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Request for Quotation

For more information and submission of quotation please contac tArlene Gumapac < or
1 . The deadline for submission of price quotations and required documents is
     upon the closing date/time for this posting on PhilGEPS website. Late bids
     will not be accepted.
2 . Price quotations and documentary requirements must be submitted to
    . (NOTE: Quotations sent to other e-mails will
     not be accepted.) The following (PhilGEPS Reference No., Title of
     Procurement, Name/Contact No. of Supplier) must be written on the RFQ
     and the SUBJECT of the email.
3. Awarding of Contract (Purchase Order) is per lot basis.
Documentary Requirements (certified true copy) upon submission of the attached RFQ:
a . Business Permit;
b . PhilGEPS Registration Number or Certificate; and
c . Omnibus Sworn Statement.

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