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CSM's UPMin Anniversary Plans, 2021

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

Sept-Dec 2021 CSM-DFSC Career talk/webinar series for food technologists Series of talks on FST-related topics by invited resource speakers from the academe, food industry, and government agencies
Sept/Oct 2021 CSM-DFSC-RDE DFSC research colloquium DFSC Faculty will present their research/es to BSFT students who are taking FST 192 - Methods of Food Research
1st Sem 21-22 CSM-DBSES Lecture Series on Popularizing Biodiversity  
3rd quarter CSM-DBSES Coffee table book on Biodiversity in the UPMin campus  
Last quarter CSM-DBSES Special Issue of BANWA on Biodiversity  
March-July 2021 CSM-RDE Seminar Series of CSM CSM Faculty presentation of their published papers from 2019 to 2021
March, June, Sept, Dec 2021 CSM-DMPCS DMPCS Online Webinar Colloquium A 1-hour talk by an invited speaker that will be hosted via Zoom and be made available to the public
June 2021 CSM-DMPCS-NICER 2021 International Workshop on Mathematical Biology A conference-workshop with seven invited speakers who will be sharing their research experience in mathematical biology. The workshop facilitators will be teaching students state-of-the-art techniques for infectious disease modeling.
2nd-3rd quarter 2021 CSM-DMPCS/UPGRADE TBI Virtual Hackathon Call for innovative products/services, series of entrepreneurial talks, mentoring, and pitching activity with judges from the industry/academe/investors
2nd-3rd quarter 2021 CSM-DMPCS/UPGRADE TBI Technopreneurship Training for Faculty Series of seminar-workshops to train faculty on the entrepreneurial mindset and in pursuing commercialization of faculty innovation/researches
April 26, 2021 CSM-DMPCS-NICER Iwas COVID-19 TikTok Challenge Online contest that is open to all participants
May 17, 2021 CSM-DMPCS-NICER The NICEST Voice Online contest that is open to all participants
September 2021 CSM-DMPCS-NICER NICER Webinars LaTeX seminar; Seminar on legitimate online resources for research for UP Mindanao students and faculty members
Sept 20-Oct 25 CSM-DMPCS-NICER Webinar series Online webinar series that aims to give short online courses for senior high school students on mathematical modeling, operations research, statistical analysis, and other applied mathematics topics
2nd or 3rd quarter 2021 CSM-DMPCS-RDE Mobile Robotics Workshop Series Workshop to train DMPCS faculty to build robots for future re-echoing to their students.


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