Jaycee senator donates to student in need

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Alumni

IMG 0138
ASEAN Junior Chamber (“Jaycee”) Senator Gene Tan of Singapore (third from left in photo above) donated cash for a student in distress during an informal campus visit on September 30, 2022. UP Mindanao Foundation chairperson and Jaycee senator Sebastian Angliongto (left) brought Tan on a spontaneous campus visit on the occasion of Mr. Tan’s stopover in Davao City.  Chancellor Lyre Murao (second from left) and vice-chancellors Annabelle Novero (fourth from left) and Leo Estaña received the visitors and were later joined by student affairs director Maria Stella Salazar (right) with a draft brochure describing assistance programs for students in need. While the visitors browsed through the brochure, director Salazar said that a student would be leaving the university for good for being unable to maintain funds needed for sustenance. Instantly, Mr. Tan handed over US currency for the sustenance of the student. In a later message to Mr. Angliongto, Jaycee senator Tan said, “I was deprived of continual tertiary education and spent seven years pursuing night classes to catch up. The confluence of events when you brought me to UPMin was timed that this student should not be deprived of earning a degree.” 

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