Betan alumni and friends in UPMin

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Alumni

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Mr. Sebastian Angliongto led a group of alumni to UP Mindanao on March 21, 2023, to explore opportunities to contribute to UPMin’s development. The visiting group was composed of Gie Monje, Quirico S. Monje, Edgardo F. Quisumbing, Rey F. Quisumbing, Ameurfina D. Santos, Benjamin M. Garcia, Carlos B. Agulto, Anthony Alexander N. Valoria, and Mr. Angliongto. 

Prof. Leo Manuel Estana, vice-chancellor for administration and OIC of the Ofice of the Chancellor, and Prof. Jean Marie Juanga, architecture faculty member and head of campus planning, shared UPMin’s development plans to the alumni. 

The visiting group expressed their interest in providing scholarships, funding for learning spaces, and campus lighting needs. Mr. Quisunbing also pledged to donate Agarwood seedlings and Sweetwater coconut. The group also visited the offspring of the miniature cattle project initiated by Mr. Cecilio Felix.

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