Student Organization & Activities

The Student Organizations and Activities Section (SOAS) is in charge with the coordination of activities, projects, and programs of the different student organizations of the university.

 The section is also responsible for the planning, coordination, and implementation of the programs and activities of and for the students. The following are some of the major activities conducted regularly.

Orientation Program of Incoming Freshmen
The activity aims provide the incoming freshmen with information which would help them become familiar with the academic policies and various student support services that they need during their stay in the university.

Freshmen Opening Program
The University would like to make the freshmen students feel comfortable and important on the first day of their classes.  Hence, holding a program for them and introducing administrators, faculty and staff are few of the simple gestures of making the freshmen commune with the already existing U.P. in Mindanao Community.

Bonfire Program
Consequently, the university will have to provide this socialization activity which will enable the freshmen and transferees to establish rapport, friendship and gel with their peers and the upperclassmen.  This relationship is seen to forge future interaction and coordination among them throughout the school year.

Orientation and Recognition Rites of Student Organizations
Student organizations must apply for or renew their recognition every academic year. A recognition committee is formed, to assess the application/renewal documents submitted as well as evaluate the student activities conducted in the previous academic year.  

A program is held to orient the student leaders on the guidelines in conducting student activities and also to formalize the recognition of the student organizations by awarding certificates. Special awards and citations are also given as a merit for outstanding activities conducted on the previous academic year.

Leadership Training Program
This is a regular activity conducted for selected recognized student organization heads and/or representatives. The training aims to develop their individual leadership skills and provide venue to form group cooperation.

Student Council Elections
To encourage democratic representation and the right of students to organize for self-government, student councils will be maintained in the university. A student can run for a seat in the University Student Council and College Student Council.

Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT)
The Tribunal has jurisdiction over all cases involving non-adherence to the Rules and Regulations of Student Discipline.  Erring students are tried by the tribunal and penalties are imposed on them.  It keeps records of all student offenders.  Information about student offenses is sent to the respective College Secretary, to the Office of the University Registrar and to the parents of the students’.  The Tribunal aims to correct the misbehavior of the students and instill discipline in them.


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