CBA Golden Jubilarians visit UPMin in 2024

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IMG 0869

Alumni of the UP College of Business Administration's Golden Jubilee Class of '69 visited UP Mindanao on February 26, 2024. They are, in the photo above, from left to right:

  • Angelica "Toots" Francisco-Garcia

  • Alice Angeles-Katigbak

  • Sylvia Calingo-Olivar

  • Teresita Portugal-Roldan

  • Alexis Alcantara-Zulueta

  • Solomon Carpio

  • Myrna Yap-Urtula

  • Carmen Borra

  • Rebecca Reyes-Igot

  • Nieva Magpayo-De la Cruz

  • Sonia Beris-Fowler

  • Lily Gotauco-Cukingnan



IMG 0874

UPD alumnae dormers visit UPMin in 2024

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Alumnae who were dorm-mates in Ilang-Ilang and Sampaguita Residence Halls and presently living here and abroad visited UP Mindanao on February 28, 2024, some with their spouses. They expressed their greetings to the chancellor on video. In the photo above, they are (from left to right):

  • Rafiul Ahad, U. of South. Calif.

  • Frances Kasala-Ahad, CoE, BSME '72

  • Louella Torres-Espiritu, BS Pre-Med 

  • Edna Ravela, BS PoliSci, '71 

  • Sonia Sanchez-Morales, BS Pre-Med, '70 

  • Teresita Banzon-Cruz, BS Nutrition, Major in Dietetics 

  • Rey Cruz, National U., BS Arch '69

  • Larry Guillam 

  • Elsa Mateo-Guillam, BS Foreign Service'70 

  • Corazon de la Rosa-Las Marias, BSBA '70 

  • Caloy Las Marias, BS Pre-Med '69

  • Rosalinda de la Rosa-Bernal, BS Pharm '56 

  • Kay Palileo-de Leon, CFA '71

  • Mr. de Leon, CoE '72

  • Mary Jane Mateo Tesoro, BSBA MM '84

  • Jocelyn de la Rosa Bernal, Student# 1985



Updates from the TWG for the Creation of the UP Bangsamoro Development Institute

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2024 030424 TWG UPBDI 2
Chancellor Lyre Anni Murao and the participants of the Strategic Planning of the Technical Working Group for the Creation of the UP BDI 

The Technical Working Group (TWG) for the Creation of the UP-Bangsamoro Development Institute (UP-BDI) conducted a two-day strategic planning workshop on March 4-5, 2024, at the Acacia Hotel in Davao City.

Headed by Prof. Lyre Anni E. Murao, Chairperson of the UP-BDI TWG, this session aimed to foster collaboration between UP and the Bangsamoro, focusing on co-creating opportunities and taking collective action to enhance human capital, improve socio-economic conditions, and contribute to sustainable development in the Bangsamoro.

MOA for a High School Sports Track program

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IMG 9952
Chancellor Lyre Murao shakes hands with Calinan NHS Principal Edgar Allan Bantigue 
IMG 9945
Officials of Calinan NHS (left) and UPMin (right) sign an agreement to collaborate on a sports track program.

UP Mindanao Chancellor Lyre Anni Murao expressed confidence in the university's sports programs and its continuing contribution to Mindanao's sports development in remarks made upon signing a memorandum of agreement between UP Mindanao and Calinan National High School on October 20, 2023.

The agreement called for both parties to collaborate in the implementation of the high school's Sports Track program. The goal is to enhance students' interest, knowledge, and skills in sports through hands-on learning experiences, mentorship, and opportunities in sports.

UPMin will help in organizing the high school's sports program, provide mentors or experts to support the students' learning journey and facilitate opportunities for exposure.

UPMin has sports programs, such as the Associate in Arts in Sports Studies and the Bachelor in Sports Science, which high school graduates could aspire to join. Sports educators, on their part,  can avail of UPMin's Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science and the Master of Science in Human Movement Science.

