Fitness, Health & Wellness, July 2018

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Fitness, Health & Wellness Committee
Pedro "Pete" Alviola IV, Chairperson

Wellness Activities for the month of July 2018
every 4:30pm, for everyone

M, W, F  : Badminton at Admin Bldg. Atrium
T, Th, F : Walking/Jogging from Admin to CSM & vice versa

100%-passing, 5th-placer, in Exam for Architects, 2018

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UP Mindanao Architecture program continued its 100%-passing streak for the nth year in the June Licensure Exam for Architects with an additional 15 new licensed architects. It also produced its eighth board top-notcher in Ar. Arielle Jan Baldonado who was number five, in fifth place, in the ranking.The new licensed architects, culled from the website of the Professional Regulation Commission, are Clarisse Norikka Angeles, Janine Eve Ardepuela, Arielle Jan Baldonado, Christine Joyce Biala, Dahlie Amor De Castro, Alyssa Louise Dumol, Patricia Ynez Durano, Sheba Marie Fantin, Sheena Marie Franco, Tresamar Jamen, Kenneth Layno, Jacobsen Matanguihan, Jotham Norman Molinos, Glenn Pilayre, and Jovianne Angela Valdez.

Highlights of June, 2018

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STAFF REGENT Analiza Fulvadora reported that the Board of Regents, in its 31 May 2018 meeting, approved four items related to UP Mindanao. The first was the dual PhD program between UP Mindanao and Curtin University, the PhD by Research degree program, was approved. Second was the PhD program between UPLB and University of Reading, wherein UP Mindanao could participate. Third was the hiring of Dr. Rubrico, as Balik-PhD to UP Mindanao. The fourth was the proposal to invest DOST Fortunato de la Pena with an honoris causa degree. The Staff Regent reported that she went to UP Visayas to see and hear the preparations being made for the administrative personnel conference to be held there in July.Finally, the Regent reported on her visit to the new faculty-staff housing constructed for UP Iloilo which she described as a multi-storey building with accomodations for 40-plus personnel, with some units designed for families, complete with air-conditioning and furnishings.

MONDE NISSIN CORP. executives Romeo Marañon and Michael Singson visited on 4 June 2018 to learn more of UP Mindanao's process in producing lactic acid. They were met by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, Technology Transfer and Business Development OIC Lynda Buenaobra, and University Researcher Melvin Pasaporte. The team visited the proposed lactic acid project laboratory and listened to a briefing by Dr. Pasaporte. A forum was held with faculty of the Dept. of Food Science and Chemistry, with Prof. Lemuel Calatrava of School of Management, wherein some products from their research were presented. Prof. Noreen Fundador discussed "Bioplastics from Renewable Resources" that are produced from plants, corn, starch, or sugar cane which, when processed, have applications in packaging, textiles, electronics, biomedical use such as in sutures, and mulch for agriculture. She mentioned starch-based films for packaging that are produced from durian and mango seeds mixed with biodegradable polymers that achieve up to 80% reduction in microbial bacteria. Prof. Virginia Obsioma presented their "Product Development Work" that are predicated on food quality, food safety, human health, and benefit to indigenous communities. The products use underutilized agricultural produce such as "ubod ng niyog", squash, banana stem and "puso ng saging", eggplant, "alukbati", "malunggay", and "gabi" to create burger patties, "longgoniza", meatloaf, noodles, cookies, and ice cream. The products infuse vitamin A and iron and other nutrients in the food. She also mentioned lactic acid bacteria work to create starter cultures. Food samples created by students were brought out and tasted by the visitors. Prof. Juma Novie Alviola discussed her research "Local Flours" such as flour made from sago and other underutilized flours made from mung beans, banana, rice, kamote/sweet potato that is Vitamin A-rich, and the studies on their physical and functional properties, such as their nutrition profile relating to protein, fiber, vitamin A, and anti-oxidant activity, and gluten-reduction properties. Finally, the two groups discussed the protocols for possible engagement by the Monde Nissin R&D and new product development teams and the UP Mindanao team. It was agreed that a sample collaborative research agreement would be brought up by the UP Business Development team for consideration by the parties.

