Constitution of the Search Committee for the Chancellor of UP Mindanao

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Prof. Cleto Nanola, Jr., Senior Faculty Representative, UP Mindanao
Prof. Annabelle U. Novero, Senior Faculty Representative, DBSES, College of Science and Mathematics, UP Mindanao
Asst. Prof. Thaddeus R. Acuna, Junior Faculty Representative, School of Management, UP Mindanao
Asst. Prof. Nelfa M. Glova, Junior Faculty Representative, Department of Humanities, UP Mindanao
Mr. Remegio P. Domingo, REPS Representative, Guidance Services Specialist, UP Mindanao
Mr. Joel N. Sagadal, Administrative  Representative, Land Reservation Management Office, UP Mindanao
Ms. Red Masacupan, Student Representative, Editor-in-Chief, Himati (AY 2020-2021), UP Mindanao
Atty. Roberto MJ. Lara, President's Representative, Secretary of the University

 Subject: Constitution of the Search Committee for the Chancellor of UP Mindanao

With Prof. Cleto Nanola, Jr. as Chair, please constitute yourselves into a Search Committee that will assist the President and the Board of Regents in the selection of the next Chancellor of UP Mindanao.

We are sending herewith Administrative Order No. PDLC 21 -52 "Instituting a Search Process for the Next Chancellor of UP Mindanao and Constituting a Search Committee Therefor" for your guidance.

The deadline is 12 November 2021, for the submission of the Search Committee Report which must include the final list of all nominees, assessing not only their strengths and weaknesses but also their suitability for the position given the needs and thrusts of Mindanao.

All expenses of the Committee in the discharge of its task will be borne by the Office of the President. 

Moreover, the Committee Chair and Members, including the staff shall be entitled to honoraria as set by the Board of Regents.

(READ the full memorandum here

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