2022 Student Recognition

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2022 052322 RECOG 01

The University of the Philippines Mindanao is glad to continue its annual tradition of recognizing its University and College Scholars. We are inviting you to the 2022 Student Recognition Ceremony on 23 May at 9:00 AM held through Zoom and YouTube.

Join us in recognizing our students’ efforts and accomplishments in the name of honor and excellence despite the challenges in the past academic years. Prof. Kriza Faye Calumba will also join us to give an inspirational message to our achievers.

Student honorees will receive an invitation to participate in the Zoom webinar from their respective Office of College Secretaries within the next few days. Kindly register on or before 20 May 2022 (Friday).

For everyone else, you may view the celebration on our YouTube channel:

Congratulations and padayon, mga Iskolar ng Bayan!



Virtual Career Fair, 2022

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2022 052022 CAREER FAIRGraduating students are invited to the two-part Virtual Career Ventures with the theme: "Preparing for a Digital Ready Workforce in the New Normal" to be held in May 2022.
On 12 May, 10 A.M. - 12 NN is the "Marketing Me Live" webinar to be facilitated by, Inc., an IT company. Students' registration for the 12 May webinar is at:
On 20 May, 1-4 P.M. is the "Virtual Career Fair." Registration for job seekers is at:
Employers/companies who wish to participate in the job fair may register at:
The Virtual Career Ventures are organized by the Counseling and Testing Section of the Office of Student Affairs, in collaboration with the University Student Council, and the, Inc. Attendance to the program is free of charge.

Ledivina V. Cariño Webinar Series, 2022

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2022 051922 LEDIVINA[Webinar Alert] The Ledivina V. Cariño Webinar Series: Finding Your Sweet Spot after College
When: May 19, 2022, Thursday, at 2:30 pm up to 4:00 pm
Where: Via Zoom
The Ugnayan ng Pahinungód UP Mindanao is once again offering The Ledivina V. Cariño Webinar Series in recognition of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungód Founding System Director and UP Professor Dr. Ledivina V. Cariño.
For this season, a three-part webinar series is especially organized for UP Mindanao graduates and graduating students to provide them with insights as they move forward to the next chapter of life and become part of the workforce. The resource persons are UP Mindanao graduates who served the marginalized communities in Mindanao as Gurong Pahinungod volunteers of this University.
The first speaker of the series is Ms. Ma. Cecilia C. Eugenio who will discuss her personal views on how graduates and graduating students can discover the career path to take in her talk entitled, "Finding Your Sweet Spot after College" on May 19, 2022 at 2:30 pm up to 4:00 pm via Zoom. She is a Surigaonon who took up BA Social Science in UP Mindanao and served as a Gurong Pahinungod in Marahan National High School, Marilog District, Davao City. After volunteering, she worked with various organizations like the World Vision Philippines where she honed her career as a development worker serving more than 100,000 underprivileged children. She also took up Masters in Business Administration in UP Diliman and worked as a Human Resource Consultant and Career Transition Coach.
After her talk, the Gurong Pahinungod (GP) Program will be presented. GP Program is the flagship program of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod that is open to all graduates and graduating students of UP. GP volunteers are deployed to teach in underserved public schools for one school year. Prior to deployment, the GPs will undergo training and capacitation on learning pedagogies, content, and community engagement.
Registration is free of charge. Please feel free to click thru this link to register:

Resilience and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Philippine businesses

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     The COVID-19 pandemic caused downward economic activity for Filipino enterprises, such as lower sales, higher costs, and workers’ challenges such as reduced salaries and unemployment. Researchers from UP Mindanao’s School of Management (SOM) gathered data from 293 enterprises to identify the attributes that can make a Filipino enterprise survive the effects of the pandemic. The study aimed to make firms learn and become more resilient to disruptions that create an economic shock. These findings were presented by associate professor Glory Dee Romo on behalf of their team at the UP Mindanao-funded research webinar series, “Towards Creating Impact” on 20 April 2022. 
     The team used the Benchmark Resiliency Tool (BRT) developed by Resilient Organisations which has 13 organizational resilience indicators. The resilience indicators were grouped according to their three main attributes, namely, leadership and culture, networks, and readiness to change. Key officers of the participating enterprises from all over the Philippines filled in the survey through Google Forms.
     The results revealed that enterprises with planning strategies ready and implemented during the disruption resulted in a reduction in the employee count (?) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, being ready for changes, especially during times of unexpected and unpredictable situations such as the pandemic, is a critical component of adaptation. 
     Crisis-stricken enterprises also reduce the number of employees as a strategy for recovery or, in some cases, for the survival of a business. However, employee-employer consultation can create empowered and participative labor actions when employees are appraised of the situation of the enterprise. Remuneration plans can instead be implemented to avoid the negative effects of unemployment on a worker’s household. 
     Moreover, the rise of online methods of selling can increase the sales potential of enterprises at a lower cost, especially when combined with conventional selling modes. Moreover, these same cost-saving modes can be applied to purchasing. Businesses should invest in online sales infrastructure to benefit from lower costs over the long term. Thus, businesses may adopt online buying and selling to survive economic shocks. The study recommended that businesses should adopt a number of these attributes to achieve organizational resilience. 
     The study team was composed of Associate professor Romo, Assistant Professors Jon Marx Sarmiento, Imee Marie Acopiado, and Thaddeus Acuña, lecturer Adonis Traje, and university research associates Francis Levi Durano and Geraliza Wahing.

Women as drivers of innovation in Philippine business

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     “Seventy-three percent of Philippine business firms are led by or have women occupying senior leadership positions, which implies that at least 50% of the owners are female. We found that Philippine firms led by women are more likely to adopt product and logistics innovations. Moreover, firms where women make up the majority in management, administration, and in sales, are more likely to adopt innovative methods of production, as well.” 
     These were among the results from "Women-led Firms and Innovation: Evidence from Philippine Enterprise Survey" presented by Assistant Professor Imee Marie Acopiado of the University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao School of Management in the online forum “Towards Creating Impact: UP Mindanao-funded Research” held on 20 April 2022.
     As background, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap 2021 report had showed that The Philippines’ Gender Gap Index of 0.784 ranked 17th in the world, and second in the Asia-Pacific region. This value, between 0 to 1, is based on measures in health, education, the economy, and politics, where 1 indicates full equality for women. 
     On the other hand, The Philippines ranked 50th in the global innovation index. Hence, leading the research team—composed of SOM faculty members Jon Marx Sarmiento, Thaddeus Acuña, Glory Dee Romo, and Acopiado—to explore the link between women-led firms and innovation. 
     The research team looked at 497 samples among the 1,335 firms that participated in the World Bank’s Philippine Enterprise Survey in 2015. The effects of women's participation, particularly  in the manufacturing and services firms, were analyzed using four models of firm-level innovation: 1) products or services, 2) methods of production, 3) logistics, delivery and distribution, and 4) supporting services. 
     While women in leadership, sales, and management roles leads to more innovation, a high number of women involved in a firm’s supporting activities showed slow innovation growth. These support activities are the production lines, maintenance systems, purchasing, accounting and, computing operations. “Firms may need to focus on increasing the participation of women involved in support services in providing innovations,” Prof. Acopiado said.
Other drivers of innovation in business firms include the share capital of the largest owner, having a foreign-owned licensed technology, the annual sales, the direct exports, material inputs of foreign origin, the number of non-production workers, the firm’s capacity utilization, and its hours of operation, the study concluded. 

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