Origins of the Dula Perpetual Trophy

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Alumni

The Dula Perpetual Trophy

Dula, a Cebuano word for "play," is the name of the University of the Philippines Mindanao’s (UPMin) annual sports festival. UPMin students, faculty, and staff, clustered by colleges and the administration, compete in an intense two-to-three-day period of the Dula. The champion claims the Dula perpetual trophy, a wooden sculpture with the Oblation statue on top, and holds on to it in the year it reigns.   

Unknown to many, the Dula perpetual trophy was designed back in UPMin’s early days by a pioneer UPMin BA Social Science student. Atty. Yuri M. Beluan, a former vice-chairperson of the UP Mindanao University Student Council who graduated with the Class of 2000, recalls the trophy’s creation. 

“It was sometime in 1997 or 1998 when Assistant Professor Armando Salazar of the Department of Human Kinetics requested me to design a trophy,” he said. “I asked him what the concept would be, and Professor Salazar said: ‘bahala ka na’ (it’s up to you).” 

I discussed it with my fellow student, Jere Estorque. We agreed that the trophy should emphasize the relevance of UP's promotion of sports and how the UPMin constituents’ solidarity in sports advances the university’s ideals and aspirations. After our brainstorming session, Jere said, ‘Bahala na ka diha,’ echoing Professor Salazar’s marching order. 

After some thinking and scribbling, I devised a design using elements to illustrate this concept. 


These design elements include the cup, which symbolizes victory and honor; the flame, which represents solidarity and goodwill in sports; and the constituents' passion. 

The three pillars around the flame represent the students, the faculty, and the administration. 

The Oblation symbol, held high by the three pillars, represents UP service and its other ideals and aspirations. 

I made two design variations, one with the university seal on top and the other with the Oblation statue, which I gave to Professor Salazar. When he asked which one should be adopted, I answered, “Bahala na, po, kayo, sir.”

Professor Salazar then proceeded to have the Dula perpetual trophy created. 

Dula champions are awarded this same trophy to the present day.  

“Like the relevance of promoting sports to UP, the trophy was a product of collective efforts,” said Atty. Beluan. “Everyone relied on each other and contributed, too,” he said.

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