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20th Commencement Exercises, 2017

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THE 20th COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of the University of the Philippines Mindanao was held on June 23 in ceremonies led by UP Vice-President for Administration Nestor Yunque.

Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion gave the Welcome Remarks and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Nilo Oponda gave the Introduction to the Commencement Speaker.

Associate Justice Marvic Mario Victor Leonen of the Supreme Court of the Philippines gave the Commencement Address. He urged the graduates to give their loved ones the standing ovation that they deserved, and spoke of his experiences in Mindanao, of ecosystems and food security, of local culture and multiplicity of views, and heroism.

Deans Jean Juanga, Dominica Dacera, and Larry Digal presented their respective graduates to Chancellor Concepcion who, in turn, presented them to Vice-President Yunque, who pronounced "alinsunod sa ayon sa kapangyarihang ipinagkaloob sa akin..iginawawad ko sa inyo ang mga degree at titulo..kasama ang mga responsibilidad na kaakibat nito". At which point, the graduating students transferred their individual sablay sashes from the right shoulder to the left, indicating their moment of graduation, accompanied by applause and cheers.

The presentation and distribution of academic awards to individual graduates was led by VP Yunque, with Chancellor Concepcion, VC Oponda, and University Registrar Aurelia Gomez.

The speech on behalf of Class of 2017 was delivered by Reu Zandro Enguito, BS Biology magna cum laude and recipient of the Chancellor's Award and Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, who called on his batchmates "to continue polishing that brilliance.. and harden that perseverance".

Culminating the ceremony, VP Yunque administered the Pledge of Loyalty to the Alma Mater, while UP Alumni Association national director Louis Biraogo and UP Mindanao Alumni Association Chairperson Catherine Otero inducted the new graduates to their respective alumni chapters.

See the event page and photos here:


THE 20th COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of UP Mindanao will be held on June 23, 2017. A total of 171 graduates will be honored in the ceremony.

Class of 2017 is led by Reu Zandro Enguito, BS Biology magna cum laude, with Danica Mae Manubag and Viena Monterde, both BS Food Technology magna cum laude. They are followed by 38 graduates cum laude.

The academic programs and their graduates as follows: BA Communication Arts has 28 graduates; BS Biology has 25; BS Food Technology has 24; BS Applied Mathematics has 20; BS Agribusiness Economics has 20; BS Computer Science has 14; BS Architecture has 13; BA English (Creative Writing) has 6; BA Anthropology has 5; the Master in Management graduate program has 16.

Each of the graduates have individually completed either a research paper in the sciences or communication arts, an architectural design, a special problem in math or computer science, an anthropological field manuscript, or a strategic paper for enterprises, as a final requirement for their respective degrees.

Two new novels, "The House in Apokon" and "Stay Here", as well as short fiction, essays, and poetry were among the creative theses produced by the BA English (Creative Writing) class.

The Chancellor's Medals for Academic Excellence, for Leadership, and for Culture and the Arts will be awarded respectively to deserving graduates.

Visit the event page by clicking on this link.  

Brigada Eskwela, 2017

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BRIGADA ESKWELA was undertaken by All UP Workers Union-UP Mindanao Chapter on 17 May in Ladi-an Elementary School, Barangay Marilog, Davao City. They were received by School Principal OIC Ermelinda Lawas, and Teachers Agnes Mondez, Dulce Amor Gasque, and Merlyn Ubatay.

The Chapter members cleaned the school grounds and buildings, and painted the classroom walls. The Chapter also donated cleansers and detergent soap, waste receptacles, brooms, dust pans, coconut floor scrubs, paint, paint brushes and paint rollers, insect-repellents, and floor mats.

The school has 6-levels of the Basic Education Program. It has a population of 135 pupils and 6 teachers. Most of enrolled students are from the Obu-Manuvu tribe in the area. The said school is within the premises of UP Mindanao Land Reservation. See the photos here:

National Scientists visit, 2017

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FOUR SCIENTISTS of the National Academy of Science and Technology visited UP Mindanao on 15 March, fresh from their Mindanao Regional Scientific Meeting on the theme "Attaining Sustainable Goals in Philippine Fisheries", in Davao City. The team was composed of: National Scientist Edgardo Gomez, founder of the Marine Science Institute; Academician Jose B. Cruz Jr.,  a Professor Emeritus of Engineering of Ohio State University;  National Scientist Lourdes J. Cruz, a biochemist who has done research in toxic peptides from the venom of fish-hunting Conus marine snails; and Academician Marco Nemesio "Coke" Montano, formerly of the Marine Science Institute. The scientists had a quick tour of the Administration Building and the Oblation Plaza, the College of Science and Math. to view the laboratories and the landscape statues, and the upcoming Sports Complex grounds. At the CSM statue grounds Dr. Gomez pulled up an African fountain tree seedling that he described as an invasive plant, and pointed out the sprouting flame tree seedlings that he said needed relocating.          

The scientists were accompanied by DOST-11 personnel and NAST Executive Director Luningning Samarita-Domingo. They were met in UP Mindanao by School of Management Dean Larry Digal, Assoc. Prof. Ruth Gamboa (Dept. of Bio. Sci. & Envir. Studies), and PRO Rene Estremera.

See the photos here:

BSA at PhilBEX, 2017

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BS ARCHITECTURE program was represented at PHILBEX 2017 Davao: Philippine Building and Construction Exposition-Davao held on 11-14 May in SMX Lanang, Davao City. The PROJETO Bunk Bed Design Competition awarded the 2nd Prize to the UP Mindanao student-team entry of a three-bed bunk named "The Levels". In addition, three other student architecture theses were likewise on display in the Expo. See the photos here:

Academic Calendar 2017-2018

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updated: 16 Nov. 2017

University of the Philippines Mindanao





Mid-Year Term*

UP Foundation

June 18, Mon


REGULAR PERIOD for: Removal and Completion

Jul 12, Tue – Jul 24, Mon

Dec 12, Tue – 15 Dec, Fri; Jan 3, Wed – 9 Jan, Mon

May 28, Tue – June 5, Tue

Deadline for transfer students to file Application for Admission

July 6, Fri

Jan 5, Fri


Readmission, Validation of advanced credits for transferees, Application for Shifting

July 24, Mon – 28 July, Fri

Jan 2, Tue

June 6, Wed – Jun 8, Fri

Deadline for Application for Waiver of Prerequisite

Jul 26, Wed

Jan 10, Wed

June 8, Fri

General Registration:

Aug 1, Tue – Aug 2, Wed

Jan 11, Th – 12 Jan, Fri

Jun 11, Mon

Student Number 2014 and older

Aug 1, Tue AM

Jan 11, Thu AM

Jun 11, Mon

Student Number 2015

Aug 1, Tue PM

Jan 11, Thu PM

Jun 11, Mon

Transferees, Cross Registrants and others

Aug 2, Wed

Jan 12, Fri

Jun 13, Wed

Change/Add Matriculation Period

Aug 3, Thu – Aug 4, Fri

Jan 15, Mon – 16, Tue

Jun 13, Wed – 14, Thu


Aug 3, Thu

Jan 15, Mon

Jun 13, Wed

UP College Admission Test

Oct 21, Sat – Oct 22, Sun


University Curriculum Committee Meeting

Sep 25, Mon

Feb 19, Mon

May 25, Fri



Feb 20, Tue


University Council Meeting to Approve Candidates for Graduation

-          Mid-Year Term, 2016-2017

-          First Semester, 2017-2018

-          Second Semester, 2017-2018

Oct 9, Mon

Mar 5, Mon

Jun 8, Fri

UPMin Tagbo (Student Leadership Seminar)

Oct 27, Fri – Oct 28, Sat



Deadline for Dropping subjects without evaluation

Oct 4, Wed

Mar 14, Wed

Jun 28, Thu

DULA 2017



Deadline for Dropping Subjects with evaluation

Nov 6, Mon

Apr 20, Fri

Jul 6, Fri

Preregistration Period

Nov 6, Mon – Nov 7, Tue

Apr 12, Th -13 Apr, Fri


Deadline for Filing Leave of Absence

Nov 20, Mon

May 4, Fri


MORATORIUM (No student organization activities)

Nov 20, Mon – Dec 4, Mon

May 8, Tue – 18 May, Fri

Jul 11, Wed, 16 Jul Mon


Dec 4, Mon

May 18, Fri

Jul 16, Mon

Integration Period

Dec 5, Tue

May 19, Sat- 19 May, Sun

Jul 17, Tue



May 21, Mon – 22 May, Tue



Dec 6, Wed – Dec 11, Mon

May 21, Mon – 23 May, Wed

Jul 18, Wed – 19 Jul, Thu

UP Mindanao “KASADYA” (Lantern Parade)

Dec 12, Tue


Deadline for Submission of Grades

               Graduating Students

               Continuing Students

Dec 18, Mon

May 29, Tue

Jun 1, Fri

Jul 26, Th



Jun 26, Tue


   *3-unit lecture classes meet for two (2) hours daily (Monday-Friday), for the 24-class days Summer session.


School of Management (Master in Management Program)**


1st & 4th TERMS

2nd & 5th TERMS

3rd Term

Admission Application Period

Nov 2016 – May 30, 2017


Admission Screening

Jun 1, Thu – 15 , Thu


Graduate Admission Test

Jun 24, Sat


Admission List Issuance

Jul 3, Mon


Notice of Admission Confirmation

Jun4 , Tue – 14, Fri


Workshop/Orientation Period

Jul 14, Fri – 22, Sat



Aug 24,Thu – 25, Fri

and Aug 29, Tue

Jan 4, Thu – 5, Fri

and Jan 8, Mon

May 3, Thu – 4, Fri

and May 7, Mon

First Day of Term

Aug 26, Sat

Jan 6, Sat

May 5, Sat

Deadline for Dropping Subjects without Evaluation

Sept 30, Sat

Feb 3, Sat

Jun 2, Sat

Deadline for Dropping Subjects with Evaluation

Oct 21, Sat

Feb 24, Sat

Jun 30, Sat

Deadline for Filing Leave of Absence

Nov 18, Sat

Mar 24, Sat

Jul 28, Sat


Dec 2, Sat

Apr 14, Sat

Aug 11, Sat

Deadline for Submission of Grades

Dec 11, Mon

Apr 23, Mon

Aug 20, Mon

**Subject to approval of revised MM curriculum for semestral offering





Aug 21, Mon - Ninoy Aquino Day

Jan 1, Mon - New Year’s Day

Aug 28, Mon - National Heroes day

Mar 29, Thu - Holy Thursday

Oct 31, Tue   - Additional Special non-working day

Mar 30, Fri - Good Friday

Nov 1, Wed   - All Saint’s Day

Mar 31, Sat Black Saturday

Nov 30, Thu -   Bonifacio Day

Apr 9, Mon Araw ng Kagitingan

Dec 25, Mon - Christmas Day

May 1, Tue Labor Day

Dec 30, Sat   - Rizal Day


Dec 31, Sun   - Last Day of the Year


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