"TEDx ROXAS St" featured Professors Jhoanna Lynn Cruz and Lyre Anni Espada-Murao among the speakers in this independelty-organized TED event held at the Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City on 5 June 2018. In her talk “Are Filipinos Low Commitment People?”, Associate Professor Cruz (D/Humanities), examined some Philippine languages and sayings that show Filipinos to be inclined to have low commitment and if Filipinos can possibly reverse this inclination. Associate Professor Murao (D/Biological Science and Environmental Studies), a virologist who leads research on threats to animal and public health, revealed information on backyard farm diseases and wildlife in her talk, "If Poop Could Talk". The talks of professors Cruz and Murao were delivered in the popular style of TED talks, in line with the mandate of UP to reach out as a research and public service university. "TEDx Roxas St" was organized by the team of events organizer Karla Singson.

DEBATE SOCIETY competed in the Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championships held at University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City on 8-13 June 2018. UPMin Team A placed 22nd and UPMin B placed 25th out of 40 teams. UPMin A is composed of Frederick Omalza (3 BS Biology), Renzo Polinar (4 BA Communication Arts), Andres Segovia (4 BA Communication Arts). UPMin B was Bryle Matthew Bacatan (4 BS Food Technology), Nissa Mariel Caderao (3 BS Agribusiness Economics), and Karl Tristan Butalid (4 BA Anthropology). Debate Adjudicators were Sarika Rey (3 BA English) and Wolfe Schievener Ote (4 BA Communication Arts).

LAUNCH OF THE MASTER IN MANAGEMENT (MM) Degree Program was held on 8 June 2018 at the Apo View Hotel, Davao City. Dean Larry Digal gave the Welcome Remarks to the professionals who attended and Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, in her message, talked of the new role of research being about "giving back to society a better way of doing things." Prof. Glory Dee Romo presented the Revised MM Program with its functional, integrative, and elective courses, and of the culminating strategic plan paper. Five graduates of the MM program shared their experiences. Davao City Councilor Maria Belen Acosta spoke of learning and applying appropriate management techniques to engage persons with different backgrounds, Prof. Thaddeus Acuña and Prof. Lemuel Calatrava related how appropriate data in a strategic plan can create a win-win situation for both the student and the business enterprise, Lecturer Rene Paraba showed how theory combined with experience can create a framework to target a problem, and School principal Jocy So-Yeung spoke about the importance of a process in order to arrive at innovative solutions. Prof. Exegesis Bangcaya told the professionals present to consider partnerships between their companies and the SOM, such as "on-the-job" programs.

DATA PRIVACY ACT Awareness Seminar was held on 18 June 2018 by Prof. Vicente Calag, the designated Data Privacy Officer of UP Mindanao, for faculty and staff. The seminar objectives were to raise awareness about Republic Act 10173 and to familiarize with the provisions, the review current practices in relation to this Act, the rights of data subjects, the threats to data privacy, and to identify the issues and concerns arising from this Act. The seminar participants raised questions that opened up areas of uncertainty and it was agreed to seek or await further guidance from the UP System.

CONFIRMATIONS FROM UPCAT QUALIFIERS who are residing in Davao City were accepted by the Office of the University Registrar beginning on 19 June 2018. Qualifiers who reside outside Davao City sent in their confirmations through e-mail.         

(to be continued)


21st Commencement Exercises, 2018

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University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao held its 21st Commencement Exercises on 26 June 2018 at the Administration Building Atrium in UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. A total of 250 candidates were declared graduates by University President Danilo Concepcion and Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion. Class of 2018 was led by eight Magna Cum Laude followed by 59 Cum Laude.

A Conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, was held for Dr. Fortunato de la Peña, Secretary of the Dept. of Science and Technology. Following his Conferment, Secretary de la Peña was introduced as the Guest Speaker for the 21st Commencement.

Speaking in Filipino, Secretary de la Peña admitted to being deeply honored to be invited as Guest Speaker because it would be his first time to be a speaker in a graduation ceremony of a UP constituent university. He asked of the audience that he be allowed to deliver his message in the manner of "kwentuhan".

He narrated the beginnings of UP Mindanao wherein he served in a University Committee to study the proposed establishment of a UP in Mindanao, that was likewise pushed by UP President Emil Javier and Davao Congressman Elias Lopez. He also served in a Committee to propose the degree programs to be offered and was present in the opening of the first dormitory.

For the new graduates, he advised them to choose their preferred job and to know their measure of success early on. He admitted that he had no plans upon his own graduation but was recruited to teach in UP where he eventually completed 43 years of service in the College of Engineering. He advised the graduates to embrace challenges, be they difficult, because can only be two outcomes--success and recognition, or failure and lessons learned. He advised the importance of "work hard" over "work smart" in order to succeed. By way of example, he was invited to serve in government in 1982 and on three subsequent occasions, eventually serving under five Philippine Presidents.

As secretary of science and technology he disclosed the three directives from President Duterte to DOST: to reduce inequality; create new opportunities; expand potentials for growth. In  response, the DOST is expanding support for new entrepreneurs or existing enterprises in order to reduce inequality, to increase scholarships in order to create new opportunities, and stimulate new research or expand existing research such as in pharmaceuticals, space engineering, artificial intelligence, and agriculture.  (See the video here: [_1_], [_2_], [_3_])

The Commencement Exercises proceeded with the recognition of graduates, the oath-taking to the alumni associations, and the student speech on behalf of class 2018. The 21st Commencement was graced with the presence of Regent Francis Laurel, Regent Frederick Farolan, Regent Angelo Jimenez, Student Regent Ma. Shari Oliquino, Staff Regent Analiza Fulvadora, VP Elvira Zamora, VP Nestor Yunque, Mariquit de la Peña, and Atty. Gabriela Concepcion.    

Message of UP President Concepcion to the UP Mindanao Class of 2018

"My warmest congratulations to the graduating class of UP Mindanao!You have come a long way since you first enrolled in UP.During your stay with us you have grown intellectually, socially, emotionally, and mentally. We are proud to have been part of your development.

UP has endeavored to provide you the genuine space where you could freely express yourself without fear of discrimination, discuss ideas in a constructive manner and with respect, explore your interests, and really begin to carve your own path to becoming the person you want to be.As graduates of UP Mindanao, this desire for self-determination is woven into your intellectual heritage. It was the collective desire, after all, of Mindanao's own people for a UP in the region that is both sensitive to its people's needs and steeped in its culture that inspired this constituent university's founding in 1995. Like UP's other campuses, UP Mindanao is an institution that is attuned to global and timeless knowledge, while having it's feet rooted in the lives and experiences of the Mindanaoans.When the independence of our students is tempered by sensitivity to the needs of the marginalized, it produces a crop of scholars that are masters at reconciling national development with local values. In a society that puts a rightful premium on growth and innovation, UP Mindanao's graduates serve as both catalyst and conscience--combining the technical acumen to engender change with a heart to recognize and rectify its excesses.As the Philippines gears up towards development in an integrated ASEAN region, the nation will need UP Mindanao's graduates more than ever. While it is true that securing the foundations of a prosperous and global society is beneficial, it should not come at the expense of ways of seeing and thinking that are uniquely ours.

Moreover, we live in a world where access to technology and basic resources is thankfully increasing. The challenge, I believe, is in welcoming this prosperity while remaining true to the identities and systems that make our lives meaningful. UP Mindanao's graduates have a lot to teach the nation in this respect, and I know each and everyone of you will rise to the challenge when your time to lead finally comes.

