The Blockchain in "Web3 Goes to Campus"

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IMG 1935
A student asks a question in the "Web3 Goes To Campus" seminar 

The Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science (DMPCS) delivered the first-ever “Web3 Goes to Campus“ seminar for students on March 25, 2024. The seminar was a product of the DMPCS’ Research Development and Extension Committee’s (RDE) collaboration with the Davao DeFi Community (DDC).  

IMG 1937
Mr. Ruben Lacumba Jr. responds in the Open Forum 

 DDC founder Mr. Ruben Lacumba Jr. introduced his group and its acronym, DeFi, which stands for Decentralized Finance. This concept is linked to the Blockchain, the main topic of the seminar. He likewise introduced Archway Connect, a network to which the DDC belongs. 

Julius Oyo on the Blockchain
Arthur Agullana on Blockchain design
Chill Brizuela on NFTs

Three DDC resource persons, illustrator Julius Medidas Oyo, engineer Arthur Agullana, and architect Churchill Brizuela, each discussed the three main topics of the seminar: the third-generation internet called Web 3.0, web-based Blockchain and its design principles, and Blockchain-based Non-Fungible Tokens.  

IMG 1943
Assoc. Prof. Ritchie Mae Gamot at the Open forum

 In the subsequent open forum, emcee Assoc. Prof. Ritchie Mae Gamot expressed the audience’s sentiment for a more in-depth discussion of Web 3.0 concepts, and Mr. Lacumba suggested the creation of a UPMin DeFi community, which he said the DDC is willing to mentor. 

Assoc.Prof. Cinmayii Manliguez

DMPCS Chairperson Asst. Prof. Cinmayii Manliguez, in her remarks, said, “We look forward to how we can apply these technologies to solve problems in our local community and even in the global scenario.” 

IMG 1953
Prof. Manliguez gives the Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Ruben Lacumba, with speakers Arthur Agullana, Churchill Brizuela, and Julius Oyo next in line.
IMG 1958
The DMPCS and DDC teams  
IMG 1963
The team of DDC facilitators in Archway shirts

After the seminar, Prof. Manliguez issued Certificates of Appreciation to Mr. Lacumba and the resource speakers, while DMPCS RDE Committee Chairperson, Assoc. Prof. Alexis Almocera awarded the certificates to the DDC facilitators. 

The "Web3 Goes to Campus" seminar addresses the Sustainable Development Goals #4 on Quality Education, #8 on Decent Work and Economic Growth, and others.

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