCCA-Davao Writers Guild Fiction-Writing Contest in Bisaya in October 2009 for his short story “Mga Dalan sa Downtown”. There were a total of 21 entries from Davao and as far as Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon.


    BS Biology student Marian L. Salamanes attended the international conference, “Understanding the Impact of Global Climate Change on Biodiversity and Tropical Rainforests” held in Brunei, Darussalam in December 2009.

    BS Food Technology students won 2nd Place in the 1st Philippine Association of Food Technologists (PAFT) National Food Bowl Quiz held on June 27, 2009 in Taguig City. The UP Visayas and UP Diliman teams won 1st and 3rd Place, respectively.

    BS Food Technology graduates Melvin S. Pasaporte and Bryan Gerard L. Gonzales won 1st Place and 2nd Place, respectively, in the Best Undergraduate Research Paper Category during the 48th Annual Convention of the Philippine Association of Food Technologists on September 21-23 in Heritage Hotel, Pasay City. Mr. Pasaporte’s paper was “Lutein Content of Selected Local Fruits and Vegetables” while Mr. Gonzales’ paper was “Developing a Fermented Milk Beverage with Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activity”.

    BS Food Technology freshman Mary Pauline Fornea won five (5) gold medals in swimming events and was awarded “Top Athlete” in the Davao City Eliminations for the CHED Regional Meet in December 2009. She went on to win an additional seven (7) gold medals in the Regional Meet in January 2010.



    BS Computer Science team composed of students Chieckerzon Molina, Kevin Bernard San Gaspar, Keno Cabazares and Instructor Riannel Tecson (Coach) was the Champion in a field of 15 schools in the Annual Computer Programming Competition held February 21, 2009. In the I.T. Quiz, UP Mindanao team of BSCS students Ian Plaza, Philip Batingana Jr. with Instructor Glenn Guden (Coach) was 2nd second-place winner. The event was organized by the Council of Deans in I.T. Education – Region XI

    BA Communication Arts student Mishael Jacob Pueblas was awarded the Grand Prize in the Art Petron 2009 Painting and Photography Competition for his photo titled, “Nagmula Sa Kabukiran, Ngayo'y Nasa Bayan” in August. Another entry by Mr. Pueblas titled, “Ginoong Palengke”, was awarded a Consolation Prize. Mr. Pueblas' entries bested a field of around 800 entries judged by a panel of judges that included National Artist Ben Cab. Another photo by Mr. Pueblas was selected for display in the UNDP website.

    Ian Julius de Castro (4 BA Anthropology) won the Best Student Paper Award for “Elites on the Margins: A Study of Power in Two Low-Income Communities in Davao City” during the 31st Ugnayang Pang-aghamtao (UGAT) National Conference held October 22-24, 2009 in Cagayan de Oro City.


    BS Architecture students Dan Jezreel Orendain won 1st Runner-Up and Rexan Ranier Cabangal received a Consolation Prize in the Tamugan Powerhouse Inter-School Design Contest sponsored by Hedcor.

    Exegesis Jedidiah N. Ebarle (3BSAbE) was a delegate to the Japan-ASEAN Student Conference held November 13-19, 2009 at Tokyo and Sendai, Japan. It was organized and sponsored by the Japan-East Asia Network for Exchange Students and Youths (JENESYS).

    The opening of University Student Council House was held on June 22, 2009 with USC Chair Rosell Susan Serrano, Chancellor Rivero, students and staff.


    During the 14th Anniversary celebration of UP Mindanao, various events were held that brought together students, professionals and the community from the region and abroad.

    The UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble, the resident company, performed their annual dance concert, this year titled, "UGAT", on February 24, 2009 at the UP Mindanao Atrium.

    Beta Sigma Fraternity alumni from the Philippines and the United States held the Tito de Santos Medical and Dental Mission in UP Mindanao during UPMin’s 14th Anniversary on February 20, 2009. This resulted in the Fraternity’s decision to construct the UP Mindanao Infirmary later in the year.

    The Canadian Embassy selected UP Mindanao to host its annual Macluhan Lecture Forum that brought journalists of national stature to talk to communication arts students from leading higher education institutions in the region.

    Annual student-organized events such as the Rotaract’s inter-school oratorical contest, ‘Pagpamatbat”, and the Communicators Guild’s extemporaneous-speaking contest “Speak-UP!” were expanded in 2009 to include schools from satellite cities in the region.


    Parangal sa Alumnay. The UP Alumni Association of Davao (UPAAD) celebrated its 60th Anniversary on December 5, 2009 with Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri as Guest Speaker. Some 175 alumni from Davao City and throughout the Region attended. The UPAAD also held “U.P. Clean and Green: An Environmental Lecture-Forum on Solid Waste Management” (below, left) for local barangays on November 6, 2009.


    Prepared by:


    Rene A. Estremera



    Written by Administrator.

    Maria F. Mangahas




    In the frontier zone of Southeastern Mindanao, the general sociological observation that social reality stands “in immediate relation to the distribution of power” proves to be a much more complex and dynamic state of being. This paper outlines several recurrent conversations about a particular island location in Southern Philippines. The sizeable island of Samal in the Davao Gulf is at its closest point only 15 minutes away from Davao City. It became the “Island Garden City of Samal” in 1998, but before that surprisingly few people in Davao City were even aware that there was an island called “Samal” nearby. Traveling around the island and conducting fieldwork in 1996-1997 I encountered many kinds of people and several recurrent conversations about Samal as a place. These local discourses tell of interregional migration and movement, and reflect active local engagement with the processes of “Bisayanization” and integration within the national mainstream, globalization, capitalism, and modernization in the Davao region. The paper situates each of the different kinds of claims on the landscape within the existing ethnographic, demographic, and historical picture for the region, and ends up describing a setting that is actually many different kinds of reality at the same time. Six narratives of the landscape are discussed: Samal Island as valuable real estate; as mythic place of “giants” and “ancestral domain”; as out-of-the-way and risky, where a visitor should watch out for “poisoning”; as recently settled frontier; as a promised and prophesied land; and, finally, as a landscape also inhabited by unseen beings that are “not like us,” widely feared to be exacting taxes in human life as large scale government and multinational-led infrastructural development proceeded in 1997. The paper examines each of these in turn, as they describe and address larger issues of identity, land and power.

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