Earning your degree--this is an achievement of a dream. But we all know that this dream of just part of an even bigger one. Graduating signals your journey's end as a UP student and ushers in the next chapter of your life.However you wish to continue on your path, I hope that you will remain guided by our values of honor, excellence, and public service. Be brave in meeting the challenges ahead of you and use the best of your abilities--your intellect and skills--with integrity, humility, conscientiousness, and compassion."

Danilo L. Concepcion
The 21st University President

Message of Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion to the UP Mindanao Class of 2018   

"Graduates, you have successfully completed a milestone in your life--your college degree from UP. This is no small feat and many will agree.   

As you graduate, we in UP Mindanao are confident that you are ready. We have endeavored to mold you into critical and productive thinkers, and inculcated in you the values that will allow you to be socially aware, vigilant, and advocates of just causes. No one knows what lies ahead but know and be comforted that we have equipped you with the right knowledge, skills, and character to succeed in your chosen path.

Now as Iskolar Ng Bayan, it is your turn to pay forward through service to the Filipino people. It is your turn to provide ways and ideas that will help solve the various problems of society. While talking about the issues of a good first step, an even better step is to use your education to provide solutions. Learn to work with others around you, since you do not have the monopoly of ideas. Be humble because there will always be someone who will be better than you at something. Understand that you can be a better human being if you decide that you can learn something from everyone. And that is the ultimate goal in life--to become a better human being, to be part of the positive force that helps solve problems and make the quality of life better for everyone, especially the underprivileged and the underserved.

In this 21st Commencement Exercises, we will send off our biggest batch of graduates, to date. We have, by far, dispersed 3,072 graduates to Mindanao and beyond. You will encounter them with increasing frequency in various places you will visit and most of them are strategically placed in areas where development is taking place. As you continue on your journey, you will become one of these UP alumni, and I ask that you remember your alma mater. By your own example or exemplary practice, help strengthen the belief among fellow Mindanawons that it is in quality education that the true path to a state of empowerment can be discerned.

To the graduating class of 2018, congratulations!"

Highlights of May, 2018

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Goal: Contribute to national development

A GRAMMAR-WRITING WORKSHOP for Mother Tongue-Based Multi-Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) teachers was held in UP Mindanao on 1-7 May 2018. The activity was for Dept. of Education teachers/leaders of Kindergarten to Grade 3 and aims to localize and indigenize the language curriculum by developing culturally-appropriate lesson exemplars for the MTB-MLE subject for K-3. The workshop included a special training on the Bloom software for creating Big Books. The workshop was made in collaboration between the DepEd, the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL/LEAD) and the UP Mindanao Department of Social Sciences thru a/Prof. Janus Cabazares. The resource persons were Dr. Tom Payne (University of Oregon), Dr. Ricky Nolasco (UP Diliman), and Dr. Bruce and Xinia Skoropinski (SIL LEAD).

MONDE NISSIN Food Corporation expressed its interest in the UP Mindanao technology for producing lactic acid for use in creating bio-degradable plastic for food packaging. This was reported by Chancellor Concepcion following the 18 May 2018 meeting among Monde Nissin Manager Romeo Marañon, Chancellor Concepcion, Dr. Luis Sison and the UP Mindanao and UP System TTBDO teams in Makati City. Monde Nissin expressed willingness to fund a laboratory to further develop the technology for bioplastic production using UP Mindanao’s proprietary process. tbhe Chancellor contextualized this development as a result of the research originated by the late Prof. Dulce Flores who formulated the direct process of creating lactic acid from starch, which now has a patent pending number assigned to UP Mindanao. 

MR. KELSEY NGO, a food industry consultant, visited on 28 May 2018 to explore food product offerings available at the Dept. of Food Science and Chemistry. He was presented with products such as noodles, meat substitutes, and desserts that use underutilized natural bio-resources. The visit was facilitated by Dept. of Trade and Industry-Board of Investments Governor Nap Concepcion.

