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100%-passing, 5th-placer, in Exam for Architects, 2018

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BS ARCHITECTURE program continued its 100%-passing streak for the nth year in the June Licensure Exam for Architects with an additional 15 new licensed architects. It also produced its eighth board top-notcher in Ar. Arielle Jan Baldonado who was number five, in fifth place, in the ranking.The new licensed architects, culled from the website of the Professional Regulation Commission, are Clarisse Norikka Angeles, Janine Eve Ardepuela, Arielle Jan Baldonado, Christine Joyce Biala, Dahlie Amor De Castro, Alyssa Louise Dumol, Patricia Ynez Durano, Sheba Marie Fantin, Sheena Marie Franco, Tresamar Jamen, Kenneth Layno, Jacobsen Matanguihan, Jotham Norman Molinos, Glenn Pilayre, and Jovianne Angela Valdez.

21st Commencement Exercises, 2018

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University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao held its 21st Commencement Exercises on 26 June 2018 at the Administration Building Atrium in UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. A total of 250 candidates were declared graduates by University President Danilo Concepcion and Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion. Class of 2018 was led by eight Magna Cum Laude followed by 59 Cum Laude.

A Conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, was held for Dr. Fortunato de la Peña, Secretary of the Dept. of Science and Technology. Following his Conferment, Secretary de la Peña was introduced as the Guest Speaker for the 21st Commencement.

Speaking in Filipino, Secretary de la Peña admitted to being deeply honored to be invited as Guest Speaker because it would be his first time to be a speaker in a graduation ceremony of a UP constituent university. He asked of the audience that he be allowed to deliver his message in the manner of "kwentuhan".

He narrated the beginnings of UP Mindanao wherein he served in a University Committee to study the proposed establishment of a UP in Mindanao, that was likewise pushed by UP President Emil Javier and Davao Congressman Elias Lopez. He also served in a Committee to propose the degree programs to be offered and was present in the opening of the first dormitory.

For the new graduates, he advised them to choose their preferred job and to know their measure of success early on. He admitted that he had no plans upon his own graduation but was recruited to teach in UP where he eventually completed 43 years of service in the College of Engineering. He advised the graduates to embrace challenges, be they difficult, because can only be two outcomes--success and recognition, or failure and lessons learned. He advised the importance of "work hard" over "work smart" in order to succeed. By way of example, he was invited to serve in government in 1982 and on three subsequent occasions, eventually serving under five Philippine Presidents.

As secretary of science and technology he disclosed the three directives from President Duterte to DOST: to reduce inequality; create new opportunities; expand potentials for growth. In  response, the DOST is expanding support for new entrepreneurs or existing enterprises in order to reduce inequality, to increase scholarships in order to create new opportunities, and stimulate new research or expand existing research such as in pharmaceuticals, space engineering, artificial intelligence, and agriculture.  (See the video here: [_1_], [_2_], [_3_])

The Commencement Exercises proceeded with the recognition of graduates, the oath-taking to the alumni associations, and the student speech on behalf of class 2018. The 21st Commencement was graced with the presence of Regent Francis Laurel, Regent Frederick Farolan, Regent Angelo Jimenez, Student Regent Ma. Shari Oliquino, Staff Regent Analiza Fulvadora, VP Elvira Zamora, VP Nestor Yunque, Mariquit de la Peña, and Atty. Gabriela Concepcion.    

Message of UP President Concepcion to the UP Mindanao Class of 2018

"My warmest congratulations to the graduating class of UP Mindanao!You have come a long way since you first enrolled in UP.During your stay with us you have grown intellectually, socially, emotionally, and mentally. We are proud to have been part of your development.

