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Kahimunan: Mindanao Research Colloquium 2023

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The presenters and organizers in the "Kahimunan: Mindanao Research Colloquium 2023"  

The Department of Human Kinetics delivered the "Kahimunan: Mindanao Research Colloquium 2023" with the theme "Mindanao Sports Development" in UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City from November 17 to 18, 2023. Researchers gathered to present their studies related to sports development, sports performance, sports psychology, wellness and recreation, and gender equality/indigenous games.

Presenters and attendees had a fruitful discussion with respect to the methods and results of the studies.

The Department of Human Kinetics hopes that the colloquium will open up more opportunities and ideas to the participants that will help strengthen the Mindanao Sports Development Program.

Below are the studies that were presented:

"Women and Indigenous Games: Who Say Women Can't Play?" By: Prof. Genevieve Jorolan-Quintero, PhD

"Today's Challenge: The Opportunity for Enhancing Sports Activities' Resurgence and Tenacity" By Prof. Stephen A. Fadare, EdD

"The Preparatory Scheme in Sports for University Athletes" By Prof. Hendely A. Adlawan, PhD

"Perspectives of Student-Athletes on the Suspension of Sporting Events in the Pandemic Era" By Elvin Parreño, MAEd

"Psychosocial Attributes of Elite Sports Coaches" By Dr. Jonathan V. Mancao, EdD

"Factors Influencing Participation and Commitment to Youth Community Music Ensembles" By Ann K. Maniego, MMEd

"Cognizance in Sports: Blossoming Through Diverse Eras" By Prof. Hendely A. Adlawan, PhD

"How are We doing in terms of promoting physical activity among our young people? Reflecting on the Results from the Philippines 2022 Physical Activity Report Card for Children and Adolescents" By: Prof. Jonathan Y. Cagas, PhD

"Movement Behind Bars: Recreational Games for Healthy Lifestyles" By Prof. Stephen A. Fadare, EdD

"Examining the Relationship between Exercise Self-Efficacy and Physical Fitness in Community-Dwelling Older Adults" By Kenny T. Bentain, PTRP & Prof. Jonathan Y. Cagas, PhD

"Historical Analysis of Competitive Ballroom Dancing in Davao City" By: Prof. Annaliza R. Castro, EdD

"Why do people do Yoga? Examining motives across different types of yoga participants" By Prof. Jonathan Y. Cagas, PhD, Stuart J.H. Biddle, & Ineke Vergeer

The Book of Abstracts is available for download here:


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