"CITY, UPMIN TO PARTNER ON RABIES RESEARCH" was a news story published in Sun Star Davao newspaper issue of 26 May 2018. It reported that the city council approved on first reading a memorandum of understanding to be entered into by the Davao City LGU and UP Mindanao for cooperation in research in the area of animal rabies. Prof. Lyre Murao (Biological Science) and Prof. May Anne Mata (Math.) are the proponents of the research project in cooperation with the City Health Office. The undertaking, once approved, will include data sharing, trainings and workshops, and statistical, mathematical, geospatial, biological, and epidemiological analysis.                  

THE "16TH VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE 2018" is the destination of the UP Mindanao Dept. of Architecture as one of four Philippine architecture schools to exhibit at the Philippine Pavilion with the theme "The City Who Had Two Navels" curated by Dr. Edson Cabalfin. The UP Mindanao exhibit is titled "Empowerment and Transformation between and across Filipino Ethno-linguistic Cultures through Architecture". The exhibit is described as, "A fully self-sufficient socio-cultural ecological village [that] will offer a rich source of indigenous systems: ethno-medicine; organic farming; construction material systems; natural food processing; natural wind mill systems; and water-harvesting systems". The exhibit is on display from 26 May to 25 November 2018.

"THE BEST FILIPINO BOOKS OF 2017" was published on the website “” in January and accessed in May 2018. Some 26 books were cited by seven literary experts. The list of writer Glenn Diaz included “3 Baybayin Studies”. This book on the baybayin writing system, published by UP Press, has Prof. Myfel Joseph Paluga (D/Social Sciences) as co-author together with Ramon Guillermo, Maricor Soriano, and Vernon Totanes. The study of baybayin writing using computer software was the subject of an anniversary lecture by Prof. Paluga in 2016.

SEVEN ALUMNI PASSED the Licensure Exam for Teachers in May 2018, delivering the honor of a 100%-passing performance for UP Mindanao, according to the Professional Regulations Commission website. Although UP Mindanao does not offer a program in education, it is included in the list of "Best Performing Schools in Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers" published in the website "www.pinoymoneytalk", accessed on 24 May 2018. UPMin is in Rank #1 with 23 passers, together 12 other schools who have a 100%-passing rate as of September 2017.

CAREER PLACEMENT ORIENTATION and Pre-Employment Seminar was organized for graduating students on 16 May. Mr. Ricardo de Jesus of Phils. Inc. spoke on job and recruitment trends and on posting on the Jobstreet website. Angelica Amorado of Public Employment Office gave a pre-employment seminar for local applications and Jovita Fontilla of Dept. of Labor and Employment spoke on workers’ rights and responsibilities. The Job Registration and Referral Fair was held on 17 May with companies posting their job openings for graduating students. The two-day activity was organized by OSA.

“BAYLANAN" DANCE-CONCERT was performed by the UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble in celebration of their 19th anniversary as a resident company on May 10, 2018. The storyline told through dance portrayed the death and re-birth of an individual and the baylans. According to Coach Ira Sisa Apara (BA Communication Arts 2016), "Baylanan is a collection of movement inspired by the life and the culture of the baylan or babaylan. They were women and men who were the community's healers, priests and priestesses; but, they were also considered as leaders and warriors who defend and protect their people, their land, and culture."  The Ensemble dancers were Zoe Sabanal (4BA Communication Arts), Aleimar Villabrille (3BS Computer Science), Patricia Capangpangan (4BA Anthropology), Jeremiah Onor (4BACA), Lornille Taypin (4BS Biology), Eliza Sayon (4BA English), and Gil Zealor (3BSCS).

ALUMNA Kendall Abrio (BA Communication Arts) disclosed her candidacy for Barangay Mintal (Davao City) Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman, in conjunction with the Barangay Elections, with campaign posters unveiled on 4 May 2018. She was unopposed and was elected to office.  Ms. Abrio belongs to Class of 2017. 