UP has endeavored to provide you the genuine space where you could freely express yourself without fear of discrimination, discuss ideas in a constructive manner and with respect, explore your interests, and really begin to carve your own path to becoming the person you want to be.As graduates of UP Mindanao, this desire for self-determination is woven into your intellectual heritage. It was the collective desire, after all, of Mindanao's own people for a UP in the region that is both sensitive to its people's needs and steeped in its culture that inspired this constituent university's founding in 1995. Like UP's other campuses, UP Mindanao is an institution that is attuned to global and timeless knowledge, while having it's feet rooted in the lives and experiences of the Mindanaoans.When the independence of our students is tempered by sensitivity to the needs of the marginalized, it produces a crop of scholars that are masters at reconciling national development with local values. In a society that puts a rightful premium on growth and innovation, UP Mindanao's graduates serve as both catalyst and conscience--combining the technical acumen to engender change with a heart to recognize and rectify its excesses.As the Philippines gears up towards development in an integrated ASEAN region, the nation will need UP Mindanao's graduates more than ever. While it is true that securing the foundations of a prosperous and global society is beneficial, it should not come at the expense of ways of seeing and thinking that are uniquely ours.

Moreover, we live in a world where access to technology and basic resources is thankfully increasing. The challenge, I believe, is in welcoming this prosperity while remaining true to the identities and systems that make our lives meaningful. UP Mindanao's graduates have a lot to teach the nation in this respect, and I know each and everyone of you will rise to the challenge when your time to lead finally comes.

Earning your degree--this is an achievement of a dream. But we all know that this dream of just part of an even bigger one. Graduating signals your journey's end as a UP student and ushers in the next chapter of your life.However you wish to continue on your path, I hope that you will remain guided by our values of honor, excellence, and public service. Be brave in meeting the challenges ahead of you and use the best of your abilities--your intellect and skills--with integrity, humility, conscientiousness, and compassion."

Danilo L. Concepcion
The 21st University President

Message of Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion to the UP Mindanao Class of 2018   

"Graduates, you have successfully completed a milestone in your life--your college degree from UP. This is no small feat and many will agree.   

As you graduate, we in UP Mindanao are confident that you are ready. We have endeavored to mold you into critical and productive thinkers, and inculcated in you the values that will allow you to be socially aware, vigilant, and advocates of just causes. No one knows what lies ahead but know and be comforted that we have equipped you with the right knowledge, skills, and character to succeed in your chosen path.

Now as Iskolar Ng Bayan, it is your turn to pay forward through service to the Filipino people. It is your turn to provide ways and ideas that will help solve the various problems of society. While talking about the issues of a good first step, an even better step is to use your education to provide solutions. Learn to work with others around you, since you do not have the monopoly of ideas. Be humble because there will always be someone who will be better than you at something. Understand that you can be a better human being if you decide that you can learn something from everyone. And that is the ultimate goal in life--to become a better human being, to be part of the positive force that helps solve problems and make the quality of life better for everyone, especially the underprivileged and the underserved.

In this 21st Commencement Exercises, we will send off our biggest batch of graduates, to date. We have, by far, dispersed 3,072 graduates to Mindanao and beyond. You will encounter them with increasing frequency in various places you will visit and most of them are strategically placed in areas where development is taking place. As you continue on your journey, you will become one of these UP alumni, and I ask that you remember your alma mater. By your own example or exemplary practice, help strengthen the belief among fellow Mindanawons that it is in quality education that the true path to a state of empowerment can be discerned.

To the graduating class of 2018, congratulations!"

Highlights in April, 2018

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Chancellor’s Report to the President's Advisory Council, 01 – 30 April 2018

Goal: Contribute to National Development

A MINDANAO COLLECTIVE TRADEMARK (MCT) will be developed by the Mindano Development Authority to serve as a common marketing tool for “certified-Mindanao” products. The Trademark will encourage Mindanao enterprises to voluntarily adopt certain third-party global standards of certification—i.e. GlobalGAP, FairTrade, Certified Organic, MSC, Rainforest Alliance--to improve the marketability of Mindanao products.  Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion signed a Memorandum of Agreement together with 28 other academic institutions to form the MCT Knowledge Center that will provide experts and extension services to guide enterprises in adopting practices in preparation for their certification. Dean Larry Digal and Chancellor Concepcion also signed a Memorandum of Agreement to join the five-party MCT Decision Body that will deliberate and approve the Collective Trademark Design, Slogan, Claim, and Corporate Design. The signing ceremonies were held on 6 April as part of the "Mindanao Today, Mindanao Tomorrow" forum in Davao City.              