Principal Edgar Allan Bantigue signed the agreement on behalf of Calinan National High School, witnessed by colleague Edgardo Bariquit.

Vice Chancellor Annabelle Novero, Department of Human Kinetics Chairperson Jezreel Abarca, and Asst. Prof. Erwin Protacio served as UPMin's witnesses to the agreement.

"UP is all hands on deck for the people of Mindanao" - UP president

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IMG 8281
UP President Angelo Jimenez
IMG 8324
Deputy Speaker Abdulkarim Misuari
IMG 8337
MSU President Basari Mapupuno

"UP is all hands on deck for the people of Mindanao!"

University of the Philippines President Angelo Jimenez made this declaration before Bangsamoro leaders at the UP-Bangsamoro Development Institute Summit Consultation on September 13, 2023, in Davao City. 

President Jimenez, the first UP president from Mindanao, offered to establish the UP-Bangsamoro Development Institute. Its goal is to help strengthen the human capital and improve the socio-economic conditions in the region.

“The youth are full of potential. UP shall contribute to making quality education accessible to the marginalized sectors,” he said. 

Jimenez cited Mindanao as key to the nation's progress, being the second-largest island with its wealth of natural resources, but noted the region’s distressing socio-economic statistics. 

“UP must serve the people here who deserve the fruits of development and peace,” he said. 

He cited lasting peace as among the most pressing issues in the region and acknowledged the previous national administrations’ interventions for peace and development. 

“We recognize the Bangsamoro people's historical struggles, aspirations, and rights. The university is committed to supporting initiatives that foster dialogue, reconciliation, and sustainability,” he said.

He brought up the passage of the Bangsamoro organic law, the establishment of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority, and the current Philippine Development Plan. 

“These offer a grand opportunity to work together to sustain Mindanao's recovery and economic growth,” he said.

He noted the rich cultural heritage of the Bangsamoro, as well.

 “We intend to work closely with local communities to preserve and promote its heritage through cultural exchange programs, exhibitions, and awareness campaigns,” he said.

In closing, he said, “I know we are many peoples, but we are truly one nation. But today, especially today, we are each and everyone, Bangsamoro!”

Vice-President for Academic Affairs Leo Cubillan proceeded to present the concept and six pillars of the proposed Institute. The pillars are education, health, capacity-building, environmental sustainability and resilience, partnerships, and rehabilitation. 

Bangsamoro Transition Authority Parliament Deputy Speaker Abdulkarim Misuari and Mindanao State University President Atty. Basari Mapupuno led their respective delegations at the Consultation. 

Deputy Speaker Misuari welcomed the UP initiative. 

“Our response is, ‘It's about time,’ and, ‘It's never too late,’” he said. “For a brighter future, education is the best part. With the Bangsamoro, we are ready to receive better education,” he said.

For his part, MSU President Mapupuno said, “I convey the collective excitement of the Mindanao State University as we embark on this transformative journey, hand in hand with the UP and the Bangsamoro government, towards the establishment of the UP-Bangsamoro Development Institute,” he said.

Aside from Deputy Speaker Misuari, the Bangsamoro delegation likewise gave comments. These were Member of Parliament (MP) Rasol Mitmug Jr., Health Minister Rizaldy Piang, Environment Minister Akmad Brahim, Transportation & Communications Minister Abu Amri Taddik, representatives of MP Aida Silongan and Interior and Local Government Minister Naguib Sinarimbo, Policy Research & Legal Services Director Nassef Adiong, Labor & Employment Consultant Dong Anayatin, Indigenous Peoples Affairs Director Judith Tinio, Human Settlements & Development Director Salem Demuna. 

The Mindanao State University delegation likewise gave comments. The chancellors of the eleven MSU campuses were present.

The UP delegation, led by President Jimenez, had National Scientists Emil Javier and Carmencita Padilla, Regent Gladys Tiongco, the vice presidents, and the heads of the eight UP constituent universities and one autonomous campus. EVP Alcantara and other officials also contributed inputs to the discussion.   


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