PHI SIGMA Honor Society welcomed a number of UP Mindanao students among its new members at its Annual Initiation of New Members held on 12 May 2018 in UP Diliman.

SOM AND SOCIETY OF AGRIBUSINESS ECONOMISTS organized career-related forums on 2 May 2018. Prof. Sylvia Concepcion gave the Welcome Remarks wherein she advised that financial literacy discussions be opened to students of all programs. “Broke Free”, on the theme "Building a financially literate world, building you", featured the talks "Understanding financial statements" by Prof. Acuña of SOM, "Investment Strategies" by Mr. Nino Segovia of Sun Life Canada (Phils.), and "Crypto-currency" by Mr. William Braza.  The "Industry Orientation Seminar 2018” (IndOrS 2018), on the theme "Life vest for a bigger ocean" featured talks by Mr. Kenneth Mangaya-ay of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Sherelyn Evangelio of Dept. of Math., Ar. Alexis Ibanez of Dept. of Architecture, and Ms. Edelyn Kudemus of Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas on career options in their respective sectors.     

BS ARCHITECTURE students participated in the PhilBex Davao-Philippine Building and Construction Exposition held on 10-13 May 2018 in Davao City.They joined Projeto: Furniture Design Competition 2018 and was tasked to design a multifunctional sofa bed. The design team of “Habi” composed of Joanne Espejo, Michelle Mascariñas, Aprille Golimlim, and Lawrence Valencia emerged as the Grand Winners. “Pungko” designed by Cresart Mata, Sophia Muñez, and Nikka Solidarios won as the 2nd runner-up. In the Architecture Quiz Bee, Neil Hela won 3rd place and Kristoffer Abella was the Grand Champion. The students also attended the Mini Convention of industry associations.

"ROADKILL: Sino ang tunay na nasasagasaan?", a photo exhibit, was on display on the week of 16 May 2018 at the Administration Building Atrium. The exhibit featured female workers engaged in small business and employment and their observations on how the new TRAIN tax law affects their lives. This was a class project for ANTH 187 (Sex and Culture) class. 

MATAG GABII publication was given a book-launching ceremony on 16 May 2018 by Daiya Productions student group. The book collected stories of people who work by night in Davao City. The book is a project of a BA Communication Arts class.

"LAYAS TIPDAS: resBAKUNA pangluwas!" a health campaign was held at Barangay Mini Forest, Davao City on 16 May 2018 by BA Communication Arts students. More than 60 residents attended the event. Dr. Julinda Acosta of Davao City Health Office gave a lecture on measles and vaccination, and barangay health representatives spoke on the importance of immunization. Iinteractive games and activities were also facilitated by the students.

“DEHYDRATION BANTAYAN, Peligro sa Dengue Malikayan”, another health campaign, was held at Barangay Talomo Proper, Davao City on 18 May 2018. Dr. Richard Mata, author of "A New Hope Against Dengue Fever", was the keynote speaker. The campaign was organized by BA Communication Arts students in collaboration with the City Health Office and medical professionals.

SINEWS FOR SYLLABLES, the performance showcase of the Creative Writing program, presented "Revel in the Ruins" on 17 May 2018--featuring 14 creative theses of BA English majors interpreted through dance, drama, cinema, and music. The new works are: "The Clan", a novel by Peter Magalit; the short story collections "Leaving the Shore" by Clarisse Paronda, "Familiar Corners" by Andrey Caridad, "The People of Purok Sto. Nino" by Cara Fajardo, "The Spree" by Charmaine Dimalanta; the essay collections "Names I Go By" by Diana Agcambot, "A Home that Never Was" by Eliza Sayon, "The Other Twin" by Rhinna Poster, "A Canvas of Faith" by Joanna Cagape, "Subversions" by Rizia Perez, and "In Spite This City" by Janne Ruiz; "Toto the Peculiar Boy" children's poetry by Erlyn Piolo; "Ground Zero" by John Doquila and "At Seventeen" by Mivida Garcia      