IN MARILOG (DAVAO CITY) LAND RESERVATION a seminar on sustainable agriculture practices was given on 21 March by ACIAR project researcher Lemuel Legado to some 23 farmers. This was followed by land preparation on 13 April of an area of about 200 square meters for the establishment of a demo farm for sustainable agriculture. This will be planted with cucumber, squash, and lettuce, and will use organic inputs such as vermi-compost. IN LAAK-VERUELA LAND RESERVATION in Compostela Valley province, Prof. Emma Bayogan (Dept/Bio. Sci.  & Envir. Studies), Viena Monterde, Leizl Secretaria, Angelyn Lacap, Nipada Ranmeechai, and fellow researchers delivered extension services on 10 April in the form of lectures and demos for the post-harvest handling of crops, fruits, and vegetables. This is part of their research project with ACIAR (Australia).          

PASSERS OF THE JANUARY 2018 ARCHITECT LICENSURE EXAM attended the Oath-taking Ceremonies organized by the Professional Regulation Commission Davao Regional Office on 3 April 2018. Alumni who took their oaths were Anthony A. Dela Rosa (BSA 2015), Armel Cizarre P. Tan (BSA 2016), and Krisna Liz B. Tantano (BSA 2016).  The program has maintained its 100%-passing rate in the board exams since 2009 and has produced seven board top-notchers.                 

THE MASTER IN MANAGEMENT (MM) program for Academic Year 2018-2019 issued bulletins beginning 19 April announcing the opening of its application period to end on 30 May. Formerly on a trimester schedule, the MM will commence its semester schedule beginning AY 2018-19.      

PINILIAY CAMPUS ELECTIONS for the 2018-2019 student councils were held on 22 April. For the University Student Council, Anak UPMin student party had a complete slate of 13 candidates while Pulos student party had three. Pulos candidate Frederick Omalza (4BS Biology) won as chairperson together with his two councilors, with Anak-UPMin taking the rest of the seats led by Keith Justine Moreno as vice-chair. In the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Council, Anak-UPMin fielded a complete slate of seven candidates eventually winning six led by Allan Olar (BA Communication Arts) as chairperson. In the College of Science and Mathematics, similarly, Anak-UPMin had a complete slate of seven led by Brian Sabanal (BS Biology) elected as chairperson.       

“HAPÁK UG SÁLOM” a 3-day badminton clinic for youths was held from 30 April to 2 May 2018 in the Human Kinetics Building located in the Davao City-UP Sports Complex, UP Mindanao campus. Some 15 youths completed the clinic. UP MINDANAO TABLE TENNIS INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT was a one-day tournament on 29 April that saw 43 players, from children to senior citizens, in competition at the Human Kinetics Building. The two events were organized by students of the Department of Human Kinetics Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science.            

Goal: Promote access and diversity

THE NETHERLANDS FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME provided funding support to enable Asst. Prof. Exegesis Bangcaya (SOM) to attend training on “Market Access for Food Security” on 26 February-16 March 2018 at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation. She was among the 3 Filipino participants. Other participants were from Nepal, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, and Jordan.                            

THE UNIVERSITY OF MINDANAO 2018 REGIONAL RESEARCH CONGRESS was held on 14 March 2018 in Davao City on the theme "Engaging transformative research towards sustainable regional development". The Congress provided a channel for BS Biology senior Sammer Burgos to present her undergraduate paper, "Non-invasive Molecular Profiling in Bats using Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase I Gene" with Assoc. Prof. Lyre Anni Murao (DBSES) as co-author. She was awarded a Certificate of Recognition as Best Paper in the Biodiversity and Environment Category.       

