BS Architecture



The BS Architecture program trains students to be professional architects with a high sense of social and cultural awareness that is the result of five years of study in construction and building technology, architectural history and critical theory, and urban and regional planning.

BS Architecture graduates now work as professional design architects, heritage planners/conservators, museum curators, architectural critics, architectural photographers, renderers, AutoCAD specialists, cartographers, building development scientists, corporate consultants, environmental planners, and real estate project managers.


■ Architectural Critic
■ Architectural Photographer
■ Architectural Renderer
■ AutoCAD Operator
■ Building Envelope Scientist
■ Campus Planner
■ Cartographer (Map-maker)
■ Corporate Consultant
■ Design Architect
■ Environmental Planner
■ Heritage Convervator / Architect
■ Heritage Planner
■ Museum Curator
■ Project Manager
■ Real Estate Project Manager




Architectural Drafting
Monochromatic Drawing
Architectural Design I - X
Color Rendering
Perspectives, Shades and Shadows
History of Architecture I and II
Presentation Techniques I and II
Materials of Building Technology
Building Utilities
Building Construction I - III
Mechanics of Architectural Structures I and II
Building Laws
Plumbing and Sanitary Services
Research Methods in Architecture
Elementary Surveying
Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Site Planning and Landscape Structure
Structure Design I - III
Comprehensive Services of the Architect
Socio-Cultural and Institutional Aspects of Housing
Finance, Taxation, Civics and Land Reform for Architects


AH 1, Dimensions of Identity: Understanding Ourselves Through Reading and Writing
AH 2, Exploring Ideas Through Academic Writing
AH 3, Effective Speech Communication
AH 4, Adventures in Fiction, Poetry & Drama
AH 5, Art and Society
AH 6, Visual Communication and Society
AH 7, Significant Themes in Literature and Films
SSP 1, Philippine History
SSP 2, Asia & The World
SSP 3, Foundations of Behavioral Science
SSP 4, Social, Economic & Political Thought
SSP 5, Philosophical Analysis
SSP 6, Wika at Pagka-Pilipino
SSP 7, The Hitchiker’s Guide to Mindanao
MST 1, Foundation of Natural Sciences I
MST 2, Foundation of Natural Sciences II
MST 3, Mathematics for General Education
MST 4, Science, Technology and Society
MST 5, Biotechnology and Society
MST 6, Biodiversity Challenge

For more information, contact
Assoc. Prof. (Architect) Isidoro R. Malaque III, PhD
Chairperson, Department of Architecture
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of the Philippines Mindanao
Tel. No.: (082) 293-0084 (Dean's Office, telefax)


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