THE UP MINDANAO LAAK LAND RESERVATION was the site of a seminar on common pests and diseases of agricultural produce organized by the Land Reservation Management Office on 3 May 2018 with Dr. Araceli Yebes as resource person. Farmers of the Dibabawon indigenous persons of Special Bgy. Talle were the beneficiaries of the seminar co-organized by the
Land Reservation Management Office with the Bureau of Plant Industry-Davao.

SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE PRODUCTION seminar was given for Obu Manuvu indigenous people farmers of UP Marilog Land Reservation by the Land Reservation Management Office on 17 May 2018 with Mr. Lemuel Legado as resource person. The UP Mindanao Vegetable Production Demo Farm nearby was the site for the practical application of the seminar lessons by the participants.

Goal: Promote access and diversity

ALLIANZ NATIONAL YOUTH FUTSAL Competition was co-organized and hosted by UP Mindanao Dept. of Human Kinetics on 26-27 May 2018 in the Human Kinetics Building at the Davao City-UP Sports Complex. The games served as selection for the national team age category with selected players to be sent to Germany to train. The ceremonial kick-off was graced by football prime movers Prof. Erwin Protacio (UPMin Human Kinetics), former congressman Isidro Ungab, alumnus Rafael "Pops" Vilela, and Eunice Carillo of Allianz Corporation

Goal: Improve welfare of constituents

"SEMINAR ON TRAIN LAW and the latest BIR Implementing Regulations" was organized by All UP Workers Union on 4 May 2018, in cooperation with administration offices and Bureau of Internal Revenue officers Abolhasan Balindong and Roy Richie Panes as resource persons. Contractual personnel and regular employees were among the members of the audience who closely studied their options for tax payments. AUPWU officials Joel Sagadal and Lynda Buenaobra facilitated the proceedings.

SPORTS AND WELLNESS NUTRITION" lecture and forum was held for faculty, staff, and students on 17 May 2018. Prof. Luchie S. Callanta, a Lecturer of the UP College of Home Economics Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition and a member of the Phil. Society of Nutritionists and Dieticians, served as resource person. The forum was organized by the Dept. of Human Kinetics.

Goal: Optimize use of resources

DAVAO CITY-UP TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP for the Davao City-UP Sports Complex met on 3 May to work on the Davao City commitment to host the Davao Region Athletic Association Meet in January 2019 and the Palarong Pambansa in April 2019. The facilities targeted for operational use are the Aquatics Center for swim events, the football field and track oval with stadium, the multi-purpose gym, and the access roads and utilities. The TWG is composed of UP Mindanao and the Davao City LGU and is chaired by City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio who is represented by Asst. City Administrator Atty. Lawrence Bantiding. The members are the City Planning and Development Office, City Sports Coordinator, City Social Services, and the City Engineer; and the UP Mindanao offices of the VC for Administration, Campus Planning, Legal, Physical Plant, Land Reservation, Community Services, and Dept. of Human Kinetics. The meeting was hosted by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion. The Philippine Sports Commission , Dept. of Public Works and Highways, Davao Light and Power Co., Phil. Long Distance Telephone Co., and MINSAS security agency were represented.

DEPARTING BGY. BAGO OSHIRO PUNONG BARANGAY Christopher Lapayag, and Kagawads Maria Luisa Lapayag, Marife Bonghanoy, Gerardo Canque, and Ralph Pantollano were awarded Certificates of Appreciation by UP Mindanao Chancellor Concepcion for their support in various activities and implementation of government infrastructure projects in the campus during their incumbency as barangay officials. The Certificates were transmitted on 25 May 2018 by Campus Planning & Development Office chief Cherrylyn Cabrera and staff Etheldreda Lanaban and Rose Lugo.

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