THE ASEAN YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS’ (AYE) CHALLENGE 2018 was held on 1-7 April 2018 in National University of Malaysia (Universiti of Kebangsaan Malaysia) on the theme “Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship through Information Technology”. AYE 2018 had 15 teams from universities in ASEAN countries including UP Mindanao BS Agribusiness Economics students Genny Catog and Gloriline Deximo. Students were tested through competitive tasks, such as the Test-Moz quiz on ASEAN knowledge, the Agro-preneur Pitch on agricultural issues problem-solving, the Techno-preneur Pitch, the Marketing Pitch, the Negotiation Game, and the 4th Industrial Revolution Smart Home. The UP Mindanao team came in at 4th Place behind UP Visayas at 1st Place, followed by Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia, and Universiti Utara Malaysia.                           

THE 37TH MINDANAO PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE CHAMPIONSHIP was held on 6-9 April 2018 at the Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City. The UP Mindanao Debate Society delegation, composed of Frederick Omalza (BS Biology), Nissa Caderao (BS ABE), and Michael Bacus (BSB), were quarter-finalists, with Sarika Rey (BA English) as adjudicator. Earlier, on 3 April the Debate Society held “Litok: the Art of Discourse (A Public Debate Exhibition)” for UP Mindanao students.                    
PHI SIGMA BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE HONORS SOCIETY UP Chapter sent a notice to 23 students in April of their being qualified for membership to the Society. They were enjoined to signify their interest in membership by 23 April and of their willingness to attend the induction ceremonies to be held on 12 May. 

DEPT. OF HUMAN KINETICS sent Inst. Albert Ramos to serve as a resource person to “2018 USEP MAJOR e-sports-casting event” organized by the University of Southeastern Phils. student council. Using the popular online computer game Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) over a period of three weekends with seminars and games culminating on 14 April , the event sought to imbue the values of sportsmanship into computer gaming. These covered the use of language, behavior, apparel, and other values of sportsmanship.                                 

“1ST UP MINDANAO ALUMNI, FACULTY, & STAFF CLIMB” was organized by the UP Mindanao Mountaineering Society student org. on 28-29 April 2018. The destination was Mt. Arakan Crater in Compostela Valley province. The trek was accomplished and the destination reached by six climbers with four alumni from BS Architecture, BS Food Technology, and BA Communication Arts.                                          

Goal: Improve welfare of constituents

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF THE ALL UP WORKERS UNION was held in UP Mindanao in 4-6 April. All UP Constituent Universities were represented. Day 1 had seminars on “Responsible use of social media” given by Anna Razel Ramirez and “Ang Unyonista bilang Kawani ng  Unibersidad at Sambayanan” given by Jossel Ebesate. Day 2 and 3 had the National Council Meeting attended by the National Council representatives, the presidents and VPs of each chapter, and invited observers. National president Alex Mejia delivered his President’s Report. Staff Regent Analiza Fulvadora reported on concerns, namely, the Annual Physical Exams, the Individual Contracts of Service of Job Order Personnel, and the Filling-up of Personnel Items, as well as welfare and development concerns. Resolutions were issued at the culmination of the Meeting. Chancellor Concepcion thanked the union for choosing UP Mindanao as the venue. She mentioned that Mindanao has some of the poorest provinces and that a UP presence can increase the capability of government, the private sector, and the population in Mindanao to help overcome poverty. Towards this end, she reiterated her appeal for personnel items that are needed to create stability in UP Mindanao.                                    

THE UP MADAYAW MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE, the cooperative of UP Mindanao personnel, held its 20th General Assembly on 9 April 2018, presided by Chairperson Lynda Buenaobra. The agenda items were the minutes of the 2017 general assembly, the audited financial statements, trainings, the Cooperative Audit Performance Report, the proposed alternative dispute resolution, and the proposed Code of Ethics; all of which were presented and approved. Elections for two vacant seats in the Board of Directors resulted in the selection of Marilou Montiflor and Analiza Fulvadora as directors, as well as the selection of chairpersons for the committees on election and audit. The cooperative acquired 15 additional members from the ranks of new personnel.  USAPANG eHOPE AT GSIS was organized by the All UP Academic Employees Union in partnership with the administration on 16 April. UPMin chapter president Ruth Gamboa gave the rationale for the forum as being an opportunity to enhance the e-HOPE. UP Manila AUPAEU chapter president Dr. Gene Nisperos discussed their proposals such as: to expand e-HOPE; include job-order/contractual personnel; to implement “no-cash-out”; to use “relative value” for setting doctor’s fees; and to incentivize good health. Other concerns mentioned were on coverage for retired employees and family members, and preferred hospitals and doctors, among others. VC Antonio Obsioma reported that some 62 personnel received support from FAPHE and e-HoPE since 2010, including repeat beneficiaries, with P2.397 million in funds provided. In the open forum, HRDO chief Stella Salazar reported that talks with hospitals may realize the "no cash-out" policy in place by June 2018. GSIS officer Oscar Fortuna, for his part, addressed concerns on arrears, billings, the Portability Law between GSIS and SSS, and UMID cards. Chancellor Concepcion thanked the Union for organizing the forum in addition to those provided by administration offices. She reminded the attendees of the need to be informed of their rights and privileges and urged them to stay in government service and "serve the people".

Goal: Optimize use of resources

UP MINDANAO FOUNDATION announced the appointment of their new vice-president in UPLB alumnus Dr. Anacleto “Kitoy” Guevarra in its Monthly Meeting on 6 April 2018. He assumed the post vacated by Luciano “Sonny” Puyod who passed away on 1 March 2018. Present at the meeting were President Francisco “Bobby” Ramos Jr., Treasurer Romero Blancaver, Secretary Charmaine Valentin, Norman Clemente representing Trustee Alex Valoria, and UP Mindanao PRO Rene Estremera representing Chancellor Concepcion.                 

UPAA-DAVAO DIRECTOR Roberto Puentespina (DVM, UPLB) hosted BS Biology students under a/Prof. Cyrose Silvosa to a field exposure and study tour to Davao Thermo Biotech Corporation on 30 April 2018 in Toril, Davao City. The facility is a waste-composting facility that uses hyper-thermophillic bacteria to aid in hastening the composting process of biodegradable wastes. This trip is one of the activities of the GE class, BIO9: Biotechnology and Society.

Architecture is Biennale exhibitor, 2018

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The University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao Dept. of Architecture is one of four Philippine architecture schools who are participating in the "16th Venice Architecture Biennale 2018" in Venice, Italy. The exhibit opened in 26 May and will be on display until 25 November 2018. UP Mindanao is serving as an exhibitor in the Philippine Pavilion with the title "The City Who Had Two Navels" that is curated by Dr. Edson Cabalfin. The UP Mindanao exhibit is titled "Empowerment and Transformation between and across Filipino Ethno-linguistic Cultures through Architecture". The exhibit abstract states that, "A fully self-sufficient socio-cultural ecological village will offer a rich source of indigenous systems: ethno-medicine; organic farming; construction material systems; natural food processing; natural wind mill systems; and water-harvesting systems". See the walk-through video here.

100%-passing in LET, 2018

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SEVEN ALUMNI PASSED THE LET (Licensure Exam for Teachers) in March 2018, endowing the honor of a 100%-passing performance for UP Mindanao, according to the Professional Regulations Commission website. In addition, UP Mindanao is included in the list of "Best Performing Schools in the Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers". UPMin is in Rank #1 together 12 other schools who have a 100%-passing rate as of September 2017. This is published in the following website accessed on 24 May 2018.

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