UPMin in SMAARRDEC, 2020

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SMAARRDEC Regional Symposium on Research and Development Highlights 2020 held on 29 September 2020:
Dr. Edna Anit, Dr. Kenneth Barroga, and Dr. Purisima Bayacag, panelists.  
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First Place, Development Paper Category.  
Giving Farmers Uwen Fananafedew: Improving Agricultural  Extension in Conflict-Vulnerable Areas through the LIFE Model.
Anne Shangrila Y. Fuentes (Presenter), E.V. Bayogan, M.O. Orbeta, H.P. Lozada, K.S. Sigue, J.D. Ignacio, L.N. Digal, R.U. Guillermo, M.L. Handa, N.D. Jalandoni, J.P. Esparagoza Jr., E.R. Nasam, T.D. Ballener, N.C. Cordero, M. P. Titan, M.T. Sangki, M.A. Gatela, and N. B. Oponda 
The panelists commented: the paper is comprehensive; it can apply for support to the DOST-Grassroots Innovation for Inclusive Development (GRIND)
First Place, Policy Brief Category. 
Mr. Michael Bacus.  “Healthy Nature for Healthy People” 
The policy brief is from the research project, below: 
Project Title: Ecology of Emerging Zoonotic Pathogens from Bats in Malagos Davao City
Funding Agency: RHRDC-XI (PCHRD)
Project Leader: Lyre Anni E. Murao, PhD
Working Paper (unpublished): Global genetic patterns reveal host tropism versus cross-taxon transmission of bat betacoronaviruses
Authors: Michael G. Bacus, Stephen Adrian H. Dayap, Nikki Vanesa T. Tampon, Marielle M. Udarbe, Roberto P. Puentespina Jr., Sharon Yvette Angelina M. Villanueva, Marion Michael John M. Achondo, Aleyla E. de Cadiz and Lyre Anni E. Murao
Implementing Agency: UP Mindanao
Cooperating Agencies: UP Manila, Animal Solutions Veterinary Hospital
The panelists commented: it is a model of a policy brief for being short and concise; commendable for offering public health policy; it will be elevated to the Research Development and Innovation Committee of the Regional Development Council.  
Third Place, Undergraduate Thesis Category, 
Mr. Brian Sabanal (BS Biology). “Spiders (Arthropoda; Araneae) in the University of the Philippines Mindanao Campus,” Adviser: Mae Responte 
The panelists commented: the paper is a contribution to the body of knowledge on biodiversity; commendable for linking to the biodiversity conservation law;  preferably put role/s of spiders, e.g. ecosystem services, in the title 

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