Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science

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All courses equivalent to 3 units

1st Year 1st Semester

SS 102: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
PEd 93: Philosophy of Sports and Physical Education
PEd/SS Elective: (SS 191 Principles of Coaching)  

1st Year 2nd Semester

SS 130: First Aid  
SS 103: Human Anatomy and Physiology 2  
PEd/SS Elective: (PEd 94 Administration and Supervision of Physical Education) 
PEd/SS Elective: (SS 104 Tests and Measurements in Human Movements)

2nd Year 1st Semester

SS 140: Exercise Physiology I  
SS 150: Acquisition of Motor Skills  
PEd/SS Elective: (PEd 190 Management of Sports and Recreation-related Services)

2nd Year 2nd Semester

PEd/SS Elective: PEd 196 CSS Internship  
PEd/SS Elective: PEd 92 Philippine Games 
PEd/SS elective: SS 161 Psychology in Sports   



Asst. Prof. Jezreel M. Abarca


Department of Human Kinetics


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