IT Rights Orientation, 2017

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An Information Technology Rights and Responsibilities Orientation was held on 9 March 2017 in Lorenzo Hall.  Major university offices such as the Office of the Chancellor, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Office of Research, and the Cash Office, plus the University Student Council and the CHSS Student Council were represented.  The speakers were Asst. Prof. Miguel Guillermo and Lecturer Kim Gargar from the Dept. of Math., Physics, and Computer Science, and Krishna Balaga from the Information Technology Office. The salient points of the talk were:

1) It is recommended that constituents do not install pirated software, as they may damage computers and make these vulnerable to attacks.
2) Using free and open-source software will not only avoid possible legal issues, but will reduce overall dependency on large software companies.
3) With regard to the letter of Adobe Corp. to scan University computers, Adobe, being a private entity, cannot compel other private individuals or institutions to give them information or allow them access to networks and private users.  As of the moment, the IT Office will not allow a "sniffing tool" to be deployed over the University network to gain access to users of the network.
4) The IT Office is open to any inquiries regarding this, or other IT matters.

The All UP Academic Employees Union president, Asst. Prof. Andrea Malaya Ragragio, expressed thanks to the speakers and participants who attended. 

View the photos here:

Art works of Davao life, 2017

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Original paintings and prints from visual artist Teody Boylie "Bong" Perez are on public display in selected restaurants in Davao City throughout the month of March. According to the exhibit organizer Lynda Buenaobra, "Davao City life and icons are reflected in these depictions of landscapes, culture, and its residents. This is in line with our objectives to uphold appreciation for local life, patronage for local art, and contribute to the month-long celebration of the 80th Araw ng Dabaw. We wish to show the public this body of work that has earned this artist a Datu Bago Award, the highest award bestowed by Davao City for its citizens."

The certified prints and original paintings may be viewed or purchased in Balik Bukid restaurant in Quimpo Boulevard and Saging Repablik restaurant in Tionko Avenue. The exhibit is organized by the UP Mindanao Technology Transfer and Business Development Office on behalf of the artist, who is a faculty member of the UP Mindanao College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

See the photos here:

SOM Talks, 2017

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SOM Talks! An Interdisciplinary Lecture Series was held by School of Management on 9 February 2017 in Lorenzo Hall. Dean Larry Digal gave the Welcome Remarks. Asst. Prof. Aurelia Luzviminda Gomez gave Lecture 1 on "Total Economic Value of Mt. Apo Natural Park". Assoc. Prof. Pedro Alviola IV delivered Lecture 2, "the Effect of Soil Erosion on Rice Productivity and Its Impact on Household Welfare Levels". Mr. Lemuel Legado gave Lecture 3 on "Developing Safe Vegetable Protocol-the Upper New Sabang Experience". Asst. Prof. Thaddeus Acuna delivered Lecture 4, "Understanding Financial Statements".  View the photos here:

12th Supply Chain Forum, 2017

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The 12th Supply Chain Management Forum from the School of Management was held on 9 February 2017. Asst. Prof. Luis Antonio Hualda spoke on "Prerequisites for integrating value chains and community development for smallholder producers in the southern Philippines". University Research Associate Roxanne Aguinaldo talked on "The Restructuring of Vegetable Value Chains and its Implications to smallholder Farmers in southern Philippines". Research Assistant Shemiah Gail Placencia delivered the "Market Assessment on Incentives and Disincentives for the Adoption of Sustainable Practices along the Tuna Value Chain in Region 12, Philippines". Asst. Prof. Nikko Laorden spoke on "Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA)" and Asst. Prof. Jon Marx Sarmiento gave the lecture on "Mixed Methods Approach in Supply Chain Management". View the photos here:

Engaging the Libraries, 2017

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As an offering for the 22nd Anniversary, the University Library held "Networking for Change: Engaging the Libraries", an event held on 13 February 2017. This was organized in conjunction with the Davao Colleges and Universities Network (DACUN) Library Committee, that culminated with their Planning Workshop later in the day. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion gave the Welcome Remarks to the DACUN schools representatives. This was followed by the ribbon-cutting and opening of the UP Mindanao University Library Computer Center by University Librarian Briccio Merced and Chancellor Concepcion. Following this were donations of books by the University Library to various higher educational institutions in the region. 

See the photos in this link:

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