Faculty Members

ACOPIADO Imee Marie A.  Master in Management
ACUÑA Thaddeus R. Master in Management
AGUINALDO Roxanne T. Master in Management
ALVIOLA Pedro IV A. Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
CASTRO Miko Mariz C.  MS Agricultural Economics
DIGAL Larry N. Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics
GOMEZ Aurelia Luzviminda V. Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management
LAORDEN Nikko L. Master in Management
LOPEZ Rodgessa A. Master in Management
PLACENCIA Shemaiah Gail P. BS Agribusiness Economics
ROMO Glory Dee A. Doctor of Philosophy
SARMIENTO Jon Marx P. Master in Management
SHUCK Vlademir A. Master in Management
     Updated: 20 April 2022
ACOSTA Maria Belen S. BS in Communication(UPDil), Master in Management(UPMin)
ANICETO-GUINOMLA Marianne Esther G. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (UPD), Bachelor of Laws (UPD)
APOLINARES Rennel John Vincent C. BS Agibusiness Economics (UPMin), Master in Management (UPMin)
BiñAS Junmar M. BA Psychology (USM), Master in Management(UPMin)
CRUZ Marvin M. BS in Mechanical Engineering (Mapua Institute of Technology), Master in Business Administration (AdDU), Doctor of Business Administration (DLSU)
DACALAÑO Jimmy R. BS in Mechanical Engineering (Mapua Institute of Technology), Master in Management (UPMin)
DURANA Annalee D. BS in Fisheries (MSU-GenSan), Master in Management (UPMIN)
EBARLE Jocip L. BS in Electrical Engineering (CIT), Master of Statistics (UPDiliman), Master in Business Administration ( AdDU)
GILLES Pierre Giuseppe P.  BS Agribusiness Economics (UPMin)
HERNANDEZ Maria Corazon A. Lecturer, BS in Accountancy (AdDU), Master in Management (UPMin)
JOSOL Charlene P. BSBA (AdDU), Master in Management (UPMin)
LAO Francis E. BS in Mechanical Engineering (Cebu Institute of Technology), Master in Management (UPMin)
LIBRANZA Alexander Ken P. BS Agibusiness Economics (UPMin), Master in Applied Business Analytics (University of Asia and the Pacific)
MENDOZA Lionel D. BS Economics, Master in Management(UPMin)
MONTIFLOR Marilou O. BA in Sociology (UPLB), Master of Dev't Communication(UPOU), Master of Philosophy(Rural Mgt) Curtin University, Australia
PABULARCON Liza N., Lecturer BS in Accountancy (Notre Dame of Midsayap College), Master in Management (UPMin)
PARABA Rene S. BS in Math (MSU-GSC), Master in Management (UPMin)
PARREÑO Liza Elsie E. BS in Agriculture (UPLB), Master in Management (UPMin)
REAL Rodel R. BS Agribusiness Economics (UPMin)
TEO Roberto U. BS in Chemical Engineering (DLSU), Master of Business Management (AIM)
TRAJE Adonis M. BS Agriculture Plant Pathology (UPLB), Master in Management(UPMin)

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