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The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is a service unit that complements the instructional program of the University.  It addresses itself to the major concerns namely: Development, Assistance and Control.

Development consists of specific services which help students develop a well-balanced personality.  By providing them with extra-curricular activities, the University helps in developing students’ abilities, skills and potentials which may not be directly responded to in the classroom.  Efforts toward this include making the opportunities available to students to participate in civic, political, athletic, social and cultural activities.

Assistance consists of specific services provided to help students adjust to the challenges of the university life. In order to insure that opportunities for adjustment are brought within their reach, services in the form of counseling, testing, health, student housing, psychosocial sessions, financial assistance and scholarship are made available.

Control is one major area of concern which is viewed positively as normative and formative, as well as, one which is concerned with efforts to create the right order of things.  It includes supervision on discipline in order to ensure that responsible behavior is instilled in the hearts and minds of students and the attitude of respect for the right of individuals is developed.  The overall effect should be an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The OSA is a channel of communication which communicates and interprets the needs of students to the university officials.  It is also expected to communicate and interpret the wishes of the University to students.

The OSA has a six (6) sections namely: Counseling and Testing Office, Financial Assistance and Scholarship, Student Organization and Activities, Student Housing, and Health Services.

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