DiWA, "Disease Watch and Analytics" Users' Training, 2022

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"Going Beyond R&D: DiWA Face-to-Face Public Launching and User's Training" was opened on November 25, 2022, at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao, for DiWA: Disease Watch and Analytics application, a new online innovative planning tool and integrative platform to aid decision-makers in disease prevention and control in Mindanao.


DiWA end-users from various government and non-government organizations from across Mindanao, students and educators from different academic institutions, welcomed the app with high hopes for disease surveillance and response.

The morning event had plenary talks from each of the Program Leaders who shared their research challenges overcome and milestones achieved through the collective efforts of its researchers.

"These efforts won't be realized without the help of our research partners," said Dr. Mata. While Dr. Logrosa, Dr. Del Mundo, and Mr. Dela Torre urged and hoped to continue and expand the collaborations to realize these efforts.

The talks were followed by an open forum where guests got the chance to ask questions to the Project Leaders pertaining to the DiWA app, mentorship through thesis coaching, and internship. "Our ideas would be more significant when put into concrete applications or actions," Dr. Logrosa explained.

Chancellor Murao quoted a line from Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

The AMDABiDSS-Health Team extended its gratitude to Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao for the support in the event.

"We beat the disease with DSS, a Decision-Support System, for a health-resilient Mindanao!" they shouted.


UPMin, FEU hold 1st FRAMEwork Asia-Pacific Communication Conference, 2022

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2022 112422 FEU 01The University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) and the Far Eastern University (FEU) carried out their first successful collaboration on November 24-25, 2022, with the 1st FRAMEwork Asia-Pacific Communication Conference on the theme, "Disruptions and (re)constructions in the time of COVID-19: Turning the gaze on the Global South."
 The conference, through its theme, assembled researchers and their papers on communication, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), social media, and the intersections with entertainment, digital markets, emerging digital bureaucracy, media, politics, disinformation, online relationships, fatigue and coping, pedagogy, community advocacies, and the pandemic death and survival narratives.       
 UPMin’s Assoc. Prof. Karen Joyce Cayamanda (Department of Humanities) joined the Roundtable Discussion on Day 2 on the topic, “Moving forward: Communication and media practices post-pandemic.”  Prof. Cayamanda brings to the discussion the wealth of UPMin’s forums and studies on communication, health, disaster, risk communication, and related topics that were undertaken during the time of COVID-19 in 2019-2022.
 UPMin’s Asst. Prof. Ma. Teresa Escano (Humanities) likewise served as a juror in the Best Paper Competition.  
 This initial collaboration was formalized through a memorandum of understanding signed by UPMin Chancellor Lyre Anni E. Murao and FEU President Dr. Michael M. Alba on October 21, 2022. The MOU stipulated that the two higher education institutions aim "to create, encourage, and develop a harmonious relationship through the exchange, collaboration, and mutual development of programs for students, faculty members, and academic personnel through research conferences, seminars and workshops, and special lectures.”
 “This conference is truly relevant and responsive to the present time,” said Chancellor Murao in her remarks. “As we emerge from this pandemic, our learnings and experiences propel us to greater heights as a nation and as a global community. Our pandemic experience has opened up opportunities to rethink and relearn, and I am sure it has spurred exciting scholarly inquiry and reexamination in the field of communication,” she said.

UPMin in Agham+Sining, 2022

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Agham  Sining Programme RESIZE

UP Mindanao will showcase its projects in “Agham+Sining,” a two-day event of UP’s creative work, research projects, and technological innovations, which will be delivered face-to-face and on live streaming on November 28-29, 2022, in the UP BGC-Henry Sy Sr. Hall.

On Monday, 28 November 2022, at 1:00 PM, UP Mindanao and the DOH Regional and Local Government Unit will sign a memorandum for “DiWa,” Disease Watch Web Application, alongside other projects, in the plenary session "Sealing the Future: UP Partners with the Industry."

On Tuesday, 29 November, at 1:00 PM, Dr. Joel Hassan Tolentino will present the Phil. Genome Center Mindanao in Plenary Session 4: “Partnerships for Technological Innovations.”

At 2:30 PM, Dr. Melvin Pasaporte will present the Direct Lactic Acid Technology in Plenary Session 6: “Okay ka ba tiyan? On responsible consumption and production.”

Read the program here: Agham+Sining

Kapuluan: Anthropology in the Archipelago, 2022

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2022 102622 UGAT 02

UP Mindanao’s anthropologists pondered on the presence of maritime traditions and images in the narratives of mountain tribes in the southern Philippines island of Mindanao at “Kapuluan: Anthropology in the Archipelago,” the annual Philippine UGAT conference in October 2022.  

In Panel 1D, “`Islands’ in the highlands,” held on October 26, Associate Professor Myfel Paluga and Assistant Professor Andrea Malaya Ragragio of the Department of Social Sciences guided colleagues in reconstructing and imagining spaces in Mindanao’s Pantaron mountain range through the indigenous peoples’ epic narratives and practices.  

Using data from ritual practices, historical materials, and epic narratives, the panel gleaned resonances of the Austronesian maritime traditions and images that persisted in the memories of tribes in the upland “Pantaron Zone” of Mindanao. 

Among the upland “Ata/Manobo” residents, the presence of a vessel figure called “balangoy” or “sagimbal” is part of the ritual “pag-ugpo,” alongside figures of a house, rice, fish, betel-nut, and spirit companions, which represents a mythic space for the tribe’s decision-making. 

In an oral narrative from the Talaingod highland of the Pantaron range, a datu (tribe chief) appears from distant Arakan (a present-day municipality in North Cotabato Province, central Mindanao), which implies links of “imagined communities” across geographically-distant locations through marital links, economic practices, and others.

Asst. Prof. Kenette Jean Millondaga contributed to a study of the Tuwaang-type epic genre, which is documented to be widely shared from Bukidnon to North Cotabato (both in central Mindanao) to Davao del Norte (southeastern Mindanao). 

Finally, the late Emmanuel Nabayra, Jr. contributes to a study on “Agyu,” a hero in a Dibabawon tribe epic, “Sewatan ni Lumuganod,” which is discussed in relation to other tribal personalities and themes of landscapes, values, and laws.


Kalimudan: Learning the Art of Planning and Architecture, 2022

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2022 112322 KALIMUDAN
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) of UP Mindanao will launch its National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)-funded video project entitled “Kalimudan: Learning the Art of Planning and Architecture from the Vernacular Dwellings of Mindanao.” The public is invited to join the webinar on November 23, 2022, at 1:00 in the afternoon.
The video project aims to bring Mindanao art and cultural studies closer to the younger generation and fill the gaps in the blended learning materials and methods through digital storytelling. The video is narrated using a historical framework, emphasizing the socio-cultural meaning of the vernacular architecture of Mindanao. It was produced in collaboration with three disciplinal perspectives in the CHSS - Architecture, Anthropology, and Communication and Media Arts.

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