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[updated] 2021 International Mother Language Conference

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Interested parties are invited to the 2021 International Mother Language Conference and Festival, opening 21 February and running until 20 March 2021. The UP Mindanao Department of Social Sciences is one of the assisting institutions. The 2021 International Mother Language Conference and Festival (#IMLCF21) takes on the challenges in the implementation of inclusive language education policy and examines the roles that institutions and stakeholders play in innovating and insulating solutions to ensure sustainable program implementation. The Covid-19 pandemic magnifies the problems affecting education systems across societies regardless of economic and political status. The systematic exclusion imposed upon societies coping with perennial economic challenges is heightened by the ongoing global health emergency. But while public policymaking is in a survival mode, continuity remains an imperative in rebuilding our systems and reimagining learning communities. This pandemic offers important lessons in rebuilding the need for diversity, engaged inclusion, and social equity. The Conference is a platform for researchers and practitioners of inclusionary multilingual, multicultural education to share their findings, insights, and recommendations with policymakers, administrators, and advocates in improving the quality of education. 
Faculty members gave talks:
● “Pagtuturo ng ‘Darangen’ Epic Bilang Batis Pangkasaysayan” by Lecturer Lualhato Abreu (Department of Social Sciences), 02 March
On 11 March:
● “An Example of an Epic Poem or Owaging Among the Dibabawon Manobo of Davao City” by Lecturer Emmanuel S. Nabayra (Department of Social Sciences)
● “Knowing Tulalang’s sister: Experience and Lessons from Fieldwork with the Obo Manobo of Cotabato” by Asst. Prof. Kenette Jean I. Millondaga (Department of Social Sciences)
● “On Teaching ‘Tuwaan Attends a Wedding’ ” by Assoc. Prof. John B. Bengan (Dept. of Humanities)
● “How to Read a Manobo Epic Narrative” by Asst. Prof. Andrea Malaya Ragragio (Department of Social Sciences)
● “Ang Teknikal ng Pogsampal (o Linda) ng Mag-uulaging” by Assoc. Prof. Myfel D. Paluga (Department of Social Sciences)
All pieces of information regarding the conference are available on the Facebook page:

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