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Lectures: Knowledge x Change, 2017

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"The Inaugural Lectures: Knowledge x Change" was a public forum held on August 30, featuring research from UP Mindanao. In the opening, Academic Vice Chancellor Nilo Oponda said more efforts are needed to bring the benefits of research to the lives of Filipinos, while Research Director Emma Bayogan said extension service, such as this forum, is the way to achieve these goals. With these objectives in mind, the various lecturers gave talks to the audience in a conversational manner.

Social scientist Leah Miñoza, in her talk on contractualization, likened this to a love story that is not forever--due to the absence of an employer-employee relationship--which affects 20 million workers nationwide who suffer "heartbreaks".

Poet Darylle Rubino showed a sample of concrete poetry in his poem "Flom'lok" using spaces between words and verses to create a poem with a visual character--which in his poem depicted an image of Mt. Matutum.

Biologist Mae Responte related her affinity with spiders from her youth to her professional life that led to her discovery of a species of spider that now bears her name--"Calapnita mae".

Professors John Bengan, Myfel Paluga, and Andrea Ragragio showed on video the practice by marginalized peoples of extracting edible starch from palm trees.    

Economist Jedi Ebarle-Bangcaya described her infatuation with goats as the "poor man's cow" for providing the meat that is among the healthiest and milk that is the closest substitute to that of humans, but which industry needs more support from government.

Food technologist Marbie Alpos said food and vegetables make up half of total crop production nationwide and that farmers will benefit greatly from its extended shelf-keeping life thru the use of the fiber named chitosan.

Mathematician Kenneth Montajes discussed the fluctuating electrical power situation in Mindanao and proposed the use of the mathematical model "Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average" or ARIMA to achieve a more accurate forecast of electrical demand.

Architect Kristin Olalo, a third-placer in the 2016 board exam, offered throw-away materials for use in building evacuation centers.

Mathematician Kim Ligue, the last speaker, recalled the life-threatening flooding incident in Matina-Pangi, Davao City and how LiDAR mapping technology could be adopted to prevent similar recurrences in the future.

(See the photos here: Knowledge x Change)

20th Commencement Exercises, 2017

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THE 20th COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of the University of the Philippines Mindanao was held on June 23 in ceremonies led by UP Vice-President for Administration Nestor Yunque.

Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion gave the Welcome Remarks and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Nilo Oponda gave the Introduction to the Commencement Speaker.

Associate Justice Marvic Mario Victor Leonen of the Supreme Court of the Philippines gave the Commencement Address. He urged the graduates to give their loved ones the standing ovation that they deserved, and spoke of his experiences in Mindanao, of ecosystems and food security, of local culture and multiplicity of views, and heroism.

Deans Jean Juanga, Dominica Dacera, and Larry Digal presented their respective graduates to Chancellor Concepcion who, in turn, presented them to Vice-President Yunque, who pronounced "alinsunod sa ayon sa kapangyarihang ipinagkaloob sa akin..iginawawad ko sa inyo ang mga degree at titulo..kasama ang mga responsibilidad na kaakibat nito". At which point, the graduating students transferred their individual sablay sashes from the right shoulder to the left, indicating their moment of graduation, accompanied by applause and cheers.

The presentation and distribution of academic awards to individual graduates was led by VP Yunque, with Chancellor Concepcion, VC Oponda, and University Registrar Aurelia Gomez.

The speech on behalf of Class of 2017 was delivered by Reu Zandro Enguito, BS Biology magna cum laude and recipient of the Chancellor's Award and Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, who called on his batchmates "to continue polishing that brilliance.. and harden that perseverance".

Culminating the ceremony, VP Yunque administered the Pledge of Loyalty to the Alma Mater, while UP Alumni Association national director Louis Biraogo and UP Mindanao Alumni Association Chairperson Catherine Otero inducted the new graduates to their respective alumni chapters.

See the event page and photos here:


THE 20th COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of UP Mindanao will be held on June 23, 2017. A total of 171 graduates will be honored in the ceremony.

Class of 2017 is led by Reu Zandro Enguito, BS Biology magna cum laude, with Danica Mae Manubag and Viena Monterde, both BS Food Technology magna cum laude. They are followed by 38 graduates cum laude.

The academic programs and their graduates as follows: BA Communication Arts has 28 graduates; BS Biology has 25; BS Food Technology has 24; BS Applied Mathematics has 20; BS Agribusiness Economics has 20; BS Computer Science has 14; BS Architecture has 13; BA English (Creative Writing) has 6; BA Anthropology has 5; the Master in Management graduate program has 16.

Each of the graduates have individually completed either a research paper in the sciences or communication arts, an architectural design, a special problem in math or computer science, an anthropological field manuscript, or a strategic paper for enterprises, as a final requirement for their respective degrees.

Two new novels, "The House in Apokon" and "Stay Here", as well as short fiction, essays, and poetry were among the creative theses produced by the BA English (Creative Writing) class.

The Chancellor's Medals for Academic Excellence, for Leadership, and for Culture and the Arts will be awarded respectively to deserving graduates.

Visit the event page by clicking on this link.  

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