UPMFI celebrates scholar-graduates

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Alumni

UPMFI and scholars 2023resiz60
Standing (left-right) are UPMFI Trustees and graduates Anacleto & Elsa Guevarra, Erika Ocon (BS Agribusiness Economics [BSABE]), Alessa Keith Carbonnel
(magna cum laude, BSABE), Vannah Mae Rivera (BSB), Mark James Saguimpa (mcl, BSABE), Aliah Baito (mcl, BA Communication & Media Arts),
Nixie Serna (mcl, BA English), Corazon Reyes & Dr. Reyes, and John Gaisano Jr. at the UPMin 25th Commencement Exercises. 
Standing (left-right) are UPMFI Trustees UPMin Chancellor Lyre Murao, Dinah Fuentes, Celia Castillo, Charmaine Valentin, Anacleto Guevarra, Corazon Reyes,
John Gaisano, Marie Glenn Sorila, Sebastian Anglionto (back to the camera)   

The UP Mindanao Foundation Inc. held a celebration and thanksgiving dinner for their scholars who recently graduated. Six UPMFI scholars graduated in the 25th Commencement Exercises on 18 July 2023, namely Erika Ocon (BS Agribusiness Economics [BSABE]), Alessa Keith Carbonnel (magna cum laude, BSABE), Mark James Saguimpa (magna cum laude, BSABE), Vannah Mae Rivera (BS Biology), Aliah Baito (magna cum laude, BA Communication & Media Arts), and Nixie Serna (mcl, BA English). Five of the graduates were present at the dinner on August 5, 2023, at the Reyes' residence. UPMFI Trustees at the dinner were Sebastian "Anggi" Angliongto, John Gaisano Jr., Anacleto "Quitoy" Guevarra, Corazon "Zony" Reyes, Dinah Tolentino-Fuentes, Charmaine Valentin, Marie Glenn Sorila, Celia Castillo, and UPMin's Chancellor Lyre Anni Murao. At the dinner, the graduates shared their plans, and the trustees prayed for the graduates' well-being.  The UPMFI supported 15 scholars in Academic Year 2022-2023 and are looking to expand this number. The UPMFI is exploring new ways by which donors can support more scholarship